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How to archive or unarchive emails in Gmail from any device? Step by step guide

Usually in our email, we leave emails stored either due to lack of time, or by having a minor level of importance, they can stay there for a long time, generating in some cases a lot of space in the inbox of our Gmail account.

In this sense, Archiving or, failing that, unarchiving Gmail mail is the best way to clean our mailbox without the need to delete the messages completely, and thus avoid losing the information that at some point can be very useful.

In the following article, we are going to show you all the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure and what it is for, as well as the steps required to archive emails on any device.

What is the use of archiving an email in Gmail and what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?

Enter the main Gmail tray

file an email in Gmail allows you to move the email from the inbox or from the “Received” tab without the information being erased. These messages reappear if the corresponding recipient replies to the email.

Now, this brings its advantages as disadvantages, which we will see below:


This option brings many benefits which you should know in order to have a clearer idea of ​​what it is about.

Here are the most important benefits of storing your Gmail emails.

  • Eases the space in your mail without the need to delete information that can be valuable.
  • Prevents from deleting emails that, for different reasons such as clicking by mistake or confusing them with others, we can completely remove them from the platform.
  • They are in a safe place, are also included in the backup at the time of any backup.
  • Lets drop in inbox only the emails that we are going to use at that specific time.
  • No special extensions or programs needed to execute this action.


On the other hand, not everything can be perfect, and as many as we like several things they have certain disadvantages, in the case of archiving Gmail emails, it can bring certain negative aspects that we will see below:

  • By not looking at the information in the inbox, we can forget that we still own the mail and that it is not eliminated.
  • You may lose control of the number of emails received on a daily basis of a certain direction.
  • Many people often confuse filing with the unlinking of an account or address, so When you reply to the archived email, it reappears in the inbox.

Learn step by step how to archive and unarchive any mail in your Gmail account from all devices

Archiving and unarchiving Gmail emails are an option that no operating system ignores, and in this article we are going to show you in a detailed and precise way how to execute this option so that you can apply it depending on the platform you work with.

These steps are as follows:

On Android and iOS

So much Android What ios are the most used operating systems in the world, for this reason many people spend hours in front of their mobile device, which makes it easier to manage a platform as important as Gmail, as well as all the tools that it has.

Regarding the handling of the platform, these systems are very similar in this aspect, since Gmail can be easily adapted to both so that all its users use this messaging service on the device they want.

Archive emails

  • To start, You must enter the Gmail email from your device.
  • Already in the inbox, select the email or emails that you want to archive by clicking on them.

Mailing list in Gmail

  • After this selection, you will see at the top a bar with several symbols, choose the one with the downward arrow enclosed in a box that means “file”, Press that button and the emails you have selected will be automatically archived.

How to archive emails on Android

  • After you perform this action, you will see a small ad at the bottom indicating that your email has already been correctly archived.
  • You can too undo this action at that instant.

How to undo email archive in Gmail for Android

Unarchive emails

  • In the general settings of your Gmail on mobiles, look for the section “Everyone”.

Select all emails in Gmail

  • It will automatically transfer you to a tray where are all previously archived emails, ordered by date of origin.
  • Click on the email you want to unarchive, and then you will see three horizontal lines in the upper right part.

Move emails to main tray in Gmail

  • Press that button and you will see a menu, in this you must press the option “Move to Inbox”Where the information will automatically be transferred to the inbox once more.

On Windows and MacOS

The e-mails Their fundamental function is to maintain a communication thread between people or institutions, that is why they are so important today. In this sense, both Windows and MacOS have at the service of Gmail as one of its main tools of use. Archive and Unarchive Emails through these two systems is quite easy, you do not need extensions or download programs, which often make this type of task confusing.

Archive emails:

  • To get started, You must log in to your Gmail account with the corresponding password and username.
  • Already in the inbox, select the email or emails you should file, by clicking on the box that is right next to the emails on the left, where the check symbol will previously appear.

Archive emails in Gmail

  • Once the selection is made, at the top you will see a toolbar with several buttons, including the down arrow enclosed in a square What does it mean “File”, by pressing this button.
  • Later, your emails will be archived allowing your inbox stay clear.

Unarchive emails:

  • Once in the inbox, locate the menu that you will see on the left side of the tray, look for the folder “Everyone”And click.

What are all the core of Gmail

  • Inside the folder, are all the emails previously archived, select the email or emails you want to archive by clicking on the box on the left side of the email.

Move emails to inbox in Gmail

  • A toolbar will be displayed automatically where you can identify the button “Move to receivedClick on this and your email will be unarchived and back in your inbox.