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How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 format safely on any device? Step by step guide

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 format safely on any device? Step by step guide

While it is true, YouTube is one of the most popular social networks worldwide and this, thanks to the fact that it is estimated as the best streaming video platform that offers various solutions to its users . Since, it hosts excellent variety of content.

However, in the free version of this platform there is no possibility to directly download your videos and much less, to convert them into audio format. Therefore, a very latent need arises among all users and it is about to be able to download the videos to watch them offline and also to directly download the audio track (For example, songs).

That is why, from this post, we will indicate the best YouTube converters in MP3 or MP4 format , specially designed for Windows and for Mac . Like the alternatives that for Android and iOS devices and the online tools you can use.

What are the advantages of downloading and converting YouTube videos on your computer or smartphone?

It is no secret to anyone that downloading uploaded videos on YouTube and even converting them into MP3 format is a great benefit for people who constantly use this audiovisual platform. Thus, a practice that could facilitate various activities for users through their computers and mobile phones .

In this way, here are the main advantages of downloading and converting clips from this streaming platform:

  • If you manage to download a YouTube video , you can play these files without an Internet connection, that is, offline.
  • If you want to convert the videos to audio format, you can do it to from online programs, applications and tools that only keep the audio in MP3 and this is very useful for listening to music or even radio programs.
  • These processes are completely free, legal and very easy to do .
  • They allow you to watch native videos from YouTube without intrusive advertising which, within the platform, you can see.
  • Most of the ways to download and extract audio from YouTube videos , give you the ease of selecting the quality of the file to get.
  • In order to streamline the process, there are tools that allow simultaneous downloading of multiple videos .

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4?

Now, it is worth detailing each of the processes to follow in order to download videos from this social platform in MP4 format and with only a few seconds of time. Like, what you must do to convert them into audio in MP3 format . In this way, here we present the step by step to execute on each operating system:

Using a program for Windows

Usando un programa para Windows

For Windows, there are a lot of programs that make it easy to download and convert YouTube files.

In this post, we want to point out and focus on one of the oldest software for this, which has become the benchmark in obtaining and converting videos from different platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Thus, it is aTube Catcher , which holds thousands of downloads worldwide.

Basically, it is a software with many possibilities, since it provides the download of videos only using the URL of the same . Thus, its main function lies in downloading a YouTube video and converting it into another user preference format, either MP4 or MP3.

In addition, it adds different customization options and allows to get full playlists in a few minutes .

Among other features, the program has a very popular option known as “ grabber ” which, as the name implies, can capture everything that happens on the Windows computer screen (this program only support said SO). In addition to this, aTube Catcher has a disc recorder and has the ability to work with both DVD and BluRay.

Now, the process to download the desired video consists of the following steps:

  • Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the program, you must have the URL of YouTube content on hand and copy it . To now proceed to choose what you want to do , either «Download Videos», «Video Converter» or «Convert Videos to mp3», in this case.
  • Subsequently, paste that URL in the appropriate field.
  • Before starting the download, you must select the output format (MP3 or MP4) and after that , confirm the download and / or conversion operation. In just minutes, the process will be finalized and you will have this file on your PC.

Finally, it is worth noting that this program provides you with options to define the resolution of the video to be obtained, as well as the format, quality, audio channels and codecs, etc.

With a converter for MacOS

Con un convertidor para MacOS

In the case of Mac OS users, it also has several solutions that they can use to download and convert videos from the social streaming network. However, in this post we want to recommend the program “ iTubeDownloader ” which is estimated as the most viable option to perform these processes on a Mac for free .

Download iTubeDownloader for Mac

Thus, the complete and detailed procedure to follow is this:

  • To download the program, you can click on the button. Then, go to the “ Downloads ” folder on your computer and look for the corresponding file in .DMG format.
  • Then double click on it file and when opening the installer, we recommend dragging the icon of this software to the folder “ Applications ” to install automatically.
  • At this point, you can Open iTubeDownloader in the folder Applications ” and a warning message will appear for being a program downloaded from the Internet.
  • Once you access the program, click in “ Start Trial ”, if you want to start and enjoy the free trial period. Then, press the “ Start using iTubeDownloader ” button to start using the software.
  • Since it has an interface very similar to YouTube, you can search for the clip of interest inside of the same program. Which, you do using the search bar .
  • After placing the video in question, you can start your download by clicking on “ Download “Which is on the left hand side of the link.
  • With this, a floating window will appear that allows you to choose the folder where you want the file to be saved and, finally, just click on” Download ”to specify the process.

