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How to be a package pick-up point on Amazon and earn money? step by step guide

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world today., and it is that the electronic commerce giant, as it is also known, managed to invoice in 2022 a total of billion euros in daily sales, a record that is really very difficult to beat.

Now, this corporation allows you to earn money in different ways, and one of them is through package pickup, an activity that in recent times has gained affiliates for how profitable it can be, complying with the protocol that the corporation demands.

In the following article, you will know what the collection of packages in Amazon is about, how much does the company pay For this activity, you will also see a comparison between the delivery point vs. flex delivery man and you will know which one is more profitable, what are the requirements to be a collection point and earn money with this, and the various ways of generate income on amazon.

What is an Amazon pickup point?

What is an Amazon pickup point?

It is about collecting and taking care of all the packages that are sent to Amazon, either to your location or to a certain warehouse, in order to deliver them to all the customers who made the purchase. To do this, a series of requirements must be met and an excellent service must be provided to obtain the largest number of clients.

These Amazon Locker collection points should be large lockers, with doors that the customer can open to collect their package, they can include a code reader which will provide a greater security on delivery.

How much does Amazon pay its collection points?

This service is being one of the alternatives that have grown the most currently has within the company, all this due to the good profitability that it presents thanks to the high demand for online purchases, the company pays for this modality between 0.35 to 0.40 cents per package approximately.

One of the advantages of being a collection point is that you can install yourself in any place that has sufficient capacity to operate, be it in service stations, kiosks, commercial premises and shoe stores, among others. other establishments.

Delivery point vs delivery flex What is more profitable on Amazon?

Amazon Flex Program

It is a question that many people ask themselves, especially if they want to venture into this company, The earnings that the flex delivery person can obtain will depend on the days and hours worked for this one Your salary can reach 14 euros per hour, in this way, if you work in two complete blocks a day you can enter between 400 or 500 euros per month.

On the other hand, delivery points generate profits for the packages that are assigned to the locker, the more packages arrive, the more money you will get, especially at certain times of the year when the demand grows substantially, making the decision of which one produce greater profitability is inclined towards this option.

Requirements to be an Amazon package collection point

For Being a collection point it is important that you meet all the established requirements, since otherwise your affiliation may not be admitted by the company, as it does not comply with the corresponding logistical aspects. For this reason, Amazon is thorough with this entire process, requiring elements that will be essential to provide an excellent service to all customers.

The requirements to be an Amazon package collection point are:

  • Fill out the registration form and submit the request.
  • Have enough space for package storage.
  • Access to Internet.
  • Have a team for the attention to the clients.
  • Maintain a schedule for receiving and picking up packages, and make it public to both customers and the corresponding transport companies.

Learn how to earn money as an Amazon package pick-up point

How Amazon collection points work

The Amazon pickup points they have become quite a viable option to make money, everything will depend on the customer service you provide and that you can meet all the logistical requirements for good storage.

In this sense, you can use two methods in which you can make money with collection points, they are two ways that, depending on your needs, generate good income, and will allow you to offer your customers a good service:

Advertising claim

The collection point can be the perfect bait for customers notice the various products you offer in your business, For this reason, it presents a comprehensive service where you not only show the option to pick up or return packages Amazon.

Percentages per package delivered

While more packages you have to deliver, better benefits you will get, and it is that for each delivery you will earn a commission that will be part of other income that you can obtain, showing positive results thanks to this modality.

Other ways to make money with Amazon

amazon It is a company that is in the world top in terms of sales, number of products offered and popularity, all this comes from the different ways to make money through this platform and the way in which you can achieve it. Well, you will see in detail what are the different options you have to generate income using Amazon as an essential tool to do so.

The ways to make money with Amazon are:

affiliate marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing

thanks to this method you can create your blog or website and recommend Amazon products, where the company will cancel commissions for each product that you manage to sell thanks to your recommendation, this commission is 10% of the sale, and to specify you only have to place the link of what you want to promote, through this link the person will be able to access and execute the purchase on the platform.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is Marketplace that It consists of doing simple jobs, to earn money you must perform several of these tasks in a certain period, only people can do it since artificial intelligence cannot fulfill these orders, it is necessary that you know how to speak English to work under this modality.

Amazon Flex Delivery

Flex delivery man

Is a service offered by Amazon to its customers, where you can work at two hour block, according to the schedule that suits you best, carrying packages to customers either to their home or wherever they are, in this method you control the money you will earn according to the volume of work acquired.

Work from home for Amazon

It’s a good way to get a job, especially for young people who want to invest their time in earning money, they are jobs aimed at customer service, and answer questions that customers may have about a particular product.

publish a book

how to sell books on amazon

Can write your book and publish it on the platform, and in this way earn money With the sales you may have, the publication is completely free and you do not need to have previous experience or a great resume to do it, nor do you have a specific limit of editions, and it can be on any topic.