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How to configure the Windows 10 WiFi options to browse faster on your PC? Step by step guide

The WiFi options will help you navigate faster on your computer, so you will save time when you are working, you will have less interruptions or cuts every time you watch videos or want make an IP call.

For this it is necessary that you know the step by step that will help you configure the different alternatives that you have available in the operating system. You will find this information in the following paragraphs.

But this is not all, too You will know the best tips to have a WiFi connection in Windows 10 and surf the Internet without problem. Pay attention to all the details.

Learn step by step how to configure the WiFi options of Windows 10

Windows 10 offers the possibility to choose different options to have a better configuration in the WiFi signal. In this way you will be able to choose not only the optimal frequency, but also decide if other devices can see your connected computer or control mobile data usage in case of using this type of services.

The steps that you must do to configure the options on your Windows 10 computer are the following:

Connect your device to the WiFi network

The first thing you will have to do is choose the network to which you want to connect. To do this, go to the bottom right of the screen and select the tool Net. You will find it with wifi icon or with a symbol of vertical lines. Once you click on it, a new window will appear in which you will have to select the function Connect. This will make you have to choose the name of the WiFi network and then write the security key to access the network.

Enter the router’s configuration panel

In this step you will have to open the browser you have installed on your computer and write an address in the URL bar This will allow you access router settings, for this you must enter the name of the WiFi network and then a access password given to you by the Internet provider. The steps that follow will depend on the brand of the router, but generally you will have to access the tab Wifi (or a similar name) to modify the most important options.

Modify the SSID and password

What you will have to do now is customize the username and the default password provided by the router manufacturer. For this you will have to enter the field SSID and then modify the password. Once you have finished with this step, it will be important that you change the connection protocol to have more security when browsing. You will do this by modifying the type of access and taking it to the option WPA2.

Customize the connection

Customize the connection

In Windows 10 you can choose a WiFi network and connect automatically when it is within range of your computer.

To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • Go to the button from Windows startup and then select Setting.
  • Choose the option Network and Internet. Then click State and then choose the tool Center network and sharing.
  • Click on the name of the network in which you are connected.
  • Active the option Automatically connect when in range.

Go to Manually connect to a network. In this section you will find a window with the legend Enter the information for the wireless network you want to add, in which you must complete the name of the network, the security type (WPA2), the encryption type (AES) and write the security key.

Next, you must check the box to Start this connection automatically. When you are done you will have to click on Next and choose the tool Change connection settings. This will take you to be able to choose the network authentication method, so you will have to look for the field that has this name and then display the menu to choose the option Microsoft: EAP-TTLS. After this you must click on Advanced settings.

In the window TTSL you will have to activate the field Enable identity privacy and then in Trusted certification bodies select option DigiCert Assured ID Root CA. If you cannot find this function, you can download it from Inside section Client authentication check the box Select a method other than EAP for authentication and then choose the option Password not encrypted (PAP).

Share files and printers

If the WiFi network to which you connect is of your confidence you will be able to share documents and printers. You can do this by entering the Center network and sharing (as we explained in the previous step), then you will have to choose the field Network profile and check the box Private. If you prefer, you can also enable the option Set as metered connection. This will allow you to enter a mobile data limit if you use this type of connection and not fiber optic or ADSL.

Configure the IP

This will help you vary SSID name, protocol (which is usually 802.11n), the type of frequency and of security.

To modify these parameters you will have to enter the Network and Sharing Center and continue with this guide:

  • Select the network name to which you are connected.
  • Head to Properties.
  • Search field IP configuration and click Edit.
  • Then, enable the option IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Write the IP address, the length of the subnet prefix, the gateway, the Preferred DNS and the Alternative DNS.
  • When you finish click on save.

Tips to have a faster WiFi connection in Windows 10 and surf the Internet without problem

Tips to have a faster WiFi connection in Windows 10 and surf the Internet without problem

Once you have configured the WiFi options you must take into account other aspects so that you can navigate faster on the Internet.

We will show you below the best tips to have a really fast connection:

Place the router in a strategic place

Many people they do not take into account that the WiFi signal suffers interruptions or loses intensity when they meet elements that can generate interference. Due to this, it is advisable to place the router in a place away from objects and walls and that it is located in a space as close as possible to your computer.

Modify the access key frequently

You should not forget that if a neighbor has been able to decrypt your password or you have accidentally shared your password, every time you connect your browsing speed will decrease on your computer.

This is because the WiFi frequency is divided into channels and the more people pass through them, the easier it is to collapse them, so the Internet signal will have more latency (that is, it will be slower to react to user instructions). The best thing you can do is change the passkey frequently to prevent someone from being able to access your WiFi network without proper authorization.

Navigate in high frequencies

As we explained in the previous point, the wireless Internet connection is made through channels. The number of these channels varies according to the frequency that the router broadcasts. This means that the greater the number of channels the browsing speed will be better. To get this benefit, you will have to choose a router that transmits in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The The difference between the two frequencies is the range they have (the first being much higher) and the number of channels (13 against 22 of the second option, so the last one offers better speed). By this we mean that when you configure your router you will find two types of frequency, if your computer reaches both signals. If this is the case, you should always choose the 5 GHz to navigate much faster.

Use programs that block ads

When you browse the Internet it is common to find banner ads pop up in new windows. This consumes megabytes, slowing down the browsing speed. The solution for this is to download an AdBlocker extension in your trusted browser and in this way block all advertisements automatically.

Close windows that you don’t use

A common mistake of users is having windows or tabs of websites that they do not use open. This also generates an excessive consumption of megabytes which prevents improving the browsing speed. This tip can also be used for programs that run in the background and they need the Internet for their operation, so it is convenient to close all kinds of processes and software that are carried out silently.