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How to burn MP3 music CD with and without programs on Windows and Mac? step by step guide

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There are many reasons why a person chooses burn a music cd. For some, this is a very timely idea in order to free up valuable space on your hard drives and for others, it may be because they want to get a copy of their MP3 files and use them as a backup, in case of losing said data. However, many music enthusiasts are generally attracted to the idea of share your music with family, friends or at certain events.

In this sense, no matter what the reason, it is important to know how to burn songs to a CD, especially since it is an extremely easy question. Taking into consideration It does not matter if you are users of any version of Windows or Mac, since there are several alternatives (with and without software) that can help you carry out this task very quickly and without so many complications. Best of all, you can do it without the help of third parties.

While it’s true, operating systems come bundled with some built-in programs that allow you to burn any file in physical format, and therefore, do not depend on any additional programs. However, many users prefer to rely on software other than the one offered by their electronic device and, fortunately, this practice is also admissible. In fact, here are the different options that you have at hand to burn an MP3 music CD, either on Windows or on Macso that you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Steps to Burn and Make MP3 Music CD on Windows

To create a CD with MP3 tracks in Windows, there are two common options: without programs and via Windows Media Player. Which, we will show you step by step right away.

no programs

It is possible that you do not have specialized software such as Alcohol 120%, Nero or others installed on your Windows computer to create a data CD. But luckily, you can do it with a tool provided by Windows, without anything else.

So if the idea of ​​doing it this way appeals to you, you must carry out the following procedure:

It is possible that you do not have specialized software such as Alcohol 120%, Nero or others installed on your Windows computer to generate a data CD. But luckily, you can do it with a tool provided by Windows, without anything else.

So, if the idea of ​​doing it this way appeals to you, you should carry out the following procedure:

  • First, insert a recordable CD into the reader or recorder or also known as “Virgin CD”. The most common have a capacity of 700 MB (maximum).
  • Subsequently, select the type of recording. For this, enter the Windows file explorer, which can be done by pressing the keys Windows and E of your keyboard. Then press the option “CD or DVD drive”.

no programs

Thus, a window will be displayed that shows you two types of recordings and you must choose the one you prefer:

  • What usb flash drivewhich writes files with the UFS file system and so the recordable CD will behave like a USB drive.
  • With a CD or DVD player, which burns the CD or DVD by copying all the files once. This is estimated as the best option, since it is the most compatible method (in case you want to use the CD differently from your computer).

no programs

  • It’s time to add the files to CD. For this, simply drag each track to its window, using the two file explorers or you can even copy them to the clipboard from their location and paste them inside. That is, in this step you will take care of create the list of songs you want to hear on the CD.
  • Now you can proceed to burn the CD. You just have to click on “tools in unit”, then look for the option “end recording”. But in case you don’t locate drive tools, you need to deselect the files first, by clicking “DVD drive” in the set of folders on the left.

no programs

To finish, you can select a recording speed and also change the title of the disc, If you prefer. As for the recording speed, it is necessary to limit that the highest, is more prone to errors if the PC has a lapse. Therefore, it is definitely recommended to try one less speed. After that, press “Following”.

From there, will start recording. Since this operating system does not give you the possibility to carry out an engraving simulation. Nevertheless, indicates an estimated time in reference to the end of the recording.

With Windows Media Player

With Windows Media Player

As we mentioned, the other existing option is do it with Windows Media Player. Which works effectively for this type of case and even to create other types of files in Windows.

Thus, if you prefer Burn your music CD with Windows Media Playerbelow we indicate the steps to take on your computer:

  • Logically and like the previous alternative, the first thing you should do is insert a blank or recordable CD into your PC’s CD drive. It is worth noting that generally, disks of this type exhibit a capacity between 75 and 80 minutes of audio. But, if you don’t know exactly, Windows will tell you how much capacity it has.
  • Afterwards, you must create your playlist. This, by opening the player and clicking the “Engrave”, to be able to access the recording side panel where you will include all the tracks that you like. In this way, you only have to drag each of the songs to the new recording section in the player. There you will be indicated the time available and, failing that, what you have occupied.

