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How to block WhatsApp voice calls so that no contact can call you? Step by step guide


This instant messaging mobile application It has become one of the most used by most users worldwide, this thanks to the fact that through them the people can communicate with each other through a very easy way, either through messages, calls or video calls.

Thanks to WhatsApp It is an app used almost worldwide, users can communicate with people from other countries or continents in just a few seconds with the press of a key. One of the best ways to do this is through a call, especially since these are completely free.

However, there are many people who use the app calls simply to disturb your contacts, what ends up becoming a True problem. You might also be one of the people who don’t know they get along well with calls and so your best option is to block them. That is why in this post we are going to explain step by step how you can start block WhatsApp voice calls and thus prevent any contact from calling you.

Learn step by step how to block WhatsApp calls

The reasons why you want blocking all incoming WhatsApp calls on your mobile can be manyeither because your work does not allow you to receive any type of calls, why you consume a lot of mobile data, why several of your contacts call you constantly to bother you or simply because you don’t like talking through them.

At present There are two ways to block this function from your messaging application, either applying it only for a specific person of your contact list or for everyone in general. According to this here we teach you how to how to do this procedure quickly and easily.

To a specific contact

The first way to do this is blocking a specific contact in order to avoid that this can make some kind of call. Please note that to perform this method you will not have the need to install any other application on your mobile. In addition, you should consider that at the time of block said contact this person will not be able to communicate with you through the app.

So if a person from your messaging contact list keeps calling and bothering you, you can get this user to stop doing it, for this you can do is to block it. For block a person from your WhatsApp contact list you will need to follow each of these steps:

  • The first thing will be to enter the application of instant messaging on your smartphone.
  • Once you are in it you must search the contact you are going to block.
  • When you have successfully click on it to enter the chat. Once inside the chat of that person you must press on the three points located at the top right of the screen.

  • There you will see a list of options where you must select the item 芦Plus禄.

To a specific contact

  • In the new options that appear on the screen, click on the option to 芦To block禄.

To a specific contact

  • Then a window will appear on the screen asking you if you are sure to block that person, here you must select again in the option 芦To block禄 In this way you can prevent that user from continuing to bother you through voice calls from the app.

To a specific contact

To all contacts

The other way to do this is blocking calls from all the users you have in your contact list, this in case you do not want anyone to bother you that way. To carry out this method, it will be necessary to resort to a third party application which will be the one allows you to block this function within the messaging app. In order to carry out this procedure, you will need to follow these steps:

  • In this case, the first thing to do is download the app of Disable WhatsApp Calls, You can download it from the following link completely free, although it has advertising, remember, it is an APK and for this it has a different installation than from Google Play.

Download Disable WhatsApp Calls

  • Once downloaded in the mobile you must run it. There will appear a same or very similar screen to the next:

To all contacts

  • Here you must select the first box that appears on the screen, this will be in charge of enable the application service on your smartphone, thus allowing the program works correctly.
  • The next thing will be to give permission to access notifications of the others app installed on the computerThis will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

To all contacts

  • When all this has been enabled the app will start working. By default the app also Outgoing calls will be blocked and if you want you can also activate the function of blocking incoming calls 芦Incoming call禄.
  • This way you can start to block all calls from the WhatsApp application, which will assure you that none of your contacts can make these types of calls.

List of the best apps to block Whatsapp Messenger calls

Can currently be found various mobile applications that will allow you block calls within the instant messaging social network, this in case you want to avoid that your contacts bother you through them. According to this, here we leave you the best apps that you can start using to carry out this procedure.

Tools for WhatsApp

Tools for WhatsApp

This mobile app you will be able to find it available in the official Android store, the same can download completely free. With it you will have the opportunity to block all incoming calls in the app, preventing both calls and Whatsapp video calls either of all your contacts or just some of them.

Despite being a very good option to carry out this procedure effectively, it is very important to mention that the app only works during its first 7 days, so it is considered as a temporary app. In this way, a after 7 days you must delete it and install it again to enjoy your services again.

With this in mind, for block calls through Tools what you should do is enter 芦Service禄 and then in the 芦Settings禄 you must allow all notifications, this will allow the app can block this function correctly.

Call blocker

Call blocker

Another application that you can use to carry out this procedure is 芦Call Blocker禄, you will also find it available from the official google play store. The main function of this app is to reject all incoming calls to the app, which becomes an excellent option for when there are other users who constantly bother you with this function. Also, one of its main advantages is that it will allow you block users in specific or bulls in general.

This allows you create a blacklist where you can add to each of the contacts from which you do not want to receive a call. Among the main advantages of this application you can find that it is very light and takes up very little resources in the equipment, so the memory space will not be a problem for your installation.