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How to create a free Google account in Spanish easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to create a free Google account in Spanish easy and fast? Step by step guide

Talking about the internet is talking about Google . The US company, a subsidiary of the multinational giant Alphabet, has emerged as the great reference for the network of networks. It began as a very practical search engine that is today the favorite of most users; but over time it has covered a multitude of facets of the digital environment, allowing us to check email, watch videos, share documents and even do office work, among many other functions.

A compendium of facilities only accessible to those who have a user profile in their system. Google accounts are the only way to get the most out of this platform that has taken over the internet through your computer or any other device, and having one is almost indispensable, especially if you are a user of an Android terminal , where it is practically mandatory.

So, how to create a free Google account? It’s probably something you’ve asked yourself when buying a new mobile phone or if you’re taking your first steps through the digital ocean. Fortunately, you have in this text all the answers you need, since we will explain everything you have to do both to open your new user and to do it for a minor under your tutelage. Two different processes , but quite important regarding this issue.

Steps to register a new Google account

In this guide we explain everything step by step and with great detail . If you want to register a new account in Google, open one for a minor or solve certain doubts about Gmail, we bring you all the solutions so that you do not have problems when using it all. Having a user on this platform is something simple and full of advantages , so this is a good help to take advantage of the potential that the Internet hides.

If you don’t know how to open a new Google account , here are all the steps you have to follow from your computer to get it. It is a registration form without complications, but full of options that should be taken into account to avoid mistakes during the process.

1 – Open the registration process

To generate a new user account on Google , you must start by entering the portal of this giant. Open your usual web browser and enter the following URL in your address bar: . (For users in Spain, if you do not reside in this country, enter the Google extension corresponding to your country)

Then, when facing the search engine, go to the upper right corner and click on “ Login ”. Google assumes that you already have a profile created, so this is the only way to start the registration.

Botón