With Windows Media Player

  • Then, when you finish creating your playlist, proceed to burn mp3 music cd. That is, click on the button that says “start recording”. In this step, you should keep in mind that this process is made up of several stages, so it could take some time.
  • After these cycles are completed, real recording starts. It is recommended that while the disc is being recorded, you do not use the computer so as not to use up more power. Finally, when the recording is finished, the CD will automatically eject.

How to burn and make a music CD for the car on a Mac computer?

To achieve make a music cd on a mac computerthere are several options that they are quite easy to use and that at this time, we will tell you to choose the one that best suits your tastes or abilities.

in itunes

in itunes

Default, iTunes is the player application that includes the tool to record music on Mac computers. As it is and how it works Windows Media Player in any version of Windows.

Thus, it is easy to create a music CD with this software, for which a process of five to 10 minutes is estimated, all depending on the speed of the device’s processor. Taking into account that if you want to generate a music disc compatible with any other music reader or player, the most appropriate thing is to burn it with iTunes.

Now, we indicate the steps you must take to do so:

  • First, access iTunes from your Mac.
  • Subsequently, he begins create the lists. This is the most curious step of the whole procedure. Thus, add in said list all the tracks that you want to have on your CD and for this, you must press where it says “File/New Playlist”.
  • Once this is done, iTunes will show you a pop-up box with a blank data field, so enter the name you want for the list of songs you have made. So, copy it and click on the option “Return” located at the bottom of the data field.
  • To finish, click on the right button that is located on the list and choose the option “Burn playlist to disc”. Usually the software generates an audio disc but if you want, you can choose for other options like an MP3 disc or a data disc.

Disk Utility

Disk Utility

The Disk Utility is a program known to virtually all Mac users and is considered as one of the most opportune alternatives for create and burn executable discs. In other words, from there, it is easy to record this type of content while maintaining the file structure of the disk image, taking into account that it is only possible to do it with DMG or ISO file.

So if you want to record a different type of extension, you must first convert it to a known format. The steps to do it are:

  • The first thing you should do is open the image from Disk Utility, being able to drag directly to the program window. Or simply to select the corresponding option in the menuFile, Archive”.
  • So, after mounting, choose the option “Record in the images menu” or do it directly from the upper buttons.

As additional information, it is necessary to inform you that you can also erase rewritable discs within this program. For which, you must choose the disk drive, once you insert it, and then click on “Erase” within the alternatives of the reader.

With Finder

With Finder

Is about the most basic alternative to burn a disc on Mac, since with it it doesn’t matter what type of file it is. To execute this procedure, there are two options that we will quickly explain to you now:

  • Produce a recording folder: Through the Finder options, go to “File/New recording folder”. In this way, the system will create a folder in the same Finder window that you are in and that is where you will have to drag all the files that you want to generate on the CD. Then press the button “Engrave” located at the top right or you can even save it and do it later when you are ready to finally burn the disc.
  • Enter the disk directly: Once you insert the blank CD, you will see that the Finder detects it as such and installs it in the system. In this way, you can access the disk from the Finder and drag to this all the files you want. When you finish, click on the option “Engrave” located in the upper right. That’s it.

When you make recording by this methodfiles are stored in their current format and therefore, they can only be used from a computer or from a certain device that recognize the format.

with iDVD

with iDVD

For those who don’t know, iDVD is Apple’s native multimedia software application for your Mac OS X operating system. However, many of the people who use Mac think that this program is useless, but in reality it is not, since it is one of the most recommended alternatives for burn a music and audio CD. What happens is that It is not estimated as such a useful softwarebecause that’s what it looks like at first glance. Being a practical application but uncomfortable at the same time.

Similarly, it is necessary to use it when you want to produce a CD or even a DVD to watch a movie in the comfort of your home, this being one of the most effective ways to use it. For its part, iDVD presents its users with infinite alternatives when it comes to something simple. To start using it, just choose a template of your liking and then, include the movie you want to record.

At that moment, you will be able to verify that the program needs to transform it into a compatible format and then, if necessary, press the button “Burn” to generate a DVD. The same happens when you want to make your playlistthat is, you must add the list of the tracks you want to listen to and proceed to record them.

Lastly, expect iDVD complete the process and be very patient, since it is a tool that is not considered that fast. Indeed, if it takes a long time to generate the disk, don’t worry and simply afterwards, proceed to record it.


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