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How to change the photo of your Twitter cover easily and quickly? Step by step guide


Day by day, Twitter is the most famous microblogging service worldwide and since 2006, it has given much to talk about. Thus, has millions of users who prefer this platform to manage their communication, both at a private level and also at a business level.

In this sense, managing a profile on this social network provides notable advantages and among them, we find the possibility of build and publicize your brand image, like launching your marketing strategies, carrying out useful research and even, networking. But, to enjoy all these benefits, it is essential to keep your account optimized.

For this, one of the most key points lies in having a profile that manages to attract all audiences when they visit it. So it is important to display a good profile picture and, To make matters worse, manage your header in the best possible way to distinguish yourself. That is why, here we will teach you how to change your Twitter cover photo.

What are the correct dimensions for my Twitter cover photo?

Basically the cover photo on Twitter also known as a «header image», refers to a visual element that allows optimizing any profile on the social network and going far beyond displaying a profile photo. But by default, this is a gray space.

However, the platform offers the possibility of modifying said heading, so that each user have the power to upload a striking image to personalize your profile. Taking into account that, it is considered an element that manages to improve the presentation of your Twitter home page and, in fact, it is a marketing tool used to enhance the visual identity of a certain user.

Now, before uploading a photo of your cover in your profile on this microblogging site, it is relevant to take into account certain aspects to do it correctly. So, one of those parameters, lies in using the appropriate dimensions in your header image, with the aim of fitting perfectly into said space and looking truly optimized.

In this sense, we indicate that the specific and recommended measures of the Banner from Twitter, they are 1500 x 500 pixels. Valuing further that, only supports formats like JPG, GIF or PNG. Otherwise, the image in question will not fit the indicated space correctly and, therefore, it may look grotesque or present certain errors during the loading process, if the corresponding format is not used.

Learn step by step how to modify the cover photo of your Twitter profile

Now, when you know the recommended dimensions of a cover photo on Twitter, you will be ready to upload a new image to your header and thus, modify and personalize your profile. However, you will wonder what this procedure consists of and, therefore, here we show you each step to complete for it:

  • First of all, access the official website of the social network to enter your account by entering the name or email of the same along with the password. You can also do it through your smartphone, using the Twitter mobile app.
  • Once you are in your account, specifically from the Start section, go to the options bar on the left side and click on “Profile”. If you are carrying out the process from your mobile device, simply touch the icon of your profile picture at the top and choose that option.

Learn step by step how to modify the cover photo of your Twitter profile

  • Followed by that, at the top of your profile, press the button that indicates «Edit profile».

Learn step by step how to modify the cover photo of your Twitter profile

  • Next, they will show you all the information corresponding to your Twitter profile and, to modify the cover image, you have to press the camera icon located in the corresponding heading.

Learn step by step how to modify the cover photo of your Twitter profile

  • By last, Search and choose your new cover photo for Twitter and click the «Save» button which is at the top. Since then, you will be able to view said image in the corresponding field of your profile and thus optimize it to capture the attention of those who visit it.

The best online tools to create attractive Twitter cover photos

In case you want to maximize your cover photo on Twitter, It is recommended to use online tools that allow you to build attractive images to display on social networks.

Therefore, it is important that you try some of the following three alternatives, in order for you to create completely attractive banners for your Twitter profile:


Consists in a completely free tool that allow you to show your personality and distinguish yourself from other Twitter users, just by creating a banner that highlights the value of your appearance. So, in order to use it, you have to register through your Google or Facebook account; so it is very simple to start testing it. Taking into account that, it is characterized by being a creative tool with infinity of images, templates, borders and shapes that make your work easier.

On the other hand, if you prefer to build your header image from scratch, BannerSnack it also gives you that possibility. Since, it has an optimal editor that is easy to use And it even saves you time and effort to create an excellent visual element without having any design skills. To start creating your image, choose the indicated size and a template, to personalize it through images and thus, proceed to download the result.


This is another of the most popular online tools to create optimal covers for the microblogging social network. Basically It stands out for offering a lot of templates from which you can start building your header photos. to wear them through your profile on the platform and stand out from the rest.

For his part, It is characterized by being an easy tool to handle, since it only requires three simple steps to obtain quality results. These steps are: Choose one template among dozens available, edit or customize your cover and lastly guard your Twitter cover as an image or share it. Fortunately, offers a free trial.


Finally, we emphasize this other free online tool ideal for changing your cover photo for a fully optimized one and thus, distinguish yourself among the millions of users on the social network. Which, It consists of an editor that gives you the necessary functions to be the author of incredible designs created in a few minutes. Well, in addition to being very complete, it is a tool easy to operate and intuitive.

Now, it should be distinguished that it contains thousands of designs that will help you get inspired or get ideas to build quality designs. Regarding the steps you must complete in EDIT, you must first select the option “Images for Twitter headers” and choose a template or start from scratch. Then, insert your own image to modify and customize the background, for later download your artwork.