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How to configure CCleaner in Windows or Mac in an advanced way? Step by step guide

How to configure CCleaner in Windows or Mac in an advanced way? Step by step guide

Although it is true, at present, computers are the most used equipment to carry out activities of any kind, regardless of whether it is managed for personal, commercial or business use. Therefore, it is important to keep them optimized at all times .

In this sense, it is considered essential to use tools that allow and facilitate the realization of maintenance processes , both cleaning and preventive. Either for the hard drive of the computer or for the operating system in general. With which, you can get better performance from the team .

That is why, it is essential to talk about CCleaner ; a free license software created by Piriforms in order to optimize any computer that operates under Windows or Mac. Next, you know its main features and functions , as well as other important aspects .

What is CCleaner for? Main functions and features

¿Para qué sirve CCleaner? Principales funciones y características

As we have indicated, CCleaner refers to a program that is used at the time of requiring an improvement in the performance of the operating system with which your PC works and is also used to optimize the speed with which the programs hosted by the equipment are executed. This is achieved by cleaning or deleting temporary files, log files and cookies.

Thus, it can be affirmed that, CCleaner serves to optimize all the tasks carried out on any computer and in this way, it is estimated as the best “optimizer” or “ temporary cleaner ”that exists in the market today. In reference to its main functions, below, we will let you know:


It is one of the most important functions of this program. Since, mainly, it is used to delete temporary files, empty the trash, delete the cache of browsers and the operating system, with just one click. This way, quickly free up space on your hard drive .


Based on this function, the software allows you to repair and optimize the registry . Which, it does by removing the program keys that you have already uninstalled and of course, are not necessary.


Among other functions of interest that CCleaner provides, we find some tools that are valuable to consider to give the best use to this program, which are:

  • Uninstall programs : It is a function with which you can repair, rename, delete or uninstall all the programs that the computer has.
  • Start : By using this option, you can disable startup programs to accelerate the startup of the operating system (Windows or Mac). Like, clean bars and browser add-ons, customize the right-click menu and enable or disable all tasks once scheduled.
  • System restore : In order to To repair errors in your system, you can use this function to return the device to an earlier date.
  • Delete unit : It is used in order to make a secure erase of up to 35 passes on your computer or removable drives.
  • Duplicate Finder : Function used to locate duplicate files on the PC or removable drives, quickly.

In this sense, we can specify the most relevant features of CCleaner, which are based on:

  • It is a program that has the ability to make your computer completely stable , through simple steps.
  • Throw fewer errors > on any computer operating under Windows or Mac.
  • Secure your browsing in full.
  • Disable programs that They take up unnecessary space on your computer.
  • Update your virus base constantly so you don’t take risks.

Why is it important to keep your computer clean? Benefits of using CCleaner

¿Por qué es importante mantener tu ordenador limpio? Beneficios de utilizar CCleaner

In view of the excellent features and features that this program has, fortunately has several benefits when using it . Taking into account that, it is always necessary to keep your computer clean in order to protect it from any danger and, best of all, accelerate its operation to obtain rapid responses during any activity and that is where its great importance lies.

In this way, we highlight the best benefits of using CCleaner on any device, below:

  • It manages to clean the hard disk of unnecessary files and obsolete entries in the registry , in order to guarantee the best performance of the computer (regardless of its capacity).
  • It has the ability to repair entries that are wrong .
  • It allows you to make a quick and thorough analysis to locate invalid entries and if necessary, it allows you to eliminate them. In addition, it gives you the option to make a backup copy of this registry, in case you want to restore it later.
  • It has the ability to uninstall softwares with just one click , can slow down the computer.
  • It has options to configure the programs you want to run at startup , so that they run directly without any breakdown.

In short, it is worth noting that, CCleaner is an essential tool when you want to effectively maintain your computer . Bearing in mind that, for greater advantage, this program executes these tasks automatically and periodically, so it will always keep your PC optimized. This being completely essential to ensure efficient operation guaranteed from the required cleaning of the equipment you handle .

Steps to configure CCleaner in an advanced way in Windows or Mac

While it is true, accessing the advanced configuration of the majestic CCleaner is quite simple. Since, within the software, just look for the “ Options ” icon on the left hand side and click on it, then click on the Advanced ”and from there, make the settings you want.

In this sense, it is essential to know what each of these aspects is to be configured to be able to get the best experience with the program .

