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How to block someone on my Instagram profile? Step by step guide

How to block someone on my Instagram profile? Step by step guide

Instagram has been taking much more strength over time, it has become one of the social network with more registered and used users worldwide . It has a high percentage of celebrities who make use of it thus increasing its popularity. However, as every social network allows you to your own privacy.

And it is that privacy has become day to day in one of the most delicate issues and even more in social networks where users’ photographs are published directly. Instagram allows you to set two privacy options , the first one is to privately place your account so that only your friends can see your posts and the second is block a specific contact , that is, if you don’t want to privatize your entire account, but you don’t want a specific person to check your profile, you can use the blocking option, it can also be used to block a friend either for some personal reason or simply because you no longer want me to follow you.

This is a tool that is used very frequently in the platform but, not all users know how to carry it out, that is why here we will teach you step by step how to achieve it .

Steps to lock and unlock a follower of my Instagram account

It is important to know that at the time of blocking an Instagram user that person will automatically stop following you and in the same way if you follow him. There are many reasons why a person can be blocked on the platform , whether due to harassment, personal problems, ignorance of that user, suspicions, among many others.

But as it is possible to block it, you can also unlock them at any time you want , both options can be done very easily and quickly. So here we will show you step by step how to carry out both tools in your account , so you can have a little more privacy and not share your posts with people you don’t want.


Whatever the reason you want to block another user of the platform you can do it in a very simple way, keep in mind that after that moment that person will not follow you anymore, It will not be able to locate you in any way within the social network, nor send you any type of message.

If you want to restrict a user from your account you will only have to follow these steps:

These steps can be used both for the application that is available for Android, Windows and iOS phones, as well as for the web browser.

  • The first thing you have to do is open the application icon.


  • Then you go to the «Search engine» of the platform and you will write the name of the user you want to block. You can also touch the person’s name either from your contacts or anywhere on the platform.


  • Once you are inside the user profile you will click on the menu button that is in the upper right corner of your screen and has three points.


  • After a menu will appear with several options available, you will choose “Block”


  • Finally, a warning will appear where you must press « Continue » so that the process is carried out successfully.



It is very possible that at some point in your life you want to unlock a person from your account , either because things with that person have improved or you simply want to leave everything behind and continue with your life no hard feelings. If you want to do this you will be able to do it as quickly and easily as blocking a user.

To unlock a person in your account you just have to follow the steps that we will explain below:

  • To start you must enter from your mobile to the icon of the Instagram App.
  • Once inside it you go to your profile and you will select the menu option located at the top right of your screen with three stripes.


  • Then a menu will be displayed where you will choose “Settings”.


  • Now you have to scroll down until the “Blocked accounts” option appears.


  • Once inside the option you will look for the contact you have blocked and click on it.


  • You will be sent back to that person’s profile, now you just have to click on “ Unlock ” and finally on “Continue”.


How to know if someone has blocked me on Instagram? Can I continue to see your photos?

Instagram is a social network that, like Twitter , doesn’t let you know if a person has blocked you . However, there are different tricks that can be done to conclude whether or not you have been blocked by that person.

If you suspect that you have been blocked by any of your contacts you can go to the platform’s search engine and type your name or username , but nothing appears this can be a clear sign that you have been blocked by that person.

If you still have doubts and want to try this in another way, what you can do is look for some written message from that person , or some direct message if you wrote with them and press on top of his photo to see his profile, if his profile goes out without publications and as if it would not exist that person has blocked in his contact list.

Other ways to verify this is by trying to log in from another Instagram profile and looking for the user’s name from the “Search”. There you can see if That person has posts or has just deleted your profile.