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How to change the language in Facebook Messenger? Step by step guide

How to change the language in Facebook Messenger? Step by step guide

When we download Facebook Messenger , there are times when it is downloaded in a language that is not ours. Generally this language is English, which is considered as the universal language to communicate throughout the world since we can easily understand it . This means that the entire application interface is not in Spanish.

This is a mistake that was very common in the first versions of the application since it did not have a Spanish version. While this does not affect the content of the messages at all, they will continue to be in the language written by the person who sent it to you , sometimes it is usually a problem to be able to use the platform comfortably, so Many users are anxious to change it.

In this article we will show you how to change the language of Facebook Messenger in both the mobile application and the web version of this popular social network that is used by billions of people throughout the world. You will realize that it is an extremely simple procedure to perform that will not take you more than a couple of seconds of your time.

Steps to change the Facebook Messenger language

As you know, there are two versions of Facebook Messenger that are in your mobile application and another integrated into the official Facebook website. Many people think that they are the same social network, and they are not so wrong, but the reality is that they are slightly different platforms, so changing the language in one and the other has its slight changes.

Here we show you how to put them in the language you want in both versions:

On the web

The Facebook website has an interface of configurations a bit cumbersome because you must navigate inside it to find what you want, but after reading this section it will be a piece of cake for you to be able to change the language.

What you should do is follow the steps below:

  • Enter your profile and click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen and then select the option « Settings ».

facebook configuración

  • Once there, you will see a list of sections on the left side of the screen. You must click on the one that says legitIdiomably.
  • In this section you can configure all aspects related to the language of Facebook , which includes FB Mesenger that is integrated into the platform.
  • Where it says “Facebook language” you must click on “Edit” to select the language you wish to set and then click on «Save changes».

Cambiar idioma en Facebook

Once you do this, when you enter Facebook Messenger the entire interface will be in the language you have set up , but as we said before, this will not affect the content of the messages you receive through this platform . In addition, the language of the publications made by your friends will not change, although the «Translate» option will begin to appear so that you can see the content of these in the language you have established.

In the mobile application

As we said at the time, in the mobile application things change a bit since the interface is slightly different, but in general it is still quite easy to make this change. What you have to do is follow the steps that we explain below:

  • Open Facebook Messenger from your mobile.
  • Enter “Settings” and then « General ».
  • Locate the ” Language “ option and in it you can select the language in which you want the app to be.

There, with these simple steps you can change the language of your Facebook Messenger in the blink of an eye . Easy as breathing and fast as going to the bathroom.

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