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How to configure WhatsApp Business to make the most of this version of Wasap? Step by step guide

Each of the advantages and functionalities it has WhatsApp Business take better advantage if you have all settings the right way. And it goes without saying that at the present time, using the application as part of the sales, promotions and customer service strategy is very beneficial.

The commercial version has several advantages over the personal one, being a powerful tool for business communication internally and especially with clients, who will feel happy and at ease with the attention they will receive.

Our intention is teach you how to configure WhatsApp Business as an expert, from step one to the last, with all the details that you must take into account so that your profile is in optimal condition and move ahead of the competition improving the image of your business.

Learn step by step how to configure your WhatsApp Business account from scratch like an expert

Then We are going to teach you all the processes you must carry out to configure your WhatsApp Business account to the maximum as an expert, so that your company begins to nourish itself with the benefits of being present on this platform.

Go for it:

Verify number

The first thing is verify your phone number. This can be both mobile and fixed, so you do not necessarily have to sacrifice your personal number for this task, since once it is registered in WB, it cannot be used again in classic WhatsApp.

The steps you must follow are the following:

  • Download the app and the installation process begins.
  • Accept the privacy conditions and terms of service.
  • Deactivate any element that may interfere with the process, such as call blockers.
  • Enter phone number that you are going to use in the account.
  • Now press “Okay” and you wait for receive the code check. If it is a mobile you will receive it by text or a call in the case of a landline number.

  • Enter the code you received or the option to resend in case of not having obtained it. At the end of this, you will have your verified number.

Complete company profile

The next is complete your company profile, a simple task but that you must do with great care in aspects like the profile picture and especially the name of the company.

The steps you must follow are these:

  • We go to the three dots that are in the upper right part, and we touch “Settings” and then in “Company settings”.
  • Once there, the next thing is to select the option “Company profile”, in this point you must put the correct company name, this item cannot be changed later.


  • Now assign an image that identifies the company, it could be the logo. Click on the icon and attach one that is for this purpose.
  • Then modify the status, with a slogan linked to the product or service we sell.
  • Click on the pencil icon and we edit the company address. It is useful so that they can locate us physically.
  • Now, specify the category your business falls into among the options that the application shows you. It is possible to choose more than one.
  • Add business hours, indicating the hours in which service is provided.
  • Place the email and social networkss in the next section. There should also go the website.
  • Completed all aspects, we press “Keep” and anyone who enters the profile will be able to see all the information uploaded.


This is one of the functions that must always be activated and properly configured. They speed up work and speed up responses to requests or concerns. There is 3 types of autoresponder that you can configure. The first is the welcome message, then the absent message, and lastly the quick responses.

For the first of them you must follow these steps:

  • Login to “Settings”> “Company tools”> “Welcome message”.
  • In “Message”, click on the option, write the text and click “Keep”.

it’s possible configure it so that the first time someone contacts us can be sent automatically. Next is the absent message. This works when we are not available, you can set the hours in which this response will be sent, either at certain times, all the time or outside business hours.

Let’s see:

  • Go to “Settings”> “Company tools”> “Absent message”.
  • Edit the message that you want to be sent and save it so that it is configured by default.

And finally the quick answers. Having this option ready is useful for respond to customers without waiting long.

There is no limit to the amount you want to save, you can customize them and create references with keywords:

  • Tap on “Settings”> “Company tools”> “Quick reply”.
  • Tap on the “+” sign and create a quick reply by editing the message.
  • Finally click on “Keep”.

State Privacy

The following is configure the privacy of your statuses.

There are a series of functions that WhatsApp Business includes to protect the privacy of the user, if you want to configure them you must do the following:

  • Open WhatsApp and touch on the three points that are in the upper right corner that gives access to “Settings”.
  • Enter “Accounts” and finally in “Privacy”.

enter whatsapp privacy

  • There are several options to choose from, including “Picture of profile” Y “Condition”.
  • Choose “Condition” Y authorize who can see your information.

Here you can choose between your contacts, choose which ones you want to be seen and which ones not or only share with a certain person. With this last category you will have full control of who views your publications.

Create a catalog

Finally you must create your first WhatsApp Business catalog so that everyone who enters your profile can see in detail all the services or products that your company offers.

This point is simple, what you should do is the following:

  • Enter the “Settings” WhatsApp Business and select “Company Settings”.


  • Once there select “Catalogue”. By not having any, you will automatically have the option to create a catalog, so you only have to select “Add product or service”.
  • Now you just have to add an image of the product or service, and complete the name, price, description, code or direct link fields to purchase it. Once you complete this, select “Keep” and ready.

Tips to take better advantage of WhatsApp Business in your business strategy

Now we will give you a series of tips so that you make the most of your WhatsApp Business account and can maximize the growth of your company on this platform:

Inform your customers that your products are available on WhatsApp Business

This is a critical first step. To use it, your customers and suppliers They should know that they can contact you and place orders in this way. For this you can add the link through other social networks and when they click on the contact they directly speak with your staff.

It also can create the link on the web page in a specific headband or by means of a QR code that, when scanned, leads them to a conversation in the chat. By doing this, the business profile is made known.

Use it as an information channel

There are various actions you can take to keep your users informed. You must study what the needs of the company are and from the conclusions to be able to issue notifications, alerts, general information or simply use it as a way of customer service. On the other hand, it is a useful tool to communicate with suppliers.

Answer with one click

With WhatsApp Business it is not necessary to reply to messages individually when you are busy or in a meeting. Earlier, we made mention of autoresponders. If configured, With a single click we can give a quick response to several people at the same time and best of all: in a personalized way. A) Yes you don’t waste a lot of time on the keyboard trying to explain. This relieves stress but also gives you more productivity and room to take care of other matters.

Create an agenda of professional contacts

WhatsApp Business also works as a professional agenda, having the facility of create a private profile of contacts adding all the data of interest without resorting to paper.

They are assigned a category with details that make the search easier, including email, website and even postal address. According to the creators, the intention is that every small business has the possibility of communicate with providers that are necessary for them anywhere in the world and with the minimum of complications.

Take advantage of statistics

More than being dead numbers, they help us to see the impact that publications are having on our users what we do and the level of participation they have. Starting from there, a commercial strategy can be executed according to our needs. That is why it is essential that you make frequent status updates in which you publish offers and discounts, that you give personalized attention and that you listen to the requests of your audience.