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How to avoid having your WhatsApp Business account suspended and ending up with your profile blocked? Step by step guide

Terms and conditions of use are an unavoidable step in practically any app, social network or website that disseminates content, due to the fact that unless you accept each and every one of these requirements, you will not be allowed to use the service.

WhatsApp Business is no exception, this business network also displays the use contract with the terms and conditions that you must accept to be able to use the application, but that you rarely read, thus leaving you vulnerable to commit an infraction without your knowledge and risking losing your account.

Independently of If you read the contracts of the applications you use, there are certain conditions in the WhatsApp Business contract that you should know to avoid breaking the rules and having your account suspended What are those conditions, you ask? Read on to find out.

Learn what are the most important terms and conditions of use of WhatsApp Business that you should know to avoid closing your account

Within the WhatsApp Business Terms of Service we can find in section number 6 the specifications on the acceptable use of WhatsApp Business services:

Do not SPAM

The massive shipment of messages with advertising or commercial content qualify as SPAM and is punishable by suspending your WhatsApp account Business. This is an important rule that we not only find in this app, but in practically all of them since SPAM is harmful to the user experience.

In the case of WhatsApp, SPAM is reportable and your promos will only be considered in this way if another user reports it or blocks your user because they don’t know you. This is important to understand because it helps you understand that the fine line between SPAM and organic advertising lies with the people you are sending it to.

Therefore, your growth strategy in WhatsApp Business should be as organic as possible, and make people request your number instead of you getting it for other purposes. In this way you will have an audience that wants to receive information about your products and special offers to which you can send advertising without it being considered as SPAM.

Don’t share inappropriate content

Any content considered lewd, pornographic, threatening, suggestive or that infringes property rights will be considered a valid reason for the suspension of your Business account. In this sense, there is not much to say, it is important to maintain the values ​​of your brand above all else., and sharing this type of content is not always.

You should also take care of spots or posters that may be considered exclusive or offensive to other cultures, since in such a globalized world our message will reach all kinds of people.

Do not spoof identities

Any attempt to Usurpation or substitution of identity by the WhatsApp Business user will be considered as fraud and will result in the suspension of your service. This can also generate serious legal problems, although it is taken for granted that you should not do them if you are a serious brand.

In this sense, things such as:

  • Do not acquire or promote aggressive behaviors. Actions towards other users that are considered harassment, violence, harassment, threat or intimidation by WhatsApp policies, in addition to any conversation considered hate speech, or instructions to commit a crime will be grounds for account closure.
  • Do not distribute Malware. It is against the policies of use to deliberately or accidentally send viruses, malware, damaged files, any element that is harmful to the function of the devices that run the application.
  • You do not use the Business functions for personal purposes. WhatsApp Business functions are only for use in small and medium-sized businesses, so their use for personal, family or household purposes will not be tolerated.

Do not hold WhatsApp responsible

Any action taken to put the integrity of WhatsApp or its servers at risk will be punished with the suspension of the WhatsApp Business service. All the actions mentioned in this list are just some of the possible reasons why your WhatsApp Business service may be suspended, and the possibility of them restoring the functions of your account depends largely on how serious the fault has been.

Can I get my WhatsApp Business account back after it has been suspended?

Examples of advertising campaigns of big brands that you can replicate in WhatsApp Business

Let’s suppose you already broke some minor rule, that you tried to open your account WhatsApp Business in unofficial clients like WhatsApp Plus and this produced a suspension, usually these suspensions are lifted automatically after a while, but if your violation was serious and you did not comply with any of the conditions of acceptable use it will take a little more effort to get it back.

The most effective method at the time of recovery is to contact WhatsApp Business technical support for assistance, the ways to contact WhatsApp are:

  • Fill out the contact form: The official WhatsApp website has the option of filling out an appeals form in which you must enter the requested data, such as phone number and email, and explain in the text field that your account was suspended and that you are trying to recover it .
  • Send an email to technical support: WhatsApp has an autonomous email designated for technical support, to use this option send a message from your email to [email protected] specifying your phone number, without excluding its international prefix, specify the brand and model of your phone, declare your intention to recover your account, and add any information that you consider appropriate.
  • From the application itself: This means is native to the WhatsApp application and consists of uninstalling and reinstalling the app, entering the suspended phone number and pressing the support option. By doing this, the message that your account is suspended will appear and it will give you the option to fill out a form with your data and send it.

The recovery process can take several days, and even by following all these steps, there is no guarantee that WhatsApp will restore the functions of your account; Everything will depend on WhatsApp and if it considers it appropriate to return your account or not. The good side is that there is no limit in attempts and you can insist several times for any of the options mentioned above, although one attempt through each option is more than enough in most cases.

The not so good side is that if after three days after having contacted technical support your WhatsApp Business account is still not functional, then you must give it as lost and create a new account in the app with a different phone number. In the latter case, as frustrating as your contact may be in WhatsApp Business, a recommendation to minimize the damage if, in the worst case, the suspension is final and unappealable, is to keep a parallel backup of your prospect list.

Also, a useful trick that has worked on a number of occasions is to enter the WhatsApp Business number in the regular WhatsApp application, In the first attempts, the message of the suspended number will jump, but after a certain number of attempts it will allow you to access your account and your Business contacts.

The point of all these alternatives is not lose contact with your prospect list as far as possible, and also be able to inform them about the change in the company’s WhatsApp number so that they can approach it again.

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