Con un convertidor para MacOS

  • To finish and after a few minutes, the file will have been stored in the folder you indicated and you can search for it there .

Now, in case you want to convert this video to another format (such as MP3), we recommend using the Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac . Being an excellent conversion tool that supports various audio and video formats on Mac and also preserves the quality of the files at 100%.

Con un convertidor para MacOS

In order to use it, you simply have to enter its website and click on the “ Download ” button. Once installed on your computer, you can use it for free and best of all, it has a simple and fast interface to handle.

That way, you can set the output formats of your converted videos , allow conversion by packages on Mac and have options to edit, customize and retouch the clips you want.

Online without installing programs

If you prefer to manage this process from your computer, but without having to download and install programs on it, there are online solutions for it and these are estimated as tools that promise a Quick and easy download of the videos, as well as their conversion.

Even if there are several alternatives on the network, in this post we will use one of the most famous and best functioning; This is OnlineVideoConverter that has a very clean interface and facilitates these download and conversion processes of YouTube clips and other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram , Vimeo, VK , among others.

Now, in reference to the steps that must be taken to achieve it, they are very simple and consist of the following:

  • First of all, access the streaming platform and locate the video that you want to download or, which you are interested in extracting the audio in MP3.
  • Then, proceed to copy the corresponding URL of the content, which you see at the top of the window.
  • Once you copy the link, you have to enter the official website from OnlineVideoConverter at the following link . In the bar where they indicate “ Enter a URL ”, you must paste the link from YT .

Online sin instalar programas

  • Subsequently, it is time to select the format you want for the video file. Luckily, the website supports several types of format (audio and video), meaning you’ll find both MP3 and MP4.

Online sin instalar programas

  • When specifying the above, just click on “ Start ” and this will start the conversion process.

Online sin instalar programas

  • Later, you will see the information of the selected video and now it is time to click on “ Download ” to be able to save the file on your computer, either audio or video.

Online sin instalar programas

Convert to your Android mobile or tablet

In view of the fact that optimal solutions that work on Smartphones and achieve a good result are also required, here we show you one of the best apps that exist to convert YouTube content into Android devices through simple steps .

This is Peggo that you can download using its APK file for free:

Convertir en tu móvil o tablet Android

As for the most notable features of Peggo, we highlight that it is a completely simple to use application, since it performs the conversion processes directly, without having to complete long and annoying procedures.

In addition, it has a very clean user interface and allows you to make quick edits to only obtain a fragment of the video, as well as select different bit rates .

For its part, the process to download a native YT video in MP3 format is very easy and requires the following steps:

Download Peggo APK for Android

  • First of all, you must access the streaming platform on your Android mobile or Tablet and open the video of interest .
  • Once located in that clip , you have to press the “ Share ” button and then select the option “ Copy to clipboard ”.
  • Subsequently, enter the Peggo app and proceed to paste the copied URL in the indicated white bar . With which, they will show you a complete menu with the different editing options that you can use.

In this way, it is necessary to highlight that it is possible to choose between downloading all the complete audio or, just a fragment of interest if that is what you need. Among other options, the application allows you to tag the name of the theme or identify the file to get it easily in the audio player.

Taking into account that, you can also modify the bit rate or sound quality from the “ Settings ” menu. By default, this is 128, but you can increase it to 256.

With an app for iPhone and iPad

One of the best solutions for iPhone and iPad users who want to get YouTube videos is using an application known as Workflow that is identified as the Apple automation app.

In this sense, one of its biggest advantages is that it does not require many steps to start downloading a YouTube video and save it on the device in question.

Con una app para iPhone y iPad

To start, here are the step-by-step steps to install this application on your mobile or iPad:

Download YouTube for iOS

  • Once you enter this URL, click on the “ Get Workflow ” or “ Get shortcut ” button.
  • After of this, in any application you want, open the “ Share ” menu and proceed to edit it, taking care that the Run Workflow extension appears. This indicates that the particular app has been successfully installed.

Now, when you complete the download procedure detailed above, you can start audio conversions and / or downloads of YouTube’s native content . The steps for this are as follows:

  • Enter the YouTube application installed on your iPhone or iPad, search and select the video you want to get .
  • After that, press the button “ Share ” and then click on “ More ” in order to open the share menu belonging to the iOS system.
  • Now, press “ Run Workflow ”and you also have to choose the YT workflow .
  • Once the download is done, the video in question will run from automatically .
  • Then, it’s time to select if you want to save the file as a video or as an audio .
  • Finally, they will show you a notification that indicates that the file has been stored correctly in your Apple Photo Library.
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