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How to create a Flickr account to save and sell your photos and videos online? step by step guide

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It is no secret to anyone that today there are a large number of social networks available on the Internet that allow you to share all the content you want. However, the most fashionable are those where you can upload photos and videos created by yourself.

In this sense, faced with so many options, it can be very difficult to decide on a social platform in which you can do this and at the same time, take advantage of the elements you share. However, Flickr is considered a good solution to save and sell your photos and videos, thanks to its large user community.

For this reason, it is worth knowing What is Flickr and what is it for?, as well as the steps you must follow to easily create an account on this platform. Therefore, in this post, we will refer to all this and also to other aspects of interest to take into account.

What is Flickr and what is this online platform for?

Basically, Flickr is a website where you can store photos, videos and images in order to manage and share them online. Which was created in 2004 by Ludicrop and a year later, became the property of Yahoo!. Apart from this, it stands out for being a social network in which users can find and get photos for your blogs or to upload them on other social platforms.

It should be noted that, does not work as an image bankbut refers to an image storage service. The difference between these two concepts is that the first is an online database where you can get photos and images for your projects, for free or by paying to download them. Whereas, image storage services consist of web pages where they allow you to upload images that can be private or publicfor other users who access your profile.

For its part, Flickr serves to annotate, curate, save and manage your photos, in a practical way. Unlike the famous social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat where you can only share photos. Thus, through its free version, it offers you one terabyte of storage space which is enough to save up to half a million images with a resolution of 6 megapixels (the usual for smartphones).

However, the social network also gives you the option to a paid version which is identified as “pro accounts”. Which provide an unlimited amount of storage, as well as bandwidth and the ability to display video in HD format (details later).

Steps to create an account on Flickr to share your photos and videos

On the other hand, if you are not yet a member of Flickr and want to belong to this huge community, you are probably wondering How can you create an account on this social platform? to start uploading all the photos and videos you want. But, before starting with the steps to follow to do so from a smartphone or through a computer, it is necessary to distinguish the three types of accounts that are handled there:

  • free account: Basically, it gives you one terabyte (1TB) to store photos and videos, with which you can save up to half a million images with a resolution of 6 megapixels or 300,000 photos in HD quality and normal videos of up to approximately 46,080 minutes. However, it displays advertising while you browse the site.
  • Account without advertising: It offers you all the features of the free account, but without displaying ads when you browse with your Flickr account. This, in exchange for a payment of around 45 euros per year (or 5.39 euros per month).
  • double account: It consists of an account with all the advantages of the one that is free and without advertising. But, apart from that, it adds 1 TB more for photos and videos (That is, it is now 2 TB in total). However, it is much more expensive, since it has a price of 448 euros each year.

Clarified the above, it is time to start with the procedures to be carried out to create an account on Flickr, easily and quickly:

From Android mobile phone or iPhone

Let’s start with the process to be carried out on any smartphone, because now many users prefer to manage all their accounts directly from their mobile. Next, what you should do in this caseregardless of whether you’re using an Android device or an iPhone:

  • The first thing you have to do is access your website from any browser that you have installed on your mobile phone or the one you use, by default.
  • Next, you will find yourself on the home page of this social platform and in order to register your new account, you need to click on the button that indicates “Start free”.

From Android mobile phone or iPhone

  • With the above, a new window will appear where you must fill in several fields that are blank, such as your first name, last name, age, email address (must be active, of course), and the password you want to put on your Flickr account. Once you complete this, click on “Check in”.

From Android mobile phone or iPhone

  • Now, they will tell you that they have sent a verification link to the email inbox you provided in the previous step. If you do not receive any new messages, click on the option “Resend email”.

From Android mobile phone or iPhone

  • When you access the email to verify your account, press on the “Confirm my Flickr account” that you will place throughout the body of the message. With this, you will be sent to a new window where you have to press the button “Very well, ready!”.

From Android mobile phone or iPhone

  • Now it’s time to sign in to your new Flickr account just by entering the password correctly.

From Android mobile phone or iPhone

By completing the procedure outlined above, you will already be a member of this great social network.

It is opportune to limit that, directly from your smartphone, you can access your Flickr account from your mobile app. Which, we recommend you install directly from Google Play Store and the App Store. When you access it, you simply have to enter the email address with which you have registered along with the indicated password.

From Android mobile phone or iPhone

From your Windows or Mac computer

In the case of the step by step to follow from a computer both Windows and Mac, also it is extremely simple (the web is in Spanish and that way it will be easier to understand), and it is handled in the same way regardless of the operating system.

