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How to change the voice in your phone calls so that they do not recognize you on the phone? step by step guide

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Changing the phonology in a call so that they do not recognize you can be a very striking prank to do with friends. So With this trick that we will show you, you can pretend that you are someone else and you can fool them all.

There are different methods you can use to change the tone of your voice during calls. These can be: forcing it to sound different, using an application that changes it, or through a voice distorting microphone.

We have brought you this tutorial so you can learn how to do it. Here we are going to explain step by step, the different processes that you must carry out to achieve it. Get ready to play a phone prank!

Is it legal to make calls modifying our real voice in Spain?

It is totally legal to do so, as long as it is a joke and the other person is aware of this.. Since distorting or changing the phonology when calling any person for illicit purposes such as: extortion, blackmail, kidnapping, etc., can cause serious problems.

It is advisable that if you are going to do it, do it only with acquaintances, in order to avoid any inconvenience that something of this type may cause you if you do it with any unknown person.

What methods exist to change our voice while calling on the phone?

There are different ways you can implement to do this while you are making a phone call. It doesn’t matter that this is for him mobile or by an application such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and others; all these will be able to work without problems.

Here we detail them:

strain your vocal cords


This is the most common and least effective way; although this will depend on your ability to force your vocal chords and achieve the effect. you can try with put a higher or lower tone of voice, also try to force and change the pronunciation of different words, to make you pass as someone from another country.

This will make your shade look very different from what you normally wear. If you manage to implement it correctly you will be able to trick your friend and play a good game.

Using a mobile app

Using a mobile app to change the voice

Mobile applications are an excellent method to do it, since this program will directly make changes to it and help make it look like you’re someone else. This uses certain nuances that will make your phonology distort, Well, they usually have several striking modalities so that it can sound mysterious, funny, shy, etc.

Using a microphone distorting your voice

Using voice distorting microphone

Finally, there are the voice distorting microphones, these devices work basically like a loudspeaker, but without increasing the volume of it as much. They commonly allow a more robotic tone, which for example with the change of height a gradually different effect can be achieved.

The problem with these devices is that They must be between your mouth and the mobile, so that they can work properly and prevent your own voice from being heard and discovered.

List of the best applications to make calls with the changed voice

There are different apps that you can use to change the way you speak when making a call. Note that these tools must activate them before and deactivate them after calling.

Among the best we found are the following:

Best Voice Changer – Free

Best Voice Changer -Free

This app is not directly designed to change your voice during calls. Nevertheless, it is a good option to achieve a divergent result in your phonology when making or sending notes, since it allows you to record and modify it with different filters, or even use old audio and fix it. It is an excellent option for those people who like to send audios.

voice changer
voice changer

Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Call Voice Changer - IntCall

this tool it is currently only available for iOS devices. Although it was previously available on Android, for unknown reasons it was removed from the Play Store. However, it works perfectly on these computers.

With it you can change your voice with different effects that you can use during a call. It has a demo mode, so you can test how you are going to listen. A possible disadvantage is that it is paid, but it gives you a two-minute trial so you can call a friend and if you like it you can buy it.

You can see the variety of plans and time in the app. Previously its cost was 5 minutes equal to €1 and 170 minutes for €40. These prices may have changed, despite this, it is a very good one that perfectly meets what it offers.

Funny Call: Phone Prank Calls

 Funny Call Phone Prank Calls

Another program that is available for iOS devices and that allows you to change your phonology and modify it during calls. Unfortunately you don’t have the option of a demo call, but you have the possibility to record it to test the effects.

One drawback is that it has different ads that can be annoying, but they don’t appear constantly. But, just as it is considered an inconvenience, it is an advantage because through this advertising you can get 30 seconds for free. Their prices range from €1 to €20 for 64 minutes.

‎Funny Call: Prank Phone Calls
‎Funny Call: Prank Phone Calls

voice modifier

voice modifier

With it you can change your voice to look like another person. Although it has different voice filters, this one has a problem and that is that unfortunately it cannot be used for calls. Therefore, you can only use them to modify notes, audio files or those that you have stored on your device. It has an intuitive and easy to use interface but a bit old.

voice modifier
voice modifier

Fake Caller ID

identifier Fake Call

Finally, we have one of the best free apps for Android, since it not only allows you to modify your phonology, but also hide your number to appear unknown when doing them.

In addition, it gives you two free calls per day so you can do what you want at that moment. You can download the app and test its limits, in order to see what services it offers and what advantages you have if you purchase a paid version. But, in short, it is one of the best existing options for all devices with this operating system.

Download Fake Caller ID Android APK