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How to configure my Skype account from 0 to 100 to have my complete profile? Step by step guide

How you show yourself on Skype and the actions you can activate It is very important so that you can get the best out of this application that communicates with everyone. And is that this it is an invaluable tool when it comes to being closer to friends, family and co-workers.

Therefore, in this post we will show you some of the many options that it presents Skype to its users to improve interaction with other Internet users and that allows you to be more productive in your activities, taking advantage of the many benefits it offers.

We have selected the most important service options communication so you can configure and complete your profile, or even improve your online presence. Go ahead and get to know them.

Learn step by step how to configure your Skype account from scratch to complete your profile to the fullest

In this post we will teach you how to have an account with a profile to the maximum in SkypeWhether you are a regular or new user, keep in mind that it is a platform that is available to everyone because it is a free tool. Thus you must optimize your account and protect it. So we have chosen some of the settings that Skype brings so that you enable or disable them, depending on your case. The truth is that you can have total control of the information you receive and expose to the public.

So read carefully:

Change or reset password

It usually happens that we have accounts in several applications and they all have different passwords, so now what do you need to use Skype completely forgot the password. If this is your problem or perhaps you think you should change your password for security reasons, then you can do it from their website. You just have to enter your Microsoft account, phone number, or if you prefer your Skype username, you have these three options.

Update profile or image

To be able to change the image and have all your contacts see every time you connect, you must go to the Skype settings:

  • From the chat menu click on your username.
  • Click on the circle of the camera or pencil to open the “Gallery”. It should be noted that the option “Take photo”, It is only available for Smartphone.

change skype profile picture

  • The photo or image will be saved after you have verified it.

Manage notifications

You can manage Skype notifications depending on which one you choose to activate or not.

You do this like this:

  • Go to your profile image, there locate the icon of “Setting”.
  • Press “Notifications”, to see Every options of notifications that allows Skype, deactivate or activate the ones you prefer.

skype notifications

  • “Chat notifications”, If you deactivate it, it will be muted only for chat.
  • “The contact becomes an online notification”, Activate the notification to know when a friend connects.
  • “Reactions”, It will notify you when your friends react to your messages.
  • “Notification sounds”, you will know when new messages arrive.
  • “Tips and tricks”, You will receive notifications about news from Skype.
  • “Notifications of scheduled calls”, You will receive notifications of the scheduled calls that you have pending.
  • “Survey notifications”, You will receive notices about Skype surveys.
  • “Do not bother”, it will help you to silence chats and calls.
  • “Email notifications”, This option alerts you if you have missed chats and calls in the last 72 hours.

Change connection status

Through the connection states, Your friends will know if you are available or how long ago you were online.

Find out what they are and how you can change them below:

  • Locate yourself in “Chats” and tap your profile name.
  • Tap the current presence status; you have to choose: “Active” mode: your friends will see you in green and will know that you are available.

 Skype connection status

  • “Away” mode, Your contacts will see a small yellow clock on your profile, which will indicate that you are not available. Although this also activates automatically when you are inactive for more than an hour.
  • “Do not disturb” mode let your friends know that you are busy.
  • Invisible mode it is like a state of incognito or hidden. However, your contacts will be able to know the last time you were connected in “Do not disturb” or “Active”.

Change or create your personal message

In your Skype profile you can add a text, which will appear as a personal message.

We advise you to use this space to add relevant content:

  • Click your name of profile.
  • Go to option “Share what you are doing.”

skype custom status.

  • Here you can update your message with emoticons, choose a default one, or create your own. To personalize your profile it is better that you write your own text.
  • To save your personal message, click on “Ready”.


For access your Skype profile the form asks you to enter either your email address, phone number or username. The latter is the one you created the first time to log into Skype and it is related to your Microsoft account. You have to know that you can’t change it but you do edit the display name in your profile, so it is important that you remember it because with it you can enter your account.

So save this and the other personal data:

  • Go to your de “Skype Profile”.
  • In this section you will find your data such as: “Display name”, “User name” and “Email” linked.

skype profile

We teach you step by step how to configure the privacy and security of your Skype account to protect your data

Through the configuration options that you establish Skype for your users We can choose what information or data we make public to protect our privacy.

It is understandable that you want to control what other people can see about you, that is why we are going to explain it to you here:

Private profile picture or photo

If you do not want everyone who belongs to this network to see your photo, it is best to remove the visibility of those people, this can be done in the following way:

  • Go to your profile name and click on “Setting”.
  • Make the choice in “Account and Profile” and “Profile picture”.
  • Finally choose “Only contacts” so only your friends can see your photo.

show skype profile photo to contacts

Delete unwanted contacts

For now you cannot delete multiple people at the same time on computers with iOS and Android systems, so you must do it individually until you have eliminated as many as you want. Keep in mind that the elimination of these, even if they are as a contact in the notebook of your device, they will not be deleted from it but only from the application.

Let’s see:

  • Go to your profile and in “Setting” choose “Contacts”.
  • In “Privacy” some options will be displayed and in the last option click on “See list”.

block unwanted skype contacts

  • Choose the person you want to delete and press “Delete contact”.

Hide phone number

Remember that you have the control what is seen and what is not in your profile.

Although there is information that is public by default, there are others that you can hide, such as the telephone number:

  • Situate in Skype “Manage features” in the menu “Calls”.
  • Then click on “Caller ID”.

hide caller id skype.

  • Later you will have to press the option that says “To disable”.

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