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How to compress and decompress files in RAR and ZIP formats? Step by step guide

How to compress and decompress files in RAR and ZIP formats? Step by step guide

Has it happened to you that you have several files that you want to share but it takes a long time to send them all? Did you get a weird file in the form of a folder and a closure or a multi-colored book and you don’t know what it is? So let us tell you that RAR and ZIP are the most famous file compression formats that exist today .

Files that are compressed are very practical. These will take up less storage space on your computer. In addition, are much easier to transfer, either via email, link, portable device or any other way of data transfer . Both allow you to combine several documents into one, regardless of their content. Thanks to them you can save a lot of time, since you can move several files, as if they were one.

Compressing files will definitely make your life much easier. That is why in this article we will teach you how to perform a compression and decompression of documents in Zip and Rar formats. You will learn virtually everything you need to know from this pair of formats that will enhance your digital user experience .

What are the Rar and Zip formats?

Both are very similar, but retain slight differences. The truth is that this is the format adopted by documents compressed with WinRAR or WinZIP, two programs specially designed for this task.

  • The RAR has a wealth of data . It is easy to identify because its symbol is 3 colored books: Blue, green and purple intertwined from each other. You can also distinguish it by the extension .rar adopted by all documents compressed with the WinRAR software.
  • The ZIP for its part is the longest of the two . For this reason many people prefer it over their brother Rar. Its icon is shaped like a kind of yellow folder with a zipper. Hence comes its name “zip” in English means: Zip. This same comes in the following presentations: Winzip, 7zip and a plugin that includes the same operating system.

In addition to these, there are other not-so-known formats such as : TAR, GZIP, CAB and BZIP2. Although they are not as popular in the same way it is worth mentioning so that you know them. Now that you are already an expert in this subject. It is time to go into practice. Which we show you below.

Steps to compress and decompress all types of documents in Zip and RAR formats

It’s time for you to learn what this is all about. We show you below how to compress and decompress files in ZIP format and RAR step by step so that you learn to do it yourself in the easiest way possible.


Compressing files with WinRAR is simple, just follow these steps:

Download WinRAR free latest version for Windows

  • Locate the file or folder you want to compress in Winrar.
  • Later on the same click using right click.
  • Several texts will open in a list.
  • Select the part that says: Add to “ archive.rar ”.
  • You proceed to wait and the 3 books icon appears.

Comprimir con winrar añadir al archivo.rar

Did you learn? As you will see, it is extremely easy to perform the above process but what if you want to decompress a file that was sent to you or downloaded on the internet? The process is just as simple, you just have to follow the following steps carefully.

  • Proceed to find and locate the Winrar file.
  • We select it with the right mouse click.
  • After that you go up and locate the option « Extract Here «.
  • With the click you select it and wait for your files to be extracted.

descomprimir con rar


The process to compress documents in ZIP is not very different from doing it in RAR. What you should do is install the program on your computer and follow the steps that we explain below:

Download WinZip free latest version for Windows

  • You proceed to locate the file or folder that contains all the content to be compressed.
  • Then click on the right click of your mouse or mouse.
  • Proceed to locate the section that says: « Send to» .
  • A text box will be displayed.
  • In that text box the option: Zip compressed folder .
  • Finally click with the left click and wait for your Zip folder to be converted.

comprimir con Zip

Ok, now we’re going to show you how to unzip the files you receive or download in this format. To do this you simply do the following:

  • You locate the document you want to extract.
  • You right click on it.
  • Once this is done, a text box will be displayed.
  • You are looking for the last option that says: Extract everything and go.

descomprimir con zip

Advantages of compressing a file in Rar or Zip Format

Regardless of what your preferences are or what format you use. You should know that both Zip and Rar files will bring you a number of benefits that you should know. And which we show you below.

  • You will save space : Compressions allow you to save a lot of storage space on your computer. This in the long run is very beneficial if you have many files. You can compress them all and you will see how you will save memory considerably.
  • Help to maintain your equipment : Your equipment is already part of your life. Therefore you must take care of it, so when it comes to maintenance and make a copy or backup of your files. We recommend compressing them to optimize or improve the maintenance of your equipment.
  • Keep your documents organized : Sometimes it is uncomfortable to be working and not find the right document or not find the right document. File you are looking for. Zip and Rar compressions allow you to have your desk and folders in order.
  • Save time : Having everything organized will make it easier for you to find what will be reflected in the few hours you will spend in front of the computer. Added to that, having more memory available, this will be faster. This will allow you to execute commands and programs quickly and effectively. The sum of all this will make your work faster.
  • Streamlines transmissions : the less heavy the documents, the easier it will be to send them. This is possibly the second biggest advantage of compressing files. You can upload to the web, send by email or insert any document in a USB memory much faster.

What differences exist between a file in RAR format and another in Zip? Which is better?

Cual es mejor winrar o winzip

The latter lends itself to much controversy, since there is always the discussion of which is the best, which is the most used or which gives you the most benefits. All this can overwhelm you to a greater or lesser extent and although both Zip and Rar on a virtual level are almost the same, they share certain differences that we find prudent to show you so that you take them into account .

The first would be compatibility. As we mentioned earlier, Zip is older and therefore, there are more files to decompress in Zip than in Rar. This can lead to certain problems when you extract them, due to compatibility issues .

This in case you don’t have an updated WinRAR , because the Rar depends on third parties. Windows XP, MacOS X or Linux have a program already installed to open ZIP files. As far as we can say, as regards the compatibility of one or the other, the latter has an advantage over RAR.

The size of the compression is also another important point to consider. Rar’s compressions are usually less heavy than Zip’s , so we’ll give you the advantage in this round as it saves you even more space on your computer. Despite this, the difference is not abysmal and will not take away all your memory using one or the other.

Now we have to finish with the question: Which of the 2 is the best to compress? ZIP or RAR?

Estadisticas porcentaje compresion archivos

Well, we can only tell you that we leave this to your discretion since your needs are only understood by you and therefore you will know which one best suits you. We say this because both are very similar and do not represent a great advantage or disadvantage of each other. Based on the above mentioned in the previous point, both are very good and have very good characteristics.

Now you know everything you need to know about both formats. Regardless of which one you choose, the information we have given you here will help you to compress or decompress documents in either of them in an extremely easy way.

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