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How to create a email account easily and quickly? step by step guide

UPDATED ✅ Do you want to enter FB without using your email? Don’t know how to open an Email in Facebook Mail? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ and I’ll explain it step by step

Social networks have become the main platforms to interact with other users from Internet. We go to them to take a look at how those people we know are doing, to share information that we find interesting or even entertaining, to see a funny video or photo or, of course, to directly contact any person we have added. . In this area, it goes without saying that Facebook has been postulated as the greatest giant of all.

Since its foundation a decade ago, the number of active users has gradually increased until, in 2017, an average of about 1,500 million daily users were registered. A brutality of figures that only reinforce the superior position of this company with respect to the rest. At the time of its birth, and for a few years, this social network incorporated a function unknown to many.

Each registered user counted, without knowing it, with a Facebook ( email address whose mission was to facilitate communication both inside and outside the platform. To know How to create an email account of the type It was something that intrigued many, although nothing had to be done, since it existed at the same time that you registered on the platform.

What is my Facebook Mail email address?

Here we are going to explain what had to be done before to find out what the Facebook Mail address was that corresponded to you, what uses you could give it and what to do with the messages sent to it. Although, it should be noted that it is already impossible to use it. Email accounts of this type were deactivated a while ago, in a total renewal initiative promoted by the Facebook team itself. A movement that changed a multitude of internal mechanisms of the platform and that have made it work as it does today.

You Facebook Mail email address it is something that is generated at the moment you register your user. The social network creates an email to which it resorts in case of problems with the one assigned to your profile, and to find out what its address is It is something much simpler than it seems.

It’s important pointing that Facebook Mail accounts disappeared a while ago. The company decided to eliminate them completely since users did not go to them, and also because of a certain risk when it came to finding out the real email of the person linked to this profile.

Even so, we are going to explain what to do in case you are curious to know what would be your facebook email address. The process is tremendously simple and fast, since it only requires access your FB profile and observe a fact that is always in sight.

1 – Enter Facebook

First, You must enter the main portal of Facebook. To do this, just open your web browser and type the following URL in the address bar: Once this is done, you will enter the main page of the social network.

Login to Facebook account

Now what you need to do is login to facebook as usual. In the mailbox or phone box write whichever of the two you use to connect and then the access password that you enabled at the time. Fill in both fields and click on “Log in”.

If your account has already been started before and you have allowed the browser to memorize it. This step is reduced to just entering the Facebook website. The session will already be started and you will not have to enter any data to access.

2 – Enter your user profile

Go to my Facebook profile

Within the web, just go to the top and click on your username. This will take you to your profile page, the place where you can find out your e-mail from Facebook Mail.

3 – Look at the URL

Now, go to the top of the browser and look at the url. Keep only what is to the right of ““, since it is the Facebook email ID. For example, if the following appears in the address: “”, the e-mail will be: “[email protected]”. As simple as that.

Know Facebook Profile ID

With this, you already know what your Facebook e-mail would be. It is an interesting fact, since it could have to be reused in case the social network decides to rehabilitate them, although for the moment it is a service that has ceased to exist. As an anecdotal fact it can be interesting, as a practical fact, no.

How and for what can we use the Facebook email address? *Updated

The Facebook email address can no longer be used for absolutely anything, since the social network has decided to discard it completely due to lack of use. In fact, it replaced and revamped the entire chat system to launch FacebookMessengeran action that would come shortly after the acquisition of whatsapp by the company.

Previously, the Facebook email address could be used with several quite interesting endingsof which we highlight the main ones below:

Enter your user profile

If you did not remember the email associated with your user profile on Facebook. You could ask any friend to enter your page, extract id from url as we have explained before and accompany it with the ending “@facebook.comto be able to enter. As an alternative solution in case you have forgotten the main mail, it was quite effective.

Now you also have the possibility to link a phone number when registering. If you forget your email, you can use this other option to enter without any problem. It is a more comfortable method.

Send messages to users

Another of the benefits of Facebook Mail was the option send messages directly to users of the social network. Knowing their addresses, you could access this mail system and send whatever you wanted to any of your friends on Facebook without even having to enter the social network.

For example, someone with a gmail account I could send a mail to a user with Facebook Mail account and this, in case of being connected to the social network at the time of sending, would receive a notification with a message, like the one that would appear in case of receiving a private message through the platform.

It is true that Facebook Mail offered certain facilities encourage communication between users, but it also jeopardized their privacy by opening the door to access to the main mail. Due to this, and the lack of use, those responsible decided to cut to the chase and make its use impossible.

*Note: We remember the words from before. Currently it is impossible to access and use your email. They have been inactive for several months and their system has been completely eradicated, also changing the methods of communication within the social network.

Where do I receive the emails from my Facebook Mail account?

Send Facebook contact message via email

When the system was still working, emails from the Facebook Mail account were received in the inbox of this, which in turn translated into normal messages on the user’s Facebook account. If, for example, an individual could not connect to the social network for whatever reason, and had to contact someone from it, they just had to send an email to the account “” so that the recipient receive a notification on your profile.

It was a way to facilitate communication from outside the online portal, although it ended up falling into disuse. Currently, it is impossible to receive mail from the account of Facebook Mailand it is that the company of Mark Zuckerberg chose to eradicate this function a couple of years ago in order to completely replace it.

Now, the system has been changed to what is known as Facebook Messenger, something that can also be downloaded separately on mobile phones if desired (required if you want to see the messages from your smartphone). This is more similar to any instant messaging app current, in fact it came after the acquisition of WhatsApp by the company, and although it has a more direct role, it can involve a waste of resources and data traffic that did not occur before with the use of mail.

If you are wondering where you now receive the emails from your Facebook Mail account, the answer is simple:

  • Nowhere
  • This account no longer exists

As we have reported throughout the post, this was deleted a long time ago, even if it was something that the social network created without the consent of its users. This nature, without permission, and the vulnerabilities that it entailed for the privacy and protection of user datawere the main reasons for its disappearance, in addition to a total decline in the number of people who used it.

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