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How to change and configure DNS in Windows 8 and 8.1? Step by step guide

How to change and configure DNS in Windows 8 and 8.1? Step by step guide

Before getting into flour and start explaining how you can configure the DNS in Windows 8 and 8.1 , let’s introduce the post explaining what this concept means. This is a “translator” that converts domains into IP addresses and vice versa .

With this address, we can access that site of our interest and view the web page, its interface. Each internet provider has a DNS server to which it connects by default and determines whether or not access to some websites or others . That is why if we cannot access a specific site, it may be necessary to change the addresses to which we are connected in order to do so.

The procedure to be able to do this is not too complicated, but it is true that it can have repercussions in regards to our Internet connectivity and, therefore, should not be done lightly. It is not necessary to be a complete expert when it comes to web configuration , but it does need to be a bit sharp when it comes to performing the different actions.

Steps to change the DNS in Windows 8 and configure them correctly

If your computer is equipped with the Windows 8 operating system you should not fear, because the configuration of these “Domain Name Servers” is very intuitive and you only have to follow some steps to get to modify them. These, of course, we give them to you in a very simple tutorial. Let’s start and in a few minutes you will have solved the problem:

  • First, you must position yourself in the Start area of ​​Windows.
  • Once there, look for the “Control Panel” .
  • Next, we will open the “Network and Sharing Center” .

cambiar dns windows 8

  • At the moment we have accessed, you should review the options on the left side of the screen and click on «Change Windows adapter settings» .
  • What opens next is a list of all the network connections that our computer has. But we only have to change the DNS of that connection we use . That is why, if we connect by cable, we will have to modify the Ethernet connection and, on the contrary, we do it by WiFi, we have to work on the homonymous option.
  • To know exactly the adapter network that we are using we should only look at the icons that appear available. Ours will be in color and may have a green tick drawn, which indicates the operational connection.
  • After locating our network, we must double click on it to open the properties of this.
  • In this box, we must find the option “Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4 / TCP)” , which, for greater security, is at the end from the list of elements; We select the option with two quick clicks.

cambiar dns windows 8

  • Click on the button representedProperties under.
  • A new dialog box will open where we must look for the option «Use the following addresses DNS server ».
  • When selected, two positions are enabled where we must include the preferred and alternative DNS that we want to use for our equipment. We must write them.
  • Finally, click on the “Accept” button at the bottom of the box. At this time, the changes will be saved and new DNS will be available.

List of operational public DNS servers

So that you have a good amount of options, we have made a selection of public servers that you can connect to. You have only to arrive, with the step by step, to the place where the addresses are, place any of the following.

List of the best DNS servers with their addresses:

  • Alternate DNS : /
  • CleanBrowsing : /
  • Cloudflare : /
  • Comodo Secure DNS : /
  • DNS Advantage : /
  • DNS : /
  • Dyn : /
  • Fourth Estate :
  • FreeDNS : /
  • Google : /
  • GreenTeamDNS : /
  • Hurricane Electric :
  • IBM Quad9 :
  • Level3 : /
  • Deny : /
  • Norton ConnectSafe : /
  • OpenD NS Home : /
  • OpenNIC : /
  • puntCAT :
  • SafeDNS : /
  • SmartViper : / 208.76 .51.51
  • UncensoredDNS : /
  • Verisign : /
  • WATCH : /

How to repair DNS when they do not respond in Windows 8?

There are several reasons why these addresses of our team may not be responding well in Windows 8 and 8.1. In fact, not always changing these DNS as we have seen solves the problem.

Initially, we recommend to review the rules that are created in the firewall or the blockages that our antivirus has installed . This can cause something to be blocked and, although the DNS is perfectly configured, we cannot connect correctly to some internet websites.

In case of not locating any errors, we can carry out the previous steps again to modify the DNS and write new ones to be able to test.

If you do not want to discard the address you have chosen, there is one last method to be able to refresh our connection and make it work correctly again. This is only reset the DNS settings . To do this:

  • It is necessary to open a Windows terminal .
    • It can be done from the Start menu and looking for the “Run” option.
    • Next, we must write the letters accouncmdd.
    • Press “Enter” . A black screen will open, the “Windows terminal”.
    • At this time, we can work in command mode and we must enter the ones that are shown below:
      • ipconfig / flushdns (Free the DNS cache).
      • ipconfig / registerdns (Register again on DNS).
      • ipconfig / release (Free IP address).
      • ipconfig / renew (Renew IP address) .
      • netsh winsock reset (Reset the DNS socket).

Once this is done, you should be able to work with the Internet in a normal way and with the DNS ready to access any web space. Try it and forget about vetos assigned by your service provider!

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