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How to convert a news or internet article into a podcast automatically? step by step guide

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To the manage a blog or websiteregardless of the platform you work on, there will come a time when you may want to expand your audience to reach the large number of internet users who consume podcasts.

With this objective, you will need to find a way to convert the articles on your website into MP3 files that you can download. This strategy will increase the popularity of your blog, as more users interact with your content.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn all the necessary steps to convert the articles of your website into audio files to use in a podcast, in addition to the tools that you can use for it and the benefits that it can bring to your website.

Is it a good idea to use the voice of a third party for my podcast?

Programs to make synthesized voices

In most cases, podcasts are made using the human voice of a narrator. Nevertheless, the use of advanced speech generators is gaining ground in the world of podcasts, becoming very popular in certain themes. When it comes to podcast related web pages that contain articles that contain tutorials, the constancy and steady rhythm of an artificial voice is a valuable tool when giving instructions.

While not one of the most widely used podcast production methods, it does have its merits in certain areas. Nevertheless, it depends largely on the theme of the blog that is being used as a basebecause there are certain topics such as news or criticism, in which the human voice is much more appreciated than the artificial one.

One of the biggest advantages that users have available for this type of podcast, is access to tools that have a fairly advanced synthesized voiceoffering an experience similar to the human voice.

Learn how to turn any text into a podcast

Having a podcast through which you can extend and reach your blog articles is one of the best ways to advertise your content and increase your traffic. To achieve this, you have access to a variety of tools that will allow you to convert your website articles into audio files that you can use for your podcast.

Among the most complete and used, you have the following:

with podcast

podcast is a extension for Google Chrome browserby means of which you will be able to select the text of the article that you want to listen to and turn it into a podcast to be able to reproduce it efficiently.

To use this service, follow the steps below:

  • Search “podcastles” in the Chrome web store.

Podcastle AI
Podcastle AI

  • Click the button “Add to Chrome”.

Download the Podcastle AI app

  • Confirm the installation by clicking “Add extension”.
  • Click on the puzzle piece icon in the top bar of Chrome and select the Podcastle icon.
  • click on “Sign in”.
  • Sign in with your emailyour Facebook account or your Apple username.
  • On the Podcastle home page, click the button “New Project”.

Podcast AI Interface

  • Select the option “Text-to-speech”.
  • Copy the text of the article you want to convert to a podcast and paste it into the corresponding field. Then click on “Generate”.
  • Add the audio or music effects you wanteither from the page or from your own files.
  • When the audio meets your requirements, click the button “Export”, located at the top right
  • Select the audio quality you want and click “Export files”.
  • Wait for the file to load and click on “Download”.

You can download a synthetic voice version of the article you pastedwith all the audio edits you’ve made to it, so it’s fully usable for your podcasts.

With resoundly

Con Resoundly website

It is a web portal that contains all the tools you may need to create a podcast, without the need for any recording, depending entirely on your text synthesis and text-to-speech transcription.

It is used by many content creators thanks to its ease of use, although unlike other tools, you need to subscribe to their platform in order to use their services.

Its method of use is described below:

  • Log in with your credentials in
  • Enter the text that you want to convert to a podcast.
  • click on the button “Text-to-speech”.
  • Export the file resulting audio.

Best tools to convert text to speech for a podcast

Because the growing popularity of podcaststhe tools used to create them, without the need to make any recording, have become increasingly important. In addition to those mentioned above, there are a lot of programs, extensions and websites that will allow you to create and edit your podcastgenerating an audio file just by entering the content you want to broadcast in text.

Among the best voice synthesis tools that you can access, you have the following:


Balabolka's website

It is a text reading program that has a large number of tools and voice adjustment options, it also has support for files DOC, DOCX, PDF or HTMLwhich allows you to read a wide variety of text files or web pages.

Your reading settings allow you to select between eight different voices, in addition to modifying its tonality, speed and volume so that it adjusts to your needs. Furthermore, it allows you to save narrations to audio files in a large number of formats, such as WAV and MP3, which makes it a great option for creating podcasts using text. Download the program by clicking here

NaturalReader website

It is a text converter with a large number of customization settings for its interface, as well as specific typography for accessibility to people with dyslexia. It features a library for uploading, organizing, and saving documents and support for a large number of text file formats, including ePub to read your e-books.

It is possible to obtain it in its free version from its official website. From here, you can download the program with unlimited voices for freeability to read texts from other applications and the ability to enter texts and save them in MP3 audio file formats.

word talk website

It is a program designed to be integrated with the Microsoft Word text generator, for which it is compatible in all its versions. It offers its users very basic functions, although has a wide variety of customization settings and offers support for up to seven voices, with different volume and intonation settings.

Its support ranges from words to entire documents and allows you to convert speech synthesis into WAV or MP3 files. You can get it for free from its official website, although its only limitation is its exclusive compatibility with Microsoft Word on Windows.

Capti Voice website

It is a voice extension available for Firefox, Brave, Chrome and Safari, through which you can read texts with a wide variety of realistic voices that you can modify to your liking, in addition to changing the appearance of the text if you wish. It has support for Google Docs, Office 365 and PDF documentsin addition to offering the possibility of saving articles from the web, selecting only the relevant text and converting them into audio files in various formats.


eSpeak website

It is free software that you can get for free that uses a voice synthesis that, although less natural than other text readers, includes various customizable voices and the possibility of saving our files in WAV format. It also has the possibility of converting text to phonemes with tone and length information. For this reason, it is possible to adapt eSpeak as an interface for other speech synthesizers. Enter the following link