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How to change password in Outlook email fast and easy? Step by step guide

It is frequent use the email account to join different online services, as well as to access social networks. But it’s not just that, there is a high percentage of users who use the same password to enter all places, which significantly compromises your safety.

In other cases, you have the same password, without modifying anything at all for several years. There are those who keep it on their computer and do not have any malice when using it on other people’s computers, leaving the door open for any stranger to find out and abuse their privacy online.

It It is more advisable to frequently check the password and modify it, especially in your Outlook email. What are the reasons to be on the alert with the keys? In this course we are going to explain it to you, along with how to change them on any device and, finally, we will tell you four recommendations to create secure encryption for your microsoft account.

Why should you change your password on a regular basis?

Password change in emails

The recommendation of changing the password is intended that if someone ever came close to cracking it, now it is more complicated. But nevertheless, that does not mean that you will create any key, regardless of its strength, just to comply with a protocol.

Create passwords that are secure but easy to rememberThus, being the victim of a hacker, account hacking or information theft will be limited, although it does not mean that it is absolutely impossible for it to occur. It is important to be aware that cybercriminals create more subtle methods to steal customer information every day of different platforms, so you have to adopt habits and measures that guarantee protection on the network.

Learn how to change the password for your Outlook email account

If you are one of those who never change your email password, you already saw that doing so is a way to protect your virtual security. It is a simple procedure, to which you must spend a few minutes, but you do not need to be a computer expert to achieve it successfully.

In this section, we will teach you how to change your password from your mobile, computer or through the application:

From the phone

Change Outlook password in the app

Directly, the mobile application does not show the security option in which we must change the password. Therefore, if we want to do it on a device with Android and iOS, we must resort to the web browser and follow the steps shown in the section to change it from the computer.

From the computer

The steps that you will see below can be applied in any operating system, since you will use the web browser of your choice to access your Outlook account.

Once you are in the inbox do the following:

  • Click on your profile picture or identification letter in the upper right corner.
  • A small menu opens in which you must click on “My account”.

Enter My Outlook Profile

  • On the right hand, it appears to you “Change Password”.
  • In the next window you must enter your current password and then “Log in”.

Change password in Outlook

  • Asks you verify your identity with the code that will be sent to your alternative email.
  • Upon receiving the digits, you must enter them in the corresponding box and click on “Send code”.
  • Later, you must enter your current password followed by the new.

Login to Outlook

  • Once you do, click “Keep”.
  • Now, log in to check that the new password is working smoothly.

From the desktop application

Once you have changed the password from the web browser, when entering the Outlook application it will ask you to confirm the change, that you enter the new data and so you can use the account without any news.

Tips for creating unbreakable passwords to make your Outlook account more secure

Protecting the security and privacy of your Outlook email is a comprehensive process. There are key aspects to follow so that passwords are difficult to crack, but then you must reinforce them by adopting measures that avoid making classic mistakes, such as use the same in all the places where you have a storyto.

We are going to describe four tips to make your new passwords reliable and secure, protecting the messages you have in your Microsoft account:

Use a password generator

Step-by-step internet password generator

If the passwords you use in the email account or social networks are weak or you receive warnings that someone tried to enter without your authorization, a good option is use an online password generator, that gives you robust suggestions.

A An excellent option is the password generator found on our portal. Can check the boxes based on which you want the key to be created, the length and at the end click on generate. Then it will show you a 100% safe result.

Do not include your name or that of relatives

Among the things that someone who wants to steal your email credentials is looking for is the data of people close to you. Thus avoid putting the name of your children, your brothers, wife, mother and of course your own. Having a key with this data will make it easy for them to decipher your combination. Instead, putting a password of several of the names with interspersed characters or placing the phrases intermittently makes it secure.

Don’t use your date of birth

Why you should not put date of birth in passwords

According to computer experts, one of the common mistakes made when creating passwords is using the date of birth, one of the easiest combinations to figure out, since it can be in many public documents or registration forms. Using it in full and without any alteration or modification, is to open the account for anyone to take possession of it and use the content without your authorization.

Do not use your DNI number

If the date of birth is easy to find out, the more so is the DNI number. Therefore, avoid using it as your personal password in email, bank account or any other social network. It is better to make a combination of numbers with letters. It is always advisable to pay attention to how strong the system tells us what the password is, not to stay with the minimum allowed and use phrases, expressions or words that we can associate to remember.