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How to change the password of your Twitter account to improve the security of your account? Step by step guide

Nowadays, have forecasts based on cybersecurity, it is completely essential to protect your data and prevent any hacker from taking control of your online activities. Thus, it is valuable to take care of your browsing on the network and, beyond that, protect your accounts on social networks.

Since these platforms are generally the perfect target for cyber criminals and especially those social networks like Twitter that has so many users, today. Reason for which, it is recommended to optimize the security of your profile on said site.

In consecuense, It is considered essential to change your Twitter account password constantly, since this way you will be able to prevent future attacks that end up affecting your private data and all the information you manage from said account. Thus, here we will teach you how to do it and other information of great interest in this regard.

Why is it important to change your Twitter password regularly?

Before pointing out each of the steps that must be followed to modify the password of a Twitter account, it is necessary to know the importance of doing this regularly. Since, only in this way, users will be aware of them and will choose to do so whenever it concerns.

In this sense, we begin by highlighting that a password or key is defined as an authentication mode that uses secret or confidential information to control access to some resource. Which means that, the passwords in this platform have as main purpose, allow or not, the entry to all the data of a certain account.

Therefore, the fact of changing the password of your Twitter account in a special way, will allow you maximize its security and protect it against any attack or unauthorized access. Considering that, in this way, you will achieve preserve more your data, you will protect the operation of your account and its integrity, you will avoid the installation of spies and of any attack that may affect you negatively.

Added to that, by nature, Modifying passwords regularly is considered an act of digital responsibility, due to the large number of hackers and computer criminals operating on the net today. Especially, whether it's a business or business account, since it is appropriate that organizations preserve all their data in order to guarantee optimal management, integration and analysis that allow to carry out actions that report more profitability, increase sales and influence customer loyalty.

Learn step by step how to change the password of your Twitter account

Clarified all of the above, you will see that it is essential to modify the access code of your Twitter profile, periodically, in order to maintain excellent security and with it, avoid any theft of information or unauthorized entry. But, to do it correctly, it is necessary to know each one of the steps to carry out to change said configuration, either from the mobile or web version and Here we explain how to proceed in each case:

On mobile

Although it is true, currently, most social network users prefer to manage their profiles directly from the comfort of your smartphone. For that reason, we begin by explaining the process you must carry out to modify your Twitter password through the mobile app:

  • To start, you need to make sure have the Twitter application installed on your mobile device. Otherwise, enter Google Play Store or App Store, to download and install it.
  • Once you have this app, it is time to enter it to access your social network account, using your username or email along with the password correctly.
  • After that, you will be in the Home part of your account and, to proceed to change the password, you must press the icon of your profile photo in the upper left corner and select the option "Configuration and privacy".

  • Then, among all the list that they show you, click on the option "Account" which is located in the first position.

On mobile

  • Later, from the section Login and security, choose the option "Password".

On mobile

  • Now it's time to enter your current password and then in the "New password" field, put the characters that will belong to it, to proceed to confirm it and press the button "Update password", Finally.

On mobile

In the web

On the other hand, there are also many people who, for convenience or to avoid downloading the Twitter mobile app, choose to access their account from their computer using the web version. So then we mention the steps to follow to modify the password from there, easily:

  • As in the previous case, the first thing you should do is access your account on the social network, using your associated username, email or phone number along with the current password.
  • Following that, when you are in the Home part of your account, click "More options" inside the left sidebar and there, select the option "Settings and privacy".

In the web

  • In third place, click on the “Account” tab And with that, various options will be displayed on the right side of the panel. At that point, you should click on "Password" within the Login and security section.

In the web

  • Once you do the above, you have to enter your current password, for later put the new password and confirm it in the corresponding fields. Done that, just click "Save" to conclude the process.

In the web

Tips for creating a secure password for your Twitter

Beyond changing a password periodically to preserve the privacy of your Twitter account, it is also important take into account some aspects when creating this key, in order to generate a password with the highest possible levels of security.

That is why, in order for you to create access codes that maintain the privacy of your account notably, Next, we recommend some parameters that you must put into practice for it, from now on:

Tips for creating a secure password for your Twitter

Quantity and quality of characters

It is valuable that, when preparing a new access password, you focus on enter at least 15 characters. Because the longer your password is, the more difficult it will be for hackers to knock it down.

Apart from that, it is valuable that, combine upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols along the key in question. In this way, you will increase their level of security much more.

