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How to contact YouTube to resolve a dispute? Step by step guide

Youtube is one of the largest social platforms on the web. It has millions of active users and moves a large amount of information at all times.

And like any other organization of this size, it is possible to encounter certain drawbacks. Especially if it is a site with such great dynamism.

Contrary to what some may think, the answer to these problems arrives in less time than expected. This is because it has a staff dedicated to the resolution of conflicts that may arise between users or with the site itself. If you have any problem with Youtube, we advise you to read this post.

Why should I contact YouTube?

There are different reasons why a user should contact the site. And as we mentioned before, being a platform with so much interaction, the unforeseen are not usually few. It is because of that YouTube has several sections in charge of solving specific problems.

These are the most common:

  • One of the most common drawbacks is linked to the operation of the page. Topics related to playing videos, errors in the rise, trouble enter the site waves monetizations.
  • They have risen a video of yours without consent. If it is content that shows an image of you or a person in your charge without your authorization, you can ask to be removed (via the help center). In the same way if they have violated commercial rights about a content you belong to. That is, if someone has copied a creation of yours or they use your trademark.

Regarding inconveniences with other users, either through abusive comments or if they have uploaded inappropriate or illegal content such as:

  • Bullying or cyberbullying.
  • Impersonation of identity.
  • Threats violent.
  • Danger for minors.
  • Hate speech against a protected group.
  • Spam and scams.

Something less common is general malfunction of the site. However, nothing is impossible on the Internet. If you think it is about this inconvenience, it is recommended that you contact YouTube by external means to the page.

Learn step by step how to get in touch with the YouTube platform

Learn step by step how to get in touch with the YouTube platform

Before continuing with the ways to contact Youtube, you need to first understand that you most likely won't get into a conversation interpersonal with their authorities or managers. However, due to the large number of staff members of the specialized site and the artificial intelligence systems, you will surely find an answer.

These are the main means of communicating with YouTube:

Report of abuse

Yes you or a group of people have suffered grievances through comments or inappropriate content in this regard, enter this link ""

Copyright infringement

Access the following link "" to go directly to the options that correspond to the intellectual property violations.

Help Center

In the event that your problem is related to specific issues of site operationWe recommend that you contact yourself through this link "" in which you must choose the categories that correspond to your problem.

Community Help Forum

When the problem does not reside with the site itself, but you don't know how they work certain tools, you can see the official guides in this link ""

Current site issues

Learn step by step how to contact YouTube platform - current site issues

If you find that the page in its entirety or some section has stopped working or you can't find a solution in the help centers We recommend that before contacting YouTube externally, you check here “” and then report the problem.

By post

Although it is not recommended, you can contact YouTube by sending a letter to your contact address in the USA.

The address is as follows:

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Via telephone

If you have no problem with performing a international call You can do it at + 1-650-253-0000 (USA)

Through other social networks

The external methods most recommended are through the official profiles that YouTube has within other platforms. Send a private message if possible. Otherwise you can comment on any of their publications.

  • Twitter: "Https://"
  • Facebook: "Https://"
  • Instagram: "Https://"