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How to block a contact in Whatsapp Messenger? Step by step guide

How to block a contact in Whatsapp Messenger? Step by step guide

Whatsapp has radically changed the way we connect, to the point that it can no longer be considered a simple messaging service. We are talking about an application that has evolved into a social network, one of the most used in fact. But not everything is rosy inside her .

Although you can only have contact with people who have your registered number, it is possible that some unwanted user obtains it by other means; how to look for yourself in the directory of a common group or simply spying on your other networks. This could be annoying, like any other that obtains your mobile without your consent, therefore the best option is always to block it .

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to block a WhatsApp contact. We are going to show you illustrations so that you know all the steps to follow, in order to make it simpler. You will learn all of this function of the application, from how to do it temporarily to do it definitely and forever. We will even show you how to block an annoying user within your groups and how to do all this without that person knowing anything.

Steps to block a contact in the Android app WhatsApp Messenger Messenger

Whatsapp is such an versatile application that it can be used on Android and iOS alike. Therefore, in this tutorial we will show you how to block a contact regardless of the mobile you have.

Lock or unlock from an Android

You can apply it to any contact, in order to give up receiving their calls, messages and status updates. First, how to block a person you have stored in your directory or agenda ?.

  • You open the application and proceed to “ Settings” .
  • Then you touch “ Account” and in this section you go to the section « Privacy> Blocked contacts» .
  • Touch the icon to add contact and finally, select the contact you want to block.

bloquear contacto whatsapp Android

This is the way to do it manually from the privacy of the mobile , but you have another way to do it that speeds up the process much more. For this, what you should do is:

  • Open the chat with the contact you want to block.
  • Then enter your profile and scroll down until you see the “ Block ” option. You just have to touch on it and voila, the contact will be automatically blocked.

bloquear contacto desde perfil whatsapp

To unlock the contact , you simply do the same process and select the previously chosen contact which should appear in your block list. You can also enter the contact profile and check the option “ Unlock ” that will appear after you scroll down.

Block contacts from an iPhone

We did it, now you know how to block a contact from an Android. But if in your case you have an iPhone phone, the process is practically the same . We’ll show you below.

  • Open your application. Tap the “ Settings ” button at the bottom
    right of your iPhone.
  • Go to “ Account – Privacy ” and then tap in the option « Blocked» .
  • Then on the option « Add new » and your contact list will be displayed.
  • In this list you will have to locate the contact you want that they cannot communicate with you by this application and touch on it to activate the option.

bloquear contacto Whatsapp iPhone

As in Android, in iOS you can streamline the process we just taught you . To do this you simply have to:

  • Enter the contact’s chat you want to restrict and then on your profile.
  • Scroll down until you see the option “ Block ”which will send the contact you want to the unwanted list just by touching.

bloquear contacto de whatsapp desde perfil en iphone

How to do it temporarily?

There is no Software that allows you to control the blocking of any of your contacts , to make it more or less prolonged. If you want to unlock anyone who is already your list of blocked WhatsApp people.

You just have to follow the steps already established in the previous point and in this way you proceed to unlock it manually. So you decide the time in which you are going to have that person restricted.

How to do it without them knowing?

There is no WhatsApp update that will let you know if a contact has blocked you (for now). So you can have total freedom and confidence to be able to do so in any contact and this will never find out . If it is true that there are certain “ indicators ” that can give you the idea that you have blocked them.

These most important indicators are:

  • He will no longer be able to see your last connection time.
  • He will not be able to see your profile picture.
  • Only “a popcorn” appears or check when he sends you a text.
  • That contact cannot call you through this app.

If the person is attentive and begins to notice these aspects, he is likely to suspect that he has been blocked. However, there is no way to know 100% if it has been blocked and you can only limit it to suspect it . This is because there are other situations that can make these indicators notice. One of them is theft. Here it is advisable to send the device to lock.

If this is the case, the indicators will also be visible. In the same way there is the possibility of missing the device. These 2 factors will make the person suspicious but cannot know if it has really been 100% blocked.

What happens when you block a WhatsApp contact?

Regardless of the operating system of your smartphone or tablet, there are 3 points that you must take into account, and which we will show you below.

  • You will not receive messages, calls, or status updates from a blocked contact or appear on your phone.
  • Your online connection information, last time, your status updates and Changes to your profile will no longer be visible.
  • When you block someone from your “Wassap,” the number will still appear in your contact list. Your number will also be reflected in the other person’s agenda.

How to block a contact within a WhatsApp group?

You could also find the possibility of having a WhatsApp group , either with your friends or any other group of acquaintances or family members. However, there may be a person you do not want to have access to your data, you do not want to see anything about him or he is simply an annoying person that you want to disappear from your contacts. This process is somewhat different from the previous ones. But calm down, here we show you how to do it quickly and effectively.

Restrict a contact within a group from my IPhone

iPhone is a very picky terminal with the security of its users, so it does everything possible to make them comfortable. That’s why you can block contacts that are in your groups without problems. The steps to follow are:

  • Open the App and enter the group where the person is to be blocked.
  • Select « Info. from the group »and go down to the section where the person’s list is.

blloquear contacto en un grupo de whatsapp iphone

  • You select the person , which will send you to a private chat.
  • Then proceed to enter the user’s profile and down until you find the block option. With this the work will be finished.

bloquear contacto de whatsapp desde perfil en iphone

Block within a group from my Android

As with iPhone, on Android you can remove the most annoying contacts from your groups in the application , so you can have the best possible experience interacting only with people you like.

  • Open the application, obviously.
  • You enter the group where the person is to be blocked
  • Press the 3 points in the top and select «Info. of the group »

bloquear contacto en grupo de whatsapp desde iPhone

  • You go down to the list of participants.
  • You locate the person you want to block.
  • Select « See Profile »and you descend to the red section that says« Block «. You tap on that option and voila.

bloquear contacto desde perfil whatsapp

What happens when you block a contact from a group ?

When blocking a contact from a group, you simply will no longer see what it shares in that group . That without forgetting all the other features explained above when you block a normal person.

How to find out if a WhatsApp contact has blocked me?

Before continuing we must clarify the following point. This information is very inaccurate, since all these are only indicators . The person may have only modified their privacy settings or may have some problems with their device or its signal. The reality is that there is no way to make known if a person has blocked you with total security. However, some symptoms of this may be:

  • You can no longer see your last connection time.
  • You cannot see the user’s profile picture.
  • You only see a “popcorn” or check when sending a message.
  • You can’t call that contact.

Everything ready, now it will not be necessary to silence your group of friends. This measure will be very effective, so you can not avoid the annoying messages of that person that bothers you so much or of anyone you know is not good for you, and therefore, you can be much more calm and comfortable.