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How to clear cache of iPhone phone to free up space and optimize its performance? Step by step guide

How to clear cache of iPhone phone to free up space and optimize its performance? Step by step guide

While it is true, iOS users prefer this operating system because it is responsible for keeping their devices optimized , both iPhone and iPad. This, with the purpose of guaranteeing all its clients a truly fluid experience.

However, the constant accumulation of files, applications and websites can cause these devices to slow down and beyond that, they could present certain failures by having a lot of informational load. Like, for example, that applications are blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the iPhone cache in order to speed up all processes .

In this sense, in order to keep your smartphone completely clean, optimized and with enough memory, you need to detail the steps to be done to clear the phone’s cache regularly and then you will know more about this throughout the post.

What are the benefits of removing virtual memory from your iPhone ?

Before detailing the main advantages of deleting the virtual memory of an iPhone, it is valuable to know what this memory is about. Then, the cache also known as virtual memory refers to the quick access memory of a certain processor .

In this sense, the cache is responsible for saving the recent data of the processors, temporarily; in order for users to quickly retrieve that information. Therefore, has to do completely with the performance shown by a given team . In this case, the iPhone.

Now then the most relevant benefits when it comes to clearing the cache of an iOS smartphone:

  • Periodic cleaning of the cache has the ability to improve iPhone performance . Therefore, it is important to manage them perfectly and even more, if it is a device with years before.
  • Allows streamline all applications installed in the cell phone , thus shortening processing times. So, each of them will show a better execution and will not be closed or blocked suddenly.
  • Eliminate unnecessary data referring to files or processes that you will not need again. With which, you can free up more storage space .

It should be noted that, this maintenance work on an iOS device must be carried out with some periodicity and, even so, it is essential that it is not exaggerated. Since, very surely, you can prevent the virtual memory of the device does not fulfill its mission and all processes on the computer are affected and / or take longer.

What applications save data in the cache of your iPhone device or iPad with iOS?

Qué aplicaciones guardan datos en la caché de tu dispositivo iPhone o iPad con iOS

In general, iOS classifies the content types of a device as follows:

  • Audios.
  • Videos.
  • Fotos.
  • Applications.
  • Books.
  • Documents and data.
  • Other.

In the case of what you classify as “Other” , you can find the Mobile Settings application, Siri voices, system data and also files saved in iPhone cache .

In this sense, what is stored in the virtual memory of the phone basically refers to photos, contacts, videos and music . In other words, these elements, instead of being stored in the Audio, Videos or Photos, are automatically stored in the cache.

Thus, it is necessary to know that cached files are created when users view or play streaming content from their iOS mobile ; be it music, video clips or images. Which, it does so that you can re-enter them quickly at another time.

Steps to remove virtual memory from your iPhone and get rid of your iPhone temporary files

As we indicated at the beginning of the post, iOS is an operating system clearly designed to keep optimized the devices of its users. That is, it exhibits the ability to manage memory efficiently without requiring any maintenance.

However, it is good to help you in these processes and because of that, it is recommended to clean the virtual memory and get rid of the temporary files of the terminal . So, below, we indicate the main steps to follow to perform it properly:

Delete application data

One of the most relevant processes when optimizing the performance of a mobile in order to clear its cache, is deleting the data saved by the apps installed in it . Since, in general, these leave incredible amounts of junk data on the iPhone that needs to be cleaned.

So, in order to remove this unnecessary information from apps, you have to specify the following procedure:

  • Initially, go to the iPhone Settings and go to the section GeneralGenerally< .
  • Then, you have to click on “iPhone storage” and at the bottom of the screen, they will show you all the apps that the phone has installed. Which are organized by the amount of storage space they occupy.

Elimina los datos de las aplicaciones

  • Next, you must click on each specific app to view the space it occupies and its usage data. From there, you have to clear the cache.

However, it is not possible to clean the virtual memory of all applications in the previous way . Consequently, it will be necessary to carry out a similar process within these apps. For example, in the case of Twitter on an iPhone to clear the cache you have to do this:

  • Enter the Twitter app and press the gear icon.
  • After that, go to “Settings and privacy” .
  • Depuse, press “Data usage” and with that, a menu will open in which you will have to press the “Storage” selection.
  • Now, they show you two more options to choose which data you want to delete. Which are “Web Storage” and “Multimedia storage” .

