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How to create a free, fast and easy Prezi account? Step by step guide

How to create a free

There is nothing like good software to get a presentation to reach a degree of professionalism more than adequate. The traditional thing in this regard has always been to resort to the proposals of Microsoft Office or even OpenOffice due to the normalized use. Countless students, teachers and even workers have ever used PowerPoint to accompany their presentations.

However, thanks to the internet we have a tremendously capable and much more powerful online tool, we talk about Prezi . This platform has been the favorite choice for several years of many users thanks to a really simple use and almost infinite possibilities. You may not have used it yet and, if so, what we bring to you is something that will be very useful to you.

Let’s explain how to create an account in Prezi step by step in a simple and easy way loaded with extra data and many other interesting details. We show you all the types of accounts in Prezi , their advantages, their disadvantages, the prices to be paid and how to proceed to request each and every one of them.

How to register an account in Basic Prezi?

Comenzar con una cuenta Prezi Basic

If you follow the steps that we explain, you will not have any problem in opening an account in Prezi and, in addition, you will know in advance all the differences and possibilities of each type of user that you can assign yourself . The prices shown in this guide are not including the 21% VAT and these may vary over time.

When you enter the main Prezi website , entering the URL in the address bar of the web browser, in the menu of In the upper right you have a series of sections with all the sections of this internet site. Among all of them, you must click on “Get Started”. Once there, you’ll see that there are three options: Basic, Individual and Business . Right now, let’s focus on the first one, on “Basic” . Click on it.

Como abrir cuenta Prezi Individual Plus Standar Premium


The Basic pack , within the Basic section, is the minimum service that Prezi offers to users . If you have followed the previous steps, you can see it on the screen with a slight description of what is available to those interested.

  • Being totally free , you just have to click on the gray button with the text “ Continue ” to move on.
  • Now, you will have to fill in a form with your name, your last name, your email and a personal and non-transferable password. Do it and, also click on the “I’m not a robot” box.
  • When you have everything, click on “Create a free Basic account” to finish.
  • Another option is to use Facebook or a Google account you have . To do this, just click on any of the buttons at the bottom “ Register with Facebook ” or “ Register with Google ”.


If you are looking for something more comprehensive than the Basic package, you have the option “Plus” . This brings together all of the above, but adds privacy control, access without internet connection and more demanding functions to make presentations. Returning to the starting point, you will see it next to Basic.

  • Before paying for it, you can start a free trial period, which you must choose if you want to try it. In the aforementioned window, click “Start your FREE trial” to start .
  • Fill in the form that appears on the screen with your name, Surname, email and password. On the right you will see the annual price of this Prezi plan.
  • Now, after doing this. You will have to also enter your card or PayPal account information (depending on the type of payment you choose). Fill in the requested fields and click on “ Subscribe ”.
  • The service will be charged 14 days after finishing this registration , so that you have time to think about whether it’s worth it or prefer not to follow.

How to open an account in Prezi Next or Individual?

Caracteristicas tipos de cuenta Prezi

Returning to the “ Start ” menu of the Prezi website, the first option that is marked is precisely to create an individual account. Within this there are three different sections with their own functions: Standard, Plus and Premium . We will explain how to register in each of them below:


The cheapest option of all , aimed at personal use. Create online presentations and control access. To start, click on the “ Start your FREE trial ” button, located on the left on the page already mentioned.

  • Now, fill in your personal information (name and surname), in addition to adding e-mail and password. Once this is done, click on accounContinuar†.
  • Choose a payment method between credit card or PayPal, these are 100% secure options and fill in the corresponding data. Complete all fields and click on accounSubscribebetween.
  • Remember that the amount of the plan for a year of 84 euros, or what is the same, 7 € per month will only be charged after 14 days from the trial subscription, they will send you an email 2 days before the end of this period as a reminder.


Returning to the start menu on the Prezi website, we come across an option that stands out above the rest. The Plus account has everything positive about Standard, but also adds advanced features and offline access.

  • To subscribe to it, the first thing to do is click on the button that says: “Start your FREE trial”.
  • So, you will go to registration form in which to enter name, surname, email and password . On the right you will also see all the details of this type of account along with the price per year to be paid. Click on “ Continue ”.
  • Now, it is time to choose payment method and enter the corresponding data, having to choose between credit card or PayPal. Fill in according to what suits you best and click on “Subscribe” to activate your Plus account.
  • The collection of 228 euros per year (€ 19 / month) it will be done only when 14 days have passed with the active account. If you change your mind and it doesn’t convince you, you can cancel it and avoid paying. They will give you notice 2 days before the end of the test time so that you decide if you get it or instead choose to open another type of account.


The Premium option, last available in the individual packages, offers everything that the Plus account has, adding both advanced user training (only available in English) and an analytics system quite useful.

  • To request it, like the rest, you have to be in the start menu of the web. In it, click on the “ Start your FREE trial ” button in the box of that account.
  • When you click you will go to the registration form in the one that enter name and surnames, in addition to an e-mail and a password. Do it and click on “ Continue ”.
  • At this time, you will have to choose payment method and enter the relevant data. Do it and click on “ Subscribe ”; but, remember that 708 euros per year (€ 59 / month) will only be charged within 14 days of starting your account. Prices without VAT.

How to create a Prezi account for companies?

¿Cómo crear una cuenta en Prezi para empresas?

To create an account in Prezi for companies you must proceed as in any of the previous points . On the main website, click on “ Start ” to access the start menu and, once on it, click on “ Companies ”.

Here you will see the option to request a free demo . You can see everything that this business account offers below in the same window, in addition to clicking on the “ Contact us ” button to proceed with the creation of your new user.

After this, you will have to enter several data. In addition to your name, surname and email , you will also have to write the name of the company, your phone number, indicate what you do, the size of the company and a message in the one that explain what you want and why.

Fill in everything and click on “Request a demo” . The Prezi team will contact you to offer you a trial version with which to see how useful this system is and how it can fit your business needs.

Open a Prezi account for students and teachers with an email .edu

Crear cuenta Prezi para estudiantes y profesores

For students and teaching staff who have access to an email with an .edu extension, Prezi has a special type of account . Remember that the email with termination .edu must be requested in your educational center to be able to enjoy the advantages that Prezi offers if you belong to the educational sector, benefits both in functionalities and in prices and discounts .

Caracteristicas cuentas edu de Prezi

  • To request it you must access the start menu, as we have detailed in the previous points and, once inside, look for the section “ For students and teachers ”. There, click on “ Discover more ”.
  • Choose any of the three available plans and click on the button of the one you choose.
  • Once this is done, you will first have to enter your email .edu to verify that you belong to the teaching and education sector. Write it down and click on verifiedVerify †/strong>
  • Now, you have to write the name of the educational institution where you are, the city where you are located, the country to which you belong and Your main website. Fill in all fields truthfully , check the box to confirm that you are in that institution and click on “ Continue ”.
  • You will receive an email Prezi in the e-mail you have indicated. Enter it and click on the link to verify your account and start using this powerful tool to make presentations.