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How to boot and start Windows 10 in safe or failsafe mode? Step by step guide

How to boot and start Windows 10 in safe or failsafe mode? Step by step guide

This is a process that has evolved with each of the Windows updates , but in its two most recent versions it has become more difficult to access it. Taking into account that allows you to boot the computer’s operating system using only the fundamental drivers and your standard Microsoft configuration. This is done especially to correct errors when the computer has been shut down incorrectly or in cases where the computer does not want to boot.

Commonly when this type of problem happens, the most frequent or common is to reinstall the operating system or in this case format the computer but these are longer solutions. That is why it is considered that using safe or fail-safe mode as previously known, this being one of the fastest ways to remove those updates or errors that are causing the computer not working properly .

Keep in mind that this procedure is usually not as simple as others, which is why we have decided to explain step by step how you can start Windows 10 in safe mode so you can Improve the functionality of your device. To do this you just have to follow all the steps that we will explain below.

Steps to start the Windows 10 operating system safely or fail-safe

Keep in mind that this is a basic state where the Windows system will only use a set of necessary drivers in order to help you solve the problems you are having with your PC.

The safe mode is recommended to use it especially when we install an application or program and automatically the computer starts presenting some bugs in your operating system, whether you start restart or shut down or having some kind of wrong behavior . In this case, this method must be used to eliminate that application or program that is causing the problem.

This method can also be used when your computer is infected with viruses , where you can start a crash test and perform a scan and then clean your computer. To be able to carry out this process you just have to follow the following steps:

1 – Restart the device

To start the startup or startup process, the first thing to do is restart the computer , for this you have to follow the following steps:

  • To start you must go to Start . This is a tool that will allow you to solve your Windows boot problems.
  • Once you are inside the menu, you will press the button with the “Shut down” symbol.
  • Then you will see three options (4 if you have activated the Hibernate option ) where you must choose “Restart” .

Reiniciar Windows 10

  • Once the operating system of your computer is rebooting you must start repeatedly pressing the F8 key . It is important to note that this key may vary depending on the manufacturer of your computer. After a few seconds a new window will appear.

Reiniciar el equipo

2 – Start W10 in safe mode

After a few seconds the system will start to boot and this is where the configuration begins through this method to to solve the PC problems .

  • On the main screen a blue menu will appear with several options, there you will select “Troubleshoot.”

Inicio de Windows 10 en modo seguro

  • Now a new screen will appear where you will choose “Advanced options”.

Inicio de Windows 10 en modo seguro

  • Again the system will show you another screen with 6 options , once here you will click on “Startup Settings” .

Inicio de Windows 10 en modo seguro

  • Now you will see a list with all the options that are available for operating system startup. Among the list you will find the option of “Enable in safe mode” . We click on the button at the bottom right of the “Restart” screen.

Inicio de Windows 10 en modo seguro

  • Once this is done, will start the operating system restart again.
  • After a few seconds a blue screen will appear again with a list of all the options already listed that are started. To choose one of them you just have to press the option number, in this case it is number 4 that enables this type of start in W10.

Inicio de Windows 10 en modo seguro

  • Once we press number 4, the system will start rebooting automatically, we wait a few seconds-minutes, in these cases patience is our ally.

Inicio de Windows 10 en modo seguro

3 – Error-proof mode start

  • After a few seconds the login screen will appear in Windows 10 . Now you just have to click on the account you want to enter ( you usually have to choose the one with Administrator permissions ), fill in the access fields and press the clearlyEnterrd.

buttonArranque del modo seguro

  • Once you have logged in, the entire Windows 10 desktop will be displayed on the screen, you will notice that it looks a little different, since your desktop customization has disappeared, the margins are usually reduced and on the left side margin at the bottom you will be told that you are in this mode.

Arranque del modo seguro

Once you have completed all this series of steps, you will find yourself in the failure test which will help especially for all those who have problems with the operation of their equipment .

Once they are in this method you can repair all those problems that are causing the errors within your Windows system.

What if my Windows computer does not work? How do I access the safe mode in W10?

When the computer starts up there is usually not much problem to enter this mode, but if you are in the case that your computer does not work or does not start and you want to carry out this method but Do not know how Do it? That is why we will teach you how to solve this problem by following these steps:

Force the team

Forzar el equipo

When the computer does not work the steps that must be performed are different since the system does not allow us to access, for this we will force the restart of the PC as follows.


  • To begin this process and to be able to reach the advanced options you must restart the device several times in a row, for this you will use the keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Supr or in this case turning off and on several times with the power key.
  • This is done in order to force the equipment and thus gain access to system recovery options.

Once this is done, a menu of options must be started on the computer screen to start this process. But if doing this is not enough and the equipment does not start, another one must be applied step.

Force the device from the installation disk

Forzar el equipo desde el disco de instalación

If the previous method has not worked, in this case you have to boot the system using an installation disk. This can come in USB or an optical format (disk).

To do this you must follow the following steps:

  • Turn off the computer and insert the bootable CD or USB just before to turn on your computer again.
  • Now to enter the boot menu ( Boot Menu ) you have to press a key, it varies from one computer to another, some options are:
    • F12
    • F9
    • F11
    • F8
    • F10
    • F1
    • ESC
  • That way you can choose the boot option, sometimes you will have to previously configure the BIOS to be able to access from the chosen support, either boot from USB or Disk .
  • Once the correct key has been pressed the following message will appear: “Press any key to start from the DVD / USB or CD” afterwards from that moment you should only follow the indications that are displayed on the screen.

Keep in mind that after this step the «Start Windows 10 in safe mode» will appear again, where you will have to repeat all the above mentioned steps until you can start the computer to be able to start Repair all problems that are causing the equipment to malfunction.

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