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How to compress a video to send by Whatsapp Messenger? Step by step guide

How to compress a video to send by Whatsapp Messenger? Step by step guide

Sharing a video on Whatsapp can be a very useful way to streamline many things. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video can be worth. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to transmit information, in addition to being more entertaining for those who consume it . That is why this format is a powerful tool used to sell, convince or inform.

Whatsapp is one of the networks where videos have greater engagement, so you can say that together they are the perfect combination . The only problem is that content in this format is usually extremely heavy, so sending it through this platform usually takes longer than the account. Fortunately, there are several programs that can help you solve it.

In this article we will show you how to compress a video to send by Whatsapp Messenger . You will learn everything you need to know about the subject so you can make the audiovisual material you want to share with your contacts, friends or family lighter.

Steps to compress and send long videos through Whatsapp

There are thousands of compressors, some better than others, some free and others that are paid. We will start showing you 3 programs and applications ideal for compressing a video for Whatsapp . We will show you a method for Android, IOS and for PC, so that you can choose the program or application that best suits you. And most importantly, these compressors will be totally free . So we start.

Use Video Compressor for Android

Android is possibly the operating system where you will find more applications to perform this task. In this case we will show you how to use one of them, called « Video Compressor «. This App can be found quickly in your Play Store totally free.

It is ideal if you want to make a video compression to the MP4 file , and it includes extra functions that will allow you to shorten the audiovisual or extract the MP3 audio . In addition to this, you can also choose the quality of the material after being compressed.

Now, let’s show you how to compress your videos from your Android device:

  • First we open the application Video compressor .
  • Now you must select the content you want to compress. To do this you must look for the option “ Select from the folder ”.
  • The folders of your mobile will open and the files with the weight of each file will appear. Select the file to compress .


  • A section with several options will open to you:
    • Compress
    • cut and compress
    • Fast forward
    • MP3 extract
    • Play
    • Share
    • Delete
  • Select « Compress video ».

compresor de video comprimir vídeo

  • Then you will open a section with the different qualities you have to compress it. You choose the one that is suitable to pass it uncut to WhatsApp .
  • After this it takes you to the custom section. Here you can adjust the resolution and bit rate. Now you just have to click on “ Compress video ” and wait for this process to take place.


For iPhone / iOS phones

On iOS you have the option to download another application called « Bulk Video Compressor» that works in a similar way to the one we have taught on Android.

This is the first free application of this style for iOS operating system since all had previously been paid . You easily get it in the App Store with the following logo, you will locate it for its good ratings. With this you are saving thousands of Megabytes to your iPhone, in addition it is optimized for iPhone 6 and higher versions.

In addition to that it has separate settings for the coding of the film and audio, and despite being in English, it is the easiest to use of all. And as we told you at the beginning this is totally free.

  • Open the application from our iPhone or download it previously from the APP Store.
  • We locate the section of: « Selection» .

Seleccion en bulk video compresor

  • After this, we select the + sign to add a movie or short.
  • We locate and select the multimedia content.
  • audiovisual will be processed, you just have to wait a few seconds .

procesando en bulk video compresor

  • Then you will see the section « Filter by date interval » which means filtering by date range.
  • You give the option « Show All » (Show All).

Show All en bulk video compresor

  • Following this, the following will appear on your screen: « Video Quality » and « Audio Quality «. Which are to adjust the quality and sound respectively.

seleccionar calidad y comprimir en bulk video compresor

  • You select Low, Medium or High as you see fit and according to your preferences.
  • And you’re ready to compress it with the best possible quality.

On computers and PCs

One option for computers is Prism Video Converter , which converts your videos and DVD movies to different smaller formats so you can play it on your mobile phone or even your favorite game console.

These will not lose the quality of both the image and the audio when compressed, which you can do in a few minutes. It also gives you a preview so you can evaluate how the final product will look and see if it is to your liking. To convert your files to the format you want you must follow the following steps:

  • We start by adding files to the file list window.
  • Then press the Files or Folder buttons.
  • You proceed to add files to the list of those you want to compress.

agregar archivo para comprimir en Windows

  • You can also drag the file from the folder.
  • You choose the video or audio format you want from mp4, Avi, Mpg, 3gp and apng .

configuración de vídeo

  • You proceed to click on « Convert «, you expect it to load and go.

iniciar conversion o compresion

List of tools and compressors of Video for videos of «Wasat»

We have already seen 3 excellent methods, from the PC, from your iPhone and from your Android device. But there are also other alternatives for not wanting to use any program or application . There are also online options and tools to compress them. Let’s see only the best !.



It’s a platform that multimedia content creators will love , since they have several interesting services on their platform. You can find it under the domain of: and in its products section we will find a free video compressor of excellent quality . A professional and high quality service that has left its 3.5 million users happy … Tell me, what more can you ask for from a website?



This page is found as follows: . You can use this website directly from your iOS device or your Android. Video Smaller is a totally free service in which you can reduce the size of a file, compressing it without losing the quality of your favorites. The only detail is that it cannot weigh more than 500 Mb . But despite that it is an excellent service that offers you.

Files 2 zip


File 2 Zip is easy to find, you can locate it as follows, you just have to type: Compress and decompress ZIP files a > online without registration, without charges and in several languages. In addition to the compressor you can also make collages and no matter how heavy the content you want to compress is. It is certainly an option that we recommend.

Online Video Convert

video online converter

The domain of this great and complete website is: and is one of the best in the list. It is true that you should always choose quality rather than quantity, because Video Online Convert offers you quality and quantity. This section allows you to reduce the size of audiovisual content, change the format of audios, images, books and any document.

Also, at the end of the web you are quoted as follows: If you can’t find the conversion you need, let us know and write us an email. We can probably help you . ” Without a doubt, it is a website that you cannot miss and that you should write down your list of favorite websites.


This is one of the most popular online converters in the entire network. It is a very useful platform if you work with multimedia content because it not only allows you to compress them , but also change the format. You simply have to enter its website, select the document you want to process and select some details regarding the result you expect. The speed at which all this occurs is one of the strengths of this website.

Cloud Converter

Cloud Converter

Another very versatile tool that will allow you to reduce video clips in the same way as the previous tool. Simply select the file, indicate the quality in which you want it to be compressed and wait for everything to happen automatically .

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