Additionally, for create complicated passwords to tear down, we recommend the following: Enter an uppercase letter in the fourth character of your password, place the number 3 after the fourth character, use the percent sign after the eighth character, use the name of the account in which you are registering after the second character and transfer the sixth character at the beginning of the key.

Don't use personal information

It is also relevant that, avoid using data such as your name or surname, date of birth, identity card number, your nicknames or those of your pets, etc.. Since, based on this type of information, cybercriminals usually rely on finding access to Twitter accounts or any social network.

Consequently, using personal information in your profile password, it would mean leaving your house key under the door or carpet, for example. Conversely, choose to use completely unimaginable data that, in addition to being easy for you to remember, are absurd for other people.

Avoid using the same password from another of your accounts

It is completely essential use unique passwords for each of your online accounts, especially without belonging to social platforms. Therefore, when creating a new password for your Twitter profile, avoid using the password of another of your accounts, regardless of whether it is valid or not.

This, because, when obtaining the access credentials of a certain profile, cybercriminals will use that same password to try to access your other accounts. Therefore, if you use a different one, they will have the greatest difficulties in achieving it.

Combine two words

Aside from adding numbers and symbols along your new password, just like use upper and lower case letters, you also need to focus on combine two words like that. So, based on these words, build a new and unknown one, just by alternating its letters.

For example, if you choose “Window” and “Door”, the base of your new password would be the following: "VPeuntearntaa". Done that, as we indicated previously, you can reinforce it with some numbers and symbols to make it even more difficult to guess.

Some extra recommendations

  • Do not use English or foreign words, otherwise. In view of the fact that computer criminals rely on special dictionaries that contain this type of combinations and, consequently, it is a method that does not provide any security.
  • Choose to convert vowels into numbers. Which, although it is a popular trick that hackers already get around, they can work very well because there are numerous such combinations. Especially, if you mix this trick with combining two words and thus, the word to use would be: "vp3unt34rnt44" (see the previous recommendation).
  • Do not forget to change your password, periodically. As usual, it is recommended to do it in less than three months.
  • As an additional layer of security, we also advise you activate two-factor authentication available on Twitter. To do this, go to "Settings and privacy", select "Bill”, Click on“ Security ”and access the Authentication section in two steps to choose the method you prefer to enter your account.

The best tools to generate strong Twitter passwords

After the above, it is possible to discern that, to create a really strong password, many parameters must be taken into account so that hackers don't find the login to your Twitter account. Which, for many people, can be simple, but for others it is completely difficult.

However, fortunately, these types of users also have an optimal solution to prevent their account on the social network from being insecure. This solution refers to employ tools with the ability to generate strong and secure passwords. Then, we mentioned three alternatives of that kind:

Dashlane Password Generator

Dashlane Password Generator

It is one of the access key generators more effective than there are, at present. Which also works as a password manager that gives users the ability to get great keys to use on your online accounts, without the need to register on any website for it.

Now, regarding its operation, we highlight that the same system is in charge of producing the new default password and, to be able to personalize it, allows you to set its length through a slider bar. In addition to this, it provides the option to determine if you want it to contain letters, digits or symbols.

Too, it has a button to copy the key to the team's clipboard and use it on Twitter or any other platform. Furthermore, for generate a new password, just click on the refresh button on the right side of the panel.

Secure Password Generator

Secure Password Generator

It refers to a very simple password generator to use. Since, once you enter its platform, it gives you a large number of options to choose from to create a password that suits your requirements and thus, to be able to personalize it to the maximum. These options include: its length, include symbols, numbers, upper or lower case letters, exclude certain characters, etc..

Therefore, all you have to do to obtain your new password is to set the length of the password. using the dropdown menu, like select or deselect the types of characters you want to add. Done all that, click on “Generate Password” and in a matter of seconds, you will see your new password to use on Twitter.

1Password Strong Password Generator

1Password Strong Password Generator

It consists of a key generator created and provided by password management applications with the famous 1Password service. So basically, it is a platform where you can choose between random or simple to remember passwords, to use them in your Twitter accounts.

Once you access the website, in addition to choosing the type of password to obtain, you can also select your length or size (8 to 100 characters), like defining if you want it to contain numbers and symbols. After that, you will get your new password and you can copy it to the clipboard through the indicated button, like continuing to generate new keys.