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How to create a catalog in WhatsApp Business and have your products updated to sell more? Step by step guide

Since the beginning of the digital age, we have all looked for faster and more efficient ways to optimize our interactions, This has been the case since we began to favor digital communication more and more.

This has not gone unnoticed by companies that offer any type of service and know that they must be updated to stay in competition. That is why the instant messaging giant WhatsApp has created an API for small businesses to what they have called WhatsApp Business.

This variant was designed with small businesses in mind, giving them the ability to expand their reach and automate their interactions by creating a catalog of products and services, as well as a variety of other useful tools.

What are the benefits of selling on WhatsApp? Is it better than on a website?

Being one of the most popular and popular messaging services in the world, the single image of the green WhatsApp logo generates trust in the user, and the amount of tools it integrates, allow small businesses an easy interaction with their clients. of another variety of benefits, among which we can highlight:

  • Create a professional profile that generates trust in the client: Creating an exclusive WhatsApp profile for your company projects a much more professional image than simply adding a phone number, since this phone number is linked to both the company name and its email, in addition to being able to add the company’s address. company and link your website, giving the client all the information they need to know exactly who they are talking to.
  • Protected Communication: WhatsApp servers have end-to-end encryption, that is, the content of each chat is invisible to everyone except who sends the messages and who receives them. This attribute is especially valued by companies whose main business medium is the internet, where data security is imperative.
  • Easy exchange of information with clients: WhatsApp Business is provides the great value of ease when communicating and exchanging information with users and customers, reducing the response time to 90 seconds, against the approximately 90 minutes it takes for an email to receive a response. This instant response increases interactions with the company and allows generating greater trust, thus preventing the loss of customers due to lack of information or misunderstandings.
  • Facilitates communication between the members of the company: It is an essential tool for the digitization of companies. Its messaging service provides a means of communication that is widely used in the day-to-day of the company, since in addition to all the added features for clients, it has all the private messaging services, including 1 to 1 chats and the creation of group chats and video conferences.
  • Automated messages and quick responses: WhatsApp Business company accounts They give the possibility of establishing automated messages for users, which translates into a great saving of time and effort. This option allows you to schedule welcome messages for new users, pre-schedule notifications for customer orders and select absence messages for when you are not available; you also have the option of select messages as automated quick responses for customers with similar questions or requests.
  • Allows you to work with a wide variety of formats: The compatibility of WhatsApp Business with a wide variety of file formats is an essential attribute both in internal company communication and in interaction with customers.
  • Your file support allows him to send images and videos for both advertising and informational purposes, audio files and text files, giving it great coverage in terms of maintaining internal order and informed clients.
  • Compared to WhatsApp BusinessA well-designed website has the advantage of allowing the customer a greater view of your products or services, while giving them a clear description of what you can offer and its benefits. However, compared to WhatsApp Business, a website lacks the speed of interaction required to engage the customer and the human touch that comes with being able to talk in real time with the person who is going to attend to your needs.

Learn step by step how to create a product catalog in WhatsApp Business from scratch to sell more

One of the most useful tools available to WhatsApp Business is the possibility of creating a catalog of products or services, making it much easier to promote your company through an easy and quick display of what it can offer.

Here are the steps to create a catalog in your WhatsApp Business:

  • When entering the application select the three points in the upper right corner. Once the settings menu is open, select “Settings”.
  • In the settings menu you will see the option “Company Settings”, as soon as you are there you will see the option “Catalogue”.


  • By pressing “Catalogue” You will see an editing screen where you can write a name and a price for your product or service, as well as having the option to add images, a description and a link to your company’s sales page.
  • Once all this is done, select “Keep”. Congratulations! Your catalog is ready to be shared.

Tips to sell more on WhatsApp Business and grow your business without a website

WhatsApp Business is a very useful tool and easy to acquire, since It is found free of charge for both Android and IOS, but the simple fact of having it and using it does not guarantee the success of a company. One of its main features is the ability to offer potential buyers a direct link to the sales page, but what if you don’t have a website?

Now we present some simple strategies that you can apply to grow your business through WhatsApp Business, even if you do not have a website:

Do marketing

The key to digital sales is outreach. Create and send catalogs to all your contacts and share them on all your networks. Make sure that your company’s phone number is visible in all your presentations, be they cards, brochures, publications in networks etc.

Consult your client

It is always best to make sure before taking any course of action, and so it is with sales on WhatsApp. When analyzing the market, the ideal is to send forms to customer prospects asking if they want to be contacted through WhatsApp. Not all customers welcome messages about products and services without first consulting them.

Promote with multimedia content

On social media, users are drawn to what they see, so be as visual as possible. Send photos of your products, videos of your facilities, promotional audios, testimonials from satisfied customers, etc.. In the digital world, the key is to showcase the product and let customers see it.

Have a good shipping service

When you have a sales page aimed at covering a wide geographic area, a shipping service is mandatory, and even if you don’t have a sales website and your business is based in a physical storeYou always want a good shipping service to make sure you cover as much ground as possible. Your customers will be very pleased to be contacted, make the purchase and receive their product at their doorstep.

Send short, direct and concise messages

When talking about a sales WhatsApp Business account, You must always maintain cordiality with the client, but this in no way implies elaborating on the explanations, preambles, greetings etc. Keep it cordial, short and to the point, make sure your client understands what you are offering, and be direct and concise when answering questions.