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How to be a streamer on Twitch and earn money while playing video games? step by step guide

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To be a real streamer on Twitch and earn money while playing video games you should know some details that we will show you in the article. For example, we will tell you how much you earn in Twitter and what the income on the platform depends on.

But this is not all you can read, We will also talk about the best ways to earn money to have a profitable channel and the step by step you must follow to start broadcasting professionally.

Continue reading until the end because you will find the best tips for grow your twitch channel and live from video games.

How much do you earn on Twitch and what does my income on the platform depend on?

How much do you earn on Twitch and what does my income on the platform depend on?

There are several ways to monetize your Twitch streams, although there are some options that you can choose that pay better than others and are much more profitable. The first thing you should know is that the business of Twitter It is based on the number of subscribers, which are not the same as followers. This means that, every time a subscriber paysthe amount of that income is divided between Twitch and the content creator. Subscriptions are divided into three types, each of which has a different amount.

Subscription costs for a channel are €4.99; €9.99 and €24.99. The amounts mentioned are destined 50% for the creator and the rest goes to Twitch. You should keep in mind, if you are about to take the path of streaming, that the plan most sought after by users is €4.99, so you will have to do the financial planning of your project well before proposing an unrealistic scenario. Another way money can be earned is through donations.

These are native platform tools where viewers donate money through a mechanism called Bits. These features can be customized by the content owner to highlight the most loyal followers of their channel. The amount that can be won with this system ranges from €1 onwards. With video advertising you can also get financial benefits. These ads appear in the middle of broadcasts and can only be seen by viewers and not subscribers.

Since they are members of the premium channel. Therefore, the amount of money you can earn on Twitch is varied., since it will depend not only on the economic capacity of your audience, but also on the content you share with other users. This means, that you should pay attention to the quality of the image, sound, theme of the channel and your personality to generate empathy with the community and advertisers to get a financial thank you from them.

What are the best ways to make money on Twitch to have a profitable channel?

What are the best ways to make money on Twitch to have a profitable channel?

Nowadays The biggest source of income is paying subscribers. This is the easiest and fastest method to earn money on Twitter because the fifty% of the accounts go to the creator and the other part to twitch, as we mentioned before.

Nevertheless, if you become a major streamer of the platform you could negotiate your benefits and in this way move your stake from 50% to 70%. This means that your direct became much more profitable. On the other hand, and always based on subscriptions, you must keep in mind when analyzing your strategy that subscriptions bring extra benefits for people who choose this option.

Among which are:

  • remove advertising in the videos.
  • Subscribers get extra featuresfor example, access to the use of emojis.
  • Chat with the creator of contents.

Therefore, you can point your marketing plan to these 3 benefitswhich cannot be obtained other than by subscribing to your channel. Another way that we already mentioned to obtain profits from your direct is to get donations by the spectators. Keep in mind that this way of making profits, 100% of what is collected goes to the content creator, so it is not an idea to discard within the strategy you propose.

This will depend on the incentive you offer your followers to get the most donations. For people who are not subscribed to your channel they will have to see advertising at scheduled times and each time you reconnect to the stream. A part of this money goes to the content creator and the other part to Twitch. This distribution may vary depending on the agreement the streamer has with Twitch.

Do not forget that you have to meet some minimum requirements to be able to generate income through this method. Generate profits through affiliations and sponsorships they work for channels that have thousands of viewers on their live stream. A very common case would be that they hire you to test a game in your direct and record a promotional video and then publish it in all your social networks. Earning money through this method varies the amount based on the agreement you get with the brands.

But these are not the only options with which you can earn money on Twitch to have a dental channel, you can also dedicate yourself to:

  • marketing, With this technique you will be able to sell products that are related to your channel. The only thing you should take into account is the delivery logistics of these items so that the cost is not greater than the benefit or sale price.
  • sponsors, this type of option is different from sponsorships that hire you to test their products. In this case, it is about commercial agreements in which a price is established for using elements of a certain brand or also when the name of the advertiser’s company appears anywhere in the place where you film the streaming.
  • sale of games, this is one of the less developed alternatives, but it does not mean that they are not valid. If you are a programmer, you can create your own video games and market them from the Twitch platform, offering your followers the correct handling and a demonstration of tricks, among other options.

Learn step by step how to make your first transmissions on Twitch to be a streamer

Learn step by step how to make your first transmissions on Twitch to be a streamer