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How to confirm email address on a new YouTube account? Step by step guide

The email address it has become one of the most common ways of corroborating an identity. At the same time, is the place where we receive important information or of our interest.

In the same way, YouTube uses e-mail as one of the safe ways to communicate with registered users. However, there are applications or bots that enter the webs automatically. That is why a confirmation is essential.

If you are trying to create your account in Youtube and you need to know how to verify your identity, we recommend this post that will guide you Step by Step.

Why is it important to verify the email address of the YouTube account?

The main reason for confirm your email address on YouTube, as in other social networks, is that is a fundamental requirement to proceed with the registration. Otherwise you will not be able to access all the functions offered by the platform.

It is also important, as we mentioned at the beginning, since it will be the Official way by which the site will communicate with you and will keep you informed of the most important news. Similarly (if the linked email is not from Gmail), it will be the key that will allow you to recover your password in case you forget it. In this sense, we recommend that do not use any email to register. But it is preferable that you use the main.

In the case of an account of Gmail, the same belongs to Google, just like Blogger, Maps, etc. Thus, no extra steps necessary. That is, if you have any of these accounts, you can now use the rest of the applications in the package. In the opposite situation, that of eliminating, the same will happen with your YouTube account (including videos, comments and subscriptions).

Learn step by step how to confirm your email on your YouTube account?

Learn step by step how to confirm your email on your YouTube account?

If you are going to use the platform as a simple spectator, it will be enough for you to register on the site.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Login to ""
  • In the upper right corner press the blue button "To access".
  • On this screen, choose "Create Account".
  • Select the type of account, the options are "For me" and "For my business". In the example we will use the most used which is the personal.
  • Place your data and the email that you use. We remind you that, if you already have an account Google, this and the previous steps are not necessary.
  • It's time to perform verification. To do this, open your email inbox on the corresponding server.
  • Check your inbox, failing that the section unwanted mail. The sender is usually [email protected]
  • In the content of the mail will appear a six-digit code, which you must place in the confirmation window of Youtube.
  • Press "Check" to end.

Now, if the purpose of your account will be to create a YouTube channel and upload your own videos, plus you need to verify it one more time. But in this case through your mobile phone number.

Go to "" and sign in with your google account.

Then follow these steps:

  • Choose you country.
  • Opt for the method of call or SMS.
  • Place your mobile phone number.
  • Press "Send".
  • Wait a few moments and you will receive a code on your Smartphone, which you should place on the page.
  • Press "Check" to end.

Following the steps will allow you to:

  • Upload videos of more than 15 minutes duration.
  • Add thumbnails personalized.
  • Make broadcasts Live.