Pasos para configurar CCleaner de manera avanzada en Windows o Mac

That is why, then, we indicate what you get from these parameters so that, through this, you can make the desired changes easily:

Just delete the temporary Windows folders and files with more than 24 hours

It is the first option in the list, which is selected by default. Basically, this configuration has the function of to prevent the program from deleting the temporary files that, at present, may be in use. Therefore, we recommend leaving the selection checked.

Hide alert messages

If you want to run the program in silent or batch mode , this option is extremely useful. Therefore, you can mark or unmark it, depending on your requirement.

Close the program after cleaning

As the same option indicates, it has to do with the preference of automatically closing the program after cleaning . Thus, a very appropriate selection of marking when you want to run CCleaner in silent or batch mode (as in the aforementioned option). Therefore, the command line parameters also come into play here when the program is installed.

In this regard, it is worth noting that there are three parameters that you can use when install the new version of CCleaner and also use them in batch files for the purpose to automate facilities .

These parameters are:

  • exe / S : It is responsible for silently installing the software with the default options.
  • exe / D = : By using this parameter CCleaner is installed in a folder other than the default . Therefore, in “” you must specify the folder where you want CCleaner to be. For example, “ Directory ”.
  • exe / L = : If you choose to use this parameter, CCleaner will be installed with a language file identified by the regional configuration ID.

Warns to make a backup copy of the changes of the Registration

By checking this option, the program will always ask you for permission to make a backup copy of the Registry , in a .REG file. Of course, before the same software runs. Thus, it is necessary to note that it is selected by default and we advise you to leave it in such a way.

Minimize to the system tray

It is not selected by default, but you can configure it to your liking, especially if you want to run the software in silent or batch mode . So, it’s not a primary option.

Save all settings to an INI file span >

In general, CCleaner settings are saved in the Registry. However, if you use this option, these settings will be stored in the file “ ccleaner.ini ” that belongs to the CCleaner program directory. Thus, it is a very effective alternative to copy the software configuration to a new computer by simply copying that file .

In addition to this, this option allows your desktop CCleaner installation to now be a portable installation. Therefore, you can copy the contents of the program directory to a USB drive and thus, use it on any other computer whenever you want .

Skip to do list

If you check this option in the advanced settings, you can use the functions of this program when your window is minimized in the computer’s taskbar .

Finally, here we show you the advanced configuration window of CCleaner, so that you can become more familiar with it and observe how easy it is to make use of this useful menu : p>Pasos para configurar CCleaner de manera avanzada en Windows o Mac

Main problems and solutions after configuring CCleaner h2 >

Once you put CCleaner to your liking, the same program can throw up certain common problems and, in view of that, it is essential to know what its solutions are . Therefore, in this section, we indicate what are the main problems along with their arrangements:

Installation problems

Problemas de instalación

Although it is not a fault that occurs after configuration, it is essential to know a solution to the installation problems, since this process is key to using CCleaner. On many occasions, the program installer shows an error opening the file ; This is a message that is observed on the initial screen when you are trying to install CCleaner without having logged in as an administrator.

For this, there are several solutions that are completely simple and based on:

You try to restore a registry backup in Windows XP , but this fails

This mainly occurs when Windows can no longer recognize .REG files as belonging to the Windows Registry, that is, throws a file association error .

To solve this problem, do the following:

  • First of all, download the following REG file from here .
  • Now, proceed to unzip the previous file on your Windows computer and enter the Start menu, then click on “ Run ”.
  • Once you enter the dialog box of the option “ Execute ”, you must enter the following command: “ regedit ” and click on “ Accept ”.
  • With the above, you will access the Registry Editor and there, you must click on“ File ”.
  • Now, click on “ Import ” and go to the desktop.
  • At this point, select the log file you unzipped at the beginning of the process and click on “ Open strong>. ” It’s all.

The program closes after finishing the cleaning process

El programa se cierra después de finalizar el proceso de limpieza

Many users ensure that CCleaner closes automatically at the end of this process , even if they have not chosen that option. Thus, it is valuable to note that you can select to have the program close or remain available once the cleaning process is finished, according to your requirements.

In this regard, you can perform the following quick and simple procedure to solve the problem in question:

Errors continue to appear in the list of problems in scans later

This is another of the most common problems that arise after running CCleaner. Which may be a result of errors regarding the registration permissions of the Windows operating system .

To solve this, it is best to use the utility “ regedit.exe ” of Windows and from there, modify these permissions. However, this is only allowed for advanced users .

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