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How to be an Amazon Flex delivery man and earn money working in the largest ecommerce in the world? step by step guide

Amazon is to date one of the largest brands in the world, which covers a large space in the online commerce market, and that it employs countless people in the many niches in which it excels.

one of these niches is the courier and package delivery service, in which Amazon started the Amazon Flex project in 2015, which has helped hundreds of people, becoming their main source of income.

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about the Amazon Flex project, and the steps you must follow if you wish to be included in this initiative to start generating income as an Amazon delivery driver.

What is an Amazon Flex courier?

What is the Amazon Flex program

Amazon Flex is a project started by Amazon in 2015, as an initiative to help private drivers economically in exchange for collaborating with the parcel delivery. People who join Amazon Flex They are everyday drivers. whose only requirement is to have their own vehicle and a few free hours. You can join Amazon Flex from your website.

How much can you earn as an Amazon delivery driver?

Once you’re enrolled in the Amazon Flex program, you must download an application, which will give you the turns, or “blocks” in which you can work. Blocks appear at random intervals and the competition for one is pretty fierce. Depending on the block, an Amazon Flex driver can earn between €18 and €25 per hour, although being independent drivers, they are responsible for the fuel and maintenance costs of their own vehicles.

Flex Delivery vs Collection Point Which is more profitable?

How Amazon collection points work

Being a Flex delivery person and a collection point are basically two sides of the same coin, since to the extent that the first one collaborates with the parcel delivery, the second works as a reception point for said packages.

Having said this, the main difference is that in order to be an Amazon package collection point, you need to be a commercial entity, while any individual with a vehicle can be a delivery person once you have registered. The second difference is the salary and the way of working.

While the collection point service is responsible for receiving the packages delivered for a salary of between €0.40 and €0.50 , the distributors of Amazon Flex can generate an average of €20 per hour, depending on the blocks you can access. Depending on your circumstances, the collection point option may be more convenient for you in case you have a business premises, but without a doubt the most profitable option is Amazon Flex.

Learn how to be an Amazon Flex courier

The sign up as an independent Amazon Flex courier It is a relatively simple process which requires prior registration in the Amazon application, and a short waiting period before you can start.

The steps to become a delivery person are described below:

Create your Amazon account

To access flex, as well as the other services provided Amazon, the first step is to create your Amazon account.

If you don’t have one, you can create one from the Amazon website using the following steps:

  • enter to the site of Amazon registration via this link

Amazon Access Site

  • Enter your name, email and create a password. Then click on “Create your Amazon account”
  • solve the puzzle to protect your account
  • Enter the code sent to your email

Create Amazon account easy and fast

  • Enter your phone number and click “Add mobile number”
  • Type the code sent to your phone number, then click on “Create your Amazon account”
  • Fill out the following form with the requested data. Once done, click “Create account”

Download the Amazon Flex app

Download Amazon Flex App

The main requirement to be able to register in Amazon Flex is to download the application. This is not available in the Google Play Store, so you must access the Amazon website to download it.

Can Download the Flex app through this link:

Sign up

Sign up for Amazon Flex

One time downloaded the application, the next step is enter the user data to register as a delivery person; It should be noted that you must have an Amazon user account to be able to use the application.

You can do this by following the steps below:

  • open the app “Amazon Mobile Delivery” on your mobile
  • press the option “Sign in to Amazon”
  • Enter your user credentials from amazon
  • Grant the permissions requested by the application
  • Choose “Get Started” to start registration in the application

Select your location and hours

Access to Amazon Flex Blocks

The next step in registration is specify the location of and the hours in which you have more availability to work.

This data is recorded following the steps described below:

  • Enter the Postal Code of the area where you want to work
  • Choose the days you have availability
  • Select the ideal time among the options presented
  • Choose how many hours a week do you want to work

Select your type of vehicle

Amazon Flex Vehicle Registration

The last part of the process is to choose the type of vehicle you useyes This step is crucial in determining how many deliveries you can make.

To do this you just have to follow these steps:

  • Select the type of vehicle you use. The options are small vehicles, 4-door utility vehicles; or large SUV-type vehicles.
  • Once the data is registered, select the option “Join List” so that the app informs you of job opportunities in your region.

Upon completion of registration, the Amazon Flex app will notify you of any available job blocks in your area, so you must be aware of the application to accept the block.

Other ways to make money with Amazon

In addition to the parcel service, Amazon is known for dabbling in many other e-commerce niches, so it is possible to access several methods to generate income through Amazon.

Currently, there are four types of jobs within Amazon that anyone can access, which are described below:

as an affiliate

Amazon Flex Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliates is the Amazon affiliate marketing program, through which content creators, bloggers and publishers can monetize their content and traffic on your web pages and social networks. When you register, you can share and recommend millions of products with your audience. Regardless of what type of content creator you are, the affiliate program has the tools so you can generate commission income of up to 12%

With Mechanical Turk

It is a work forum that uses crowdsourcing as a method of solving tasks that require human intelligence. You can register in this forum completely free of charge and generate income. By registering and being accepted you can access a wide variety of tasks, known as HITs, which have a variable price. You can generate income from €2 per hour, up to €7.25 per hour.

as pick up point

What is an Amazon pickup point?

It is a very profitable way of working today due to the increase in Amazon sales. It is about being an Amazon parcel reception point, and where customers come to pick up their orders. Nowadays, Amazon pays between 0.40 and 0.50 cents per package. Having said that, this service is being powered by amazon to a large extent, so wages are expected to rise soon.