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How to clear the cache of Instagram on iPhone and Android fast and easy? Step by step guide

How to clear the cache of Instagram on iPhone and Android fast and easy? Step by step guide

Instagram has become one of the most commonly used applications on mobile devices, this because it offers a lot of tools that help entertainment . Where you can upload photos, videos, comment, upload states and, in addition, it is used today by a large number of public figures that attract even more attention from most users .

However, one of the drawbacks of this tool is that it is a little heavy, and with the passage of time when we are storing more data in them , you can start to cause slower device operation , as it begins to take up more space .

With this in mind, the best practice in this case is to constantly perform a cache cleaning in the app . This will help you free up some space and at the same time improve IG performance on the device.

What to consider before deleting the Instagram virtual memory in your mobile?

It is important that before executing this cleaning process some aspects that can be lost are taken into account. And that is the same as in computers and web browsers > when the cache is cleared or the history is deleted is terminated losing information or data stored on the computer .

Open sessions are also closed , reminders are removed, as well as quick access to some websites. In the case of Instagram Something very similar happens when this type of action is carried out and which we must take into account. In this way, here we explain what happens when s and removes virtual memory from the app.

All sessions will be closed

One of the consequences of running clearing the cache in IG is that you will close your app session or all sessions if you have several accounts open simultaneously. Keep in mind that if you do not remember the password of some of them it is preferable that you do not perform this action until you have remembered or changed , since the quick access also It will be deleted.

In this way, every time you delete these elements of the app you will have to access your email or user again with the password to be able to log in again in your account.

Storage space will be freed

Despite having some drawbacks like the one mentioned above, this also brings with it some advantages . And every time we clear the cache of the application, we manage to free space in the device’s memory . This will bring some benefits, since we can have a faster smartphone and better performance . In addition, this will greatly influence the operation of the application, being much faster each time we use it.

Steps to clear Instagram cache on Android and iOS easy and fast

Having everything explained above and knowing what are the inconveniences and benefits of executing this procedure , then we can explain what are the steps you need to follow to be able to eliminate the cache and thus free up space on your Android and iOS device .

To do this simply follow the steps that we will teach you below:

On Android

If you are an Android user and have noticed that your mobile device works much slower just like your IG app , then you can try deleting these elements of the app and in that way start freeing more space in the smartphone’s memory.

To do this follow these steps:

  • To start with this procedure we will have to enter the “Settings” of your Android device.
  • Next we go to the “Applications” section .

En Android

  • Here you will see a list of all the apps that you have installed on your smartphone, in this case we look for necessaryInstagram•.

En Android

  • When we have achieved it, click on it and then click on the paragraphStorageª.

En Android

  • Within “Storage” we select the option of “Clear cache”.
  • If you want to delete all the data of the App and in that way free even more space, then we also click on “Delete data”.

En Android

On iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you are an iOS user and want to start deleting these elements from the Instagram application on your device and in that way free up space and have better mobile performance .

You can start this process as follows:

  • To start, go to the “Settings” of your device.
  • Then select the “General” tab.

En iOS (iPhone e iPad)

  • The following will be to enter the “iPhone storage”.

En iOS (iPhone e iPad)

  • Here you will see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. In this case we search and select accounInstagram•.

En iOS (iPhone e iPad)

  • When you enter the application you will notice that unlike the Android operating system here the option to delete cache will not appear. On the contrary, we find “Uninstall application”. In this case we must remove it.

En iOS (iPhone e iPad)

  • When it has been uninstalled from the computer , the following will be to go back to the App Store and install it again . This will allow you to install it without any elements stored in it.
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