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How to convert Outlook emails to PDF? Step by step guide

When using Outlook as a working method, it is essential to have a way to store the information contained in the emails received, to have it available in case you need it at a time when there is no internet connection.

With this purpose in mind, Outlook offers the ability to save email content in PDF format, providing a comfortable and practical means to review email information at any time.

On this note, you will learn step by step everything you need to know about this interesting Outlook function, from how to perform this procedure in the desktop application, to other methods of backing up your Outlook account information.

What is the purpose of converting emails to PDF?

Outlook inbox

When it comes to a work tool like Outlook, users many times will be in need of being able to access the information at a certain moment, whether they have internet service or not.

For these cases, if you know that you will need this information at some point, the most recommended action is to invert the content of the emails you need in PDF, which will allow you to download and store them on your device. This is done with the simple purpose of obtaining uninterrupted access to the information of the necessary emails, since in this way you can access the messages through a simple PDF reader, either on your computer or mobile.

Learn how to convert Outlook emails to PDF

The procedure to convert an email to PDF it’s really simple, and provides a great advantage by giving us permanent access to necessary information, although it suffers from a disadvantage and that is its availability according to the Outlook presentation you use. While it is one of the fastest and simplest forms of information storage, the procedure is not available in the Outlook mobile app, nor in the web application, so if you want to do it, you must have the desktop version installed.

Go for it:

From the computer

Keep an email like PDF in Outlook is one of the functions that we can find both in the desktop version and in the web application, and in both cases it involves a relatively simple process.

Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • Enter the folder in which is the message that you want to save and open it.

Interface of the Outlook version on the desktop

  • click in the tab “Archive” and select the option “Print”.
  • In the print drop-down menu, select the option “Print to Microsoft PDF.”

Print emails in Outlook for desktop

  • Click on “Print”.
  • Select the option “Save print as”, and choose a folder to store the file.

Save emails to PDF in Outlook for desktop

  • Edit the name of the Pdf and click “Keep”.

Regarding the Outlook web portal, the steps will be arranged in this way:

  • Open the mail you want to save.
  • click in option “…” which you will see in the upper corner of the email.

Print emails in Outlook

  • Choose the option “Print”.
  • In display screen, click again “Print”.

Save Outlook emails to PDF

  • In the drop-down menu “Destination” select the option “Save as PDF.”
  • Click on “Keep”.
  • Define a name for the file, select the folder on your computer where it will be saved and click “Keep”.

Other ways to backup and backup emails in Outlook

The Outlook data backup are an essential tool to reinforce information security, so you must have more than one method available to ensure that emails are safe.

Let’s see:

Export your emails

Export mailbox in Outlook

Export emails from Outlook on a regular basis and keeping them stored will allow us to keep backup files on hand that we can upload at any time in case something happens to the messages.

To create a backup, you must follow the steps described below:

  • Login to you Outlook mailbox.
  • click at gear icon located on the top bar.
  • Login to “See all Outlook settings.”
  • Choose “General”.
  • Login to “Privacy and data”.
  • Click the button “Export mailbox”.

Synchronize Outlook with the cloud

Manage storage in Outlook

The Outlook mail sync with the cloud it is one of the most reliable ways to keep the information in your emails safe, since a copy of all the data is stored on an online server, including files and addresses.

To generate a backup in the cloud, you must have the desktop application installed on your computer, and follow this procedure:

  • Choose the eyelash “Archive” and click “Options”.
  • Once you are in “Outlook Options”, click on “General”.
  • Mark the box “Store my Outlook settings in the cloud.”
  • Click on “Accept”.

Transfer to another email account

How to manually forward an email in Outlook

Although this is a somewhat tedious action, since it must be carried out individually, it is a very effective method to keep the information of certain emails safe that you might consider important. It is about selecting the emails you want to preserve and forward to an alternative account, regardless of the destination mail service, since the goal is to keep the content safe.

To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Select the email you want to resend.
  • When opening it, a link will appear at the bottom of it, labeled as “Resend”.
  • Enter email address and, if you wish, modify the subject.
  • click in “Send”.

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