For its part, it should also be noted that when the data of a particular application occupy a space larger than 500 MB , it is advisable to delete the app in order to clean the cache correctly. To subsequently install it again from the Apple Store. Taking into account that, in the case of a payment application, you will have to pay it again .

Clear the Safari browser cache

Borra la cache del navegador Safari

While it is true, the default iOS browser is Safari and by removing virtual memory from it, it will be possible to free up a large amount of memory on an iPhone , apart from improve performance of it . Keeping in mind that if you had your Instagram, Facebook, Amazon or any website session started, you will have to log in again after clearing the cache.

In this way, we indicate the procedure to follow for it, here:

  • On your mobile, go to the Settings menu.
  • After that, look for the “Safari” selection and press on it.
  • Having done the above, you have to swipe the screen down and press “Clear history and data from websites” , to proceed to confirm the action and voila.

Finally, restart the device in question

Once you have completed the procedures detailed above, we recommend restarting your iPhone . Since, in general, customers have a habit of not turning off their devices and because of that, they reduce their performance and affect their useful life.

That is why, to enforce the ability of iOS to manage memory effectively, you have to restart the iPhone from time to time to get the data from the cache and other additional to them, they are cleaned correctly.

List of the best applications to clean the cache and other temporary files of your iOS

Another of the best recommendations to be able to clear the iPhone cache, as well as free up space and maximize its performance by deleting other temporary files, is making use of applications that take care of this, effectively. Next, a total of five of the best active solutions for that, currently :

Clean Master

Clean Master

Available and free in the App Store, it is a powerful app designed to track and delete junk files from the device . Which, presents the ability to analyze the iPhone gallery and delete similar or duplicate photos; being these one of the elements that more cache occupy.

In that sense, it guarantees a remarkable saving of memory and frees up space to make use of new applications and save important files. It also allows cleaning the main directories at the same time, such as multimedia files, garbage, mail, contacts, records and of course, cache. Also is widely used on Mac .

Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner

This is a premium solution available in the App Store that has a monthly price of approximately 2 euros and if you prefer to make a single payment, you will have to cancel around 14 euros for it. Which, is responsible for handle different tasks of complex cleaning .

In this sense, its algorithm is based on the detection of edited photos, photos with portraits or faces, focused photos, etc. To do this, suggest which ones are better and which ones you can eliminate because they are blurred or of poor quality. Additionally, if you want to delete all the photos from your iOS gallery , this app makes it easy for you.

Cleaner Pro

Cleaner Pro

In more than 15 languages, this app available in the App Store is estimated as another of the best options to free up space on the iPhone and optimize its performance to the maximum. Because, you can delete duplicate contacts in seconds and clean your phone book through it.

Likewise, it makes backup copies of contacts with just one touch and allows them to manage their cleaning easily, so it eliminates the least important forever. In addition to this, it offers you the ability to apply smart filters in order to locate the contacts you need from the date of creation, the next birthdays, the name of a certain company, its position, etc. .



Basically, it is an application compatible with iOS 7 and 8 that is responsible for delivering detailed information along with statistics that let you know the status of the iPhone. So, prevents you from having to clean the device continuously .

This, because you can be informed about the capacity of memory, CPU, disk, battery, networks, processes, multimedia and other things. Therefore, it is considered a very complete tool for your iPhone. It should be noted that, is not completely free, but very economical . Since, it simply has a price of approximately 2.5 euros and you can download it directly from the Apple Store.

Mobile Doctor Pro

Mobile Doctor Pro

It is a free iPhone application that is designed to inform you about the status of your mobile phone, in order to react in time before it is too late to try to improve its performance . Therefore, it is considered a perfect optimization tool for iPhone to the extent that it gives you data on disk space, traffic statistics, network scanner, battery life, smartphone privacy, etc.

Among other features, it has an intelligent photo cleaner that helps the device save more storage space. It also contains scanning of QR codes and bar codes, has a noise decibel meter and barometer, has a powerful garbage cleaner , can manage personal data including photographs, videos, audios and notes .