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How to create a ChatBot in WhatsApp Business to answer messages automatically? Step by step guide

The instant messaging it is something very personal for users. This makes it an excellent avenue if you want to connect with them, show interest in their needs and improve your brand.

For any company, customer service is essential to achieve loyalty. Consequently, it is advisable to offer a quality service in this area. So, WhatsApp Business offers a better communication experience through various functionalities.

One of the most interesting is the possibility of create your own Chatbot. If you want incorporate WhatsApp Business to contact your customers, we will teach you How to create a chatbot to answer messages automatically ?.

What are the benefits of creating your own WhatsApp Business Chatbot?

In a simple way, bots are computer programs used to simulate people’s actions. They are the perfect ally when you want to automate repetitive tasks. In this sense, there are bots according to a wide number of purposes. In the case of chatbots, act as sales consultants or service executives. They allow you to automate responses, which reduces attention time and improves the user experience.

In this opportunity, we want to talk to you about the benefits of creating your own WhatsApp Business Chatbot:

  • Cost reduction: because it is not necessary to hire a person who is responsible for responding to customer messages.
  • Work optimization: You can dedicate yourself to serving other areas of the business, because it is not necessary to be on WhatsApp answering messages manually.
  • Closeness with the user: Thanks to the chatbot, users can always be helped with their concerns, problems, etc.
  • Streamline the purchase process: This happens because it responds almost automatically, which translates into less attention time. Thus, a sale can be finalized in a few minutes.
  • Improve marketing strategy planning: With the chatbot, you will be able to have valuable information regarding the most frequent doubts, response time, and other data that help you to plan a marketing strategy.

What kinds of tasks can be automated with a WhatsApp Business bot?

Bots can be thought of as an assistant, as they allow users to automate tasks that are often repetitive. Thanks to that, they achieve streamline many processes and reduce costs. There are different types of bots that can be made, and each of them has specific functions.

However, this time we will talk about what are the main tasks that you will be able to automate with the help of this tool in WhatsApp Business:

  • Medium to customers and suppliers.
  • Answer to user questions.
  • Hold dialogues complete.
  • Offer information to customers about your products or services.
  • Manage incidents that your clients can present.

Learn step by step how to create a Chatbot for WhatsApp Business from scratch as an expert

Learn step by step how to create a Chatbot for WhatsApp Business from scratch as an expert

There are different ways to create a Chatbot, but to be able to do it, you have to sign up for the WhatsApp API. Once done, you can use any external tool like Chatcompose or Autoresponder for Whatsapp. Thanks to them, you can make the bot according to your needs.

If you want to learn how to do it, follow the procedure indicated in the following step-by-step guide on how to create a Chatbot from scratch like an expert:

With the WhatsApp API

  • Download Whatsapp Business API.
  • Select Be a customer or solution provider.
  • Add company name, Website URL, name and information of the company representative.
  • Wait for your request to be approved.
  • Once you’ve been approved, you can download apps like Chatcompose to create your own chatbot.

With Chatcompose

  • Download the app beta called Whatsapp Business API.
  • Complete the requested information such as your company name, website and other required information. Later, send the request to the WhatsApp team Business and awaits your approval.
  • Once it has been approved, download Chatcompose, open the app and create your account.
  • Enter Chatcompose and accept access permissions.
  • Then from there go to General configuration and adjust the aspects related to your chatbot such as the name, initial messages, etc.
  • You can customize the style of the chatbot to suit your business. Go into Configuration / Personalization.
  • Train your chatbot to answer questions that are tailored to a certain topic. Head towards Database / Answers and configure the messages that will be sent to your customers.
  • You can also upload templates in the section of Import CSV not to configure each question and answer individually.
  • Put it to the test in ChatBot / Test URL.
  • Make sure it does not have errors in its operation.

With AutoResponder for Wa

  • Download the Auto Reply Whatsapp app.
  • Enter the application to create automated responses.
  • Press on Notifications settings.
  • You will be asked if you want the app to have access to WhatsApp. Click on Allow.
  • Then select on To accept.
  • Locate the plus symbol (+) at the bottom right of the screen to add the bots you want.
  • Enter the conversation rules menu, where you will see different boxes to formulate the answers to your liking.
  • Inside the window Message received, you must assign the keywords that the bot will use to detect the messages. You can choose the level of precision.
  • On Reply message, write one or more messages, with your own individual settings.
  • Press on To accept.

Tips to create a good WhatsApp Chatbot that your customers feel like a real person

The next step after having your WhatsApp chat assistant, is to plan very well the type of communication that you are going to maintain with your clients.

Ideally, they feel that they are contacting a real person, because this way the conversation will be more comfortable:

Say hello and welcome

Every conversation must start with the rules of courtesy, that is to say, greet and welcome your customers. A very good idea is create an introduction message, so that the person knows who they are communicating with. The bot, no matter how robot, should be as friendly as possible and start on the right foot.

Ask simple questions

The shorter and simpler the questions, the less scope for misinterpreting the messages. So, the questions you are going to ask have to be direct. You can create templates or multiple versions of questions.

Use friendly language

This advice is essential. The idea is to make people feel confident when writing about your company, so the use of friendly language it is essential. Always show interest in helping and clarifying the doubts of your clients, and you will see that the conversations will be more effective.

Use questions with options to get more information

This last suggestion is often overlooked, but it is usually quite user friendly. If you want to limit the questions in which the person must write, you can create options where with just a click they will respond to their requests. A good idea is start with a general question and, as the user selects the options, they will be directed to much more specific ones.

List of the best external applications to create a Chatbot for your WhatsApp Business account

List of the best external applications to create a Chatbot for your WhatsApp Business account

When creating a chatbot for your WhatsApp Business account, you will have to resort to external tools designed for it.

Previously we talked about two quite powerful (Chatcompose and AutoResponder), but if you want to try others, you can take a look at the following options:

This is a very interesting tool, through which your company can maintain constant communication with all those who write to you. It became popular for its functionality script bot. You can set automatic responses, customize the chat assistant, etc.

Using a good chatbot can make a difference and even help you improve your conversions. In this sense, will help you to automate communication processes thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, it is a small group of Script with which you can translate languages, supplemented with Google maps, etc.

This is another good idea if you want to improve your company’s customer service. Within its website, you will have at hand complete tutorials on how to create chatbots focused on WhatsApp and according to your requirements. In this way, you will add value to your company.

Amazon Lex

In case you are looking for a chat that has the ability to contain deep learning, like assistant Alexa, this company will be an excellent idea and will adjust to your needs. Its features focus on WhatsApp, and implement different interfaces for the types of conversation that may arise. It is applied in both text and voice formats.

Finally, if you want to maintain a solid interaction with your customers, you will love this application. By leveraging AI, has a deep learning system, so communication is efficient. It is even said that it is capable of automating up to 90% of the conversations.