Next, the procedure that you have to execute:

  • From your preferred web browser, access the official Flickr website and once you are in the main window, Click on the button that says “Sign Up” which is located in the upper right corner.

From your Windows or Mac computer

  • After that, they will show you a new window where you must fill in some fields with your personal data. That is, with your first name, last name, age, email address (of any client) and enter the password of your choice for your new Flickr account. Concreted this, Click on “Register” on the bottom.

From your Windows or Mac computer

  • Once this information is loaded, the website will issue a message indicating that a verification link has been sent to the email account you provided in the previous step. Therefore, you will have to enter this email to continue with the procedure.

From your Windows or Mac computer

  • When you access the email and click on the link it prints “Confirm my Flickr account”, it’s time to log into it. So just click on “Very well, ready!” in the new screen that opens from the social network.

From your Windows or Mac computer

  • After that, enter the password that you have placed on your Flickr account and click on the bottom button that says “Log in”. Since then, you will be an official member of this platform and you will be able to navigate with your free account.

From your Windows or Mac computer

If you wish to use a payment account, you can access the Settings section of your account and in the section “Membership Status”click on the option “Upgrade to Flickr Pro” to proceed to make the payment and have unlimited storage and all its features, depending on the payment account you select.

What are the licenses for the content in the Flickr community? Does it work for YouTube?

Now, you may be wondering what types of content licenses this social network handles, which allow you to ensure that you own all the rights and that in addition to that, you will not infringe third parties with the photos and videos that you share there. To begin with, it is appropriate to note that, from the Settings section, you can set a default license for your account and the options are:

  • None (All rights reserved).
  • Public Domain Work.
  • Public Domain Dedication (CC0).
  • Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Creative Commons license.
  • Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.
  • Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial – No Derivs.
  • Creative Commons Attribution.
  • Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons license.
  • Attribution-Not derived from Creative Commons.

As usual, it is recommended to choose a Creative Commons license, as these allow all the photos and videos that you share on this platform to be used and shared in a more liberal way. So, at the same time, you have totally reasonable protection regarding copyright.

It should be noted that since Creative Commons is based on a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the range of creative works available for other users to contribute and share globally, it is possible to make use of the videos uploaded on Flickr within the YouTube social network while the members of the first, have chosen a license of this type for their account.

Flickr vs Instagram, which one is better and how are they different?

Because Flickr is a website where users share photos and videos of all kinds, it has often been compared to the well-known social network Instagram. Since, in a way, both platforms currently handle a similar concept. However, they exhibit several differences that are worth taking into account to, at the same time, conclude which social network is better for users.

Next, We detail the most notable differences between Flickr and Instagram, to date:

Flickr vs Instagram, which one is better and how are they different?

Simplicity of access

Regarding this aspect, we note that Instagram offers a remarkable simplicity of access to its users. Since, it has an excellent platform to use both on mobile devices and also on some computers. Simultaneously, it allows you to quickly upload images anywhere, just by having a WiFi or 3G point.

Nevertheless, on Flickr this cannot be evidenced on a large scale. Since, for its best operation and implementation, it will be necessary to use a computer or a tablet and apart from that, the Android app is considered extremely slow.

Users quantity

Regarding the statistics of recent years, a great massiveness has been evidenced on Instagram, since it has mmuch more than 800 million active users that are spread all over the world.

In contrast, Flickr only has about 191 million registered users. This means that the difference in subscribers is totally different and the main reason for this is due to the lower capabilities that Flickr shows around Instagram.

The filters

Another of the biggest distinctions that occurs between both social networks is the number of filters they have. In the case of Instagram, this platform offers its followers 23 filters in total that manage to adjust to all tastes. However, Flickr can only provide 15 filters available and with this, it is at a certain disadvantage in the face of the difference of 8 fewer filters.

Other relevant differences

It is a free (with limitations) and paid social network This platform is completely free
It does not allow inserting legends Accept the inclusion of legends
It has manual white balance Does not have manual white balance
Has a sharpening tool Does not have sharpening tools
No photo challenges It is a social network that has photographic challenges
Does not allow to create collages It has options for creating collages
On this site you cannot know the time a user was last active Shows the time a user was last active

With all of the above, it can be concluded that Instagram is a more complete social network than Flickr, since it exhibits much more capacity and interest options with greater coverage. However, it is estimated that Flickr is still in full swing.

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