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How to clean the keyboard of your computer in depth to extend its useful life? Step by step guide

How to clean the keyboard of your computer in depth to extend its useful life? Step by step guide

One of the most important parts in computers without a doubt is the keyboard , since from it we carry out a lot of activities, either to write a document , insert commands, shortcuts, web addresses , among many others. Therefore, it is essential to keep it clean and in good working order.

That is why keyboard cleaning should be performed periodically, especially if your device is in an open area where there may be a large presence of dust and other dirt particles . Keeping it clean and in good condition will help you extend its lifespan .

With this in mind, it is important that you know how you can perform a correct cleaning and in the same way ensure an optimal operation of it. That is why here you we will teach how to clean the keyboard and thus ensure its operation for many more years.

Why is it important to keep our computer keyboard clean?

As we mentioned earlier, being able to perform a correct cleaning of this part of the computer is very important in order to ensure its optimal functioning , keeping in mind that through it carries out a large part of team activities .

Therefore, keeping it clean will help you achieve the following benefits:

Lengthen the useful life

The first one is to extend its life time , this being one of the most important factors, especially since in most countries keyboards usually have a high cost or little accessible, although in some cases the opposite happens.

But, if you do a constant cleaning and in a correct way you can make sure that your keyboard lasts many more years. This is because you will prevent it from filling up with dust or other particles that start causing problems in its performance, either deteriorating some of its parts or simply causing the to stop working completely .

Better looking

Another of the great advantages of performing a constant cleaning of this piece of your computer is that it will help you improve the appearance of it, and that better than having a completely clean keyboard and with proper operation at all times.

If we keep in mind how important this piece is in our machine, we will surely do everything possible to take care of it and keep it completely clean, for this it is recommended to use it with clean hands, have the computer in closed places where there is not much dust , and especially clean it every time it is finished using for long periods of time .

Prevents damage to the keys

Keeping the keyboard without dirt and without the presence of dust or other particles will help you avoid the keys from deteriorating quickly , taking into account that this is One of the main reasons why this type of piece is spoiled. Especially if one of the pieces that is damaged is the one that we use frequently, since it becomes a real problem for your use.

The deterioration of these pieces is mainly due to the constant presence of dirt particles that prevent it from making proper contact until its damage is completely caused.

A massive key damage will simply end up causing the keyboard to cease to be functional , which leads to the acquisition of a new one and an additional money expense . It is important to mention that repairs of this type of parts are not highly recommended .

Steps to thoroughly clean the keyboard of your desktop computer

As we mentioned earlier in the post, keyboard cleaning is one of the most important factors in the operation of any computer, since almost all activities depend on this piece What can we do in it? According to this, we are going to show you how you can perform this cleaning correctly and in that way extend the life of the same .

To do this, follow the steps we will show you below:

Materials to use

  • The keyboard of the computer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • A clean cloth .
  • A small object that allows us to remove the keys comfortably.
  • Tooth brush or small brush to remove dirt particles.
  • Isopropyl alcohol .

We disassemble the keyboard

  • The first thing that is done is disassemble the keyboard with the help of the screwdriver, for this we disconnect it from the computer and turn it over to remove each of the screws >. This procedure may take a few minutes.

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Once all screws removed proceed to lift the top cover of the keyboard very carefully so as not to disassemble it inside .

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Now we take the top part that we have removed and we take out piece by piece to clean them one by one very carefully . To remove it we use something thin and a resistant material that allows us to remove the keys, keep in mind that this process requires a lot of patience and care .

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Once all the pieces have been removed, we take the toothbrush and wet it with isopropyl alcohol and start cleaning the keyboard base to remove all the dust contained there .

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Once you have finished cleaning the keyboard cover, we continue with the other part of the piece, keep in mind that this part is the most delicate to manipulate.
  • >

  • The following will be to lift the plastic cover contained inside the piece and clean it with the help of the cloth.

Desarmamos el teclado

  • With the help of the screwdriver we carefully remove the card from the keyboard and place it on the side of the table where we are working.

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Then we remove the other piece of the keyboard contained in the background and clean with the help of the cloth .

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Once this is done, we clean the cover of the bottom of the piece with the help of the cloth , you can also add some isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Now we clean the keyboard card or circuit board with isopropyl alcohol and the help of the toothbrush . It can also be done only with the toothbrush to remove the dust contained there .

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Finally, when each of the pieces contained in the keyboard have been cleaned, the following will be reassemble it , keep in mind that this process must be done very carefully so that everything is correctly installed and we can make sure that the same will work correctly .
  • To assemble it it is important that you do it as you disassembled it, where they will be placed the pieces from back to front in the order they were removed. When placing the keys it is important that the pressures down so that they are well adjusted . Finally, the screws are placed to secure it.

Desarmamos el teclado

  • Once all this is done, you can continue enjoying the keyboard , this time completely clean and surely with a better performance . This process is recommended to do every 60 to 90 days , depending on how much dust your equipment receives.

Another way to clean your computer keyboard is through an air cleaner , this method is also very effective and is much easier to perform than the method explained above.

Also, this method is 100% recommended when it comes to a laptop . Therefore, if you do not feel able to completely disassemble your keyboard, we recommend you perform the following procedure.

Apply cleaning with a spray of compressed air

Aplica la limpieza con un spray de aire comprimido

  • The first thing will be disconnect the keyboard from your computer . In the case of a portable , turn it off and disconnect it from the power .
  • To clean the keyboard you must place it at 75 degrees on the worktable.
  • Then we take the compressed air spray and do it on the keyboard quickly and it is recommended to start from the upper left part > until you reach the bottom right . You can perform this procedure about twice to ensure that all particles of society are removed from the keyboard .
  • When you have completed these steps, just Optionally you can turn the keyboard again , but it is 80 or 90 degrees of orientation and repeat this procedure for the last time.

Tips to prevent your computer keyboard from getting dirty and always keeping it clean

As mentioned earlier, keyboard cleaning is very important for the health of your computer , since from it almost all system functions will be carried out There are also different ways we can do to prevent the computer keyboard from getting dirty .

That is why here we are going to teach you some tips that will help you always keep clean this piece of your PC and in the same way increase its performance and useful life:

Avoid eating food or drinking drinks in front of the PC < / span>

One of the most common errors in users when using their computers is that they usually consume food or drink beverages in front of the equipment while they work or do any other work. However, this can become a problem since it may drop residue from it on the keyboard and which are very difficult to remove. On the other hand, a spill of liquid in this piece could cause definitive damage.

Keep your hands clean when using the computer

If you want to keep this piece clean all the time , it is important that every time you use it you wash your hands very well, this will prevent from handling the keyboard with < b> dirty hands or fill the grease keys .

Do not rest your hands on the keyboard

One of the most common mistakes in people is that they constantly rest their hands on the keyboard when they are not using it. But this will simply cause you to < strong> deteriorates much more fast , since writing the peripheral contact will be less and less effective.

Protect the keyboard when not in use

One of the best methods for the care of this piece is when we are not using it, taking into account that in the air there are always many dirt particles which can rest there. For this, it is recommended to use a keyboard protector with which we can cover it every time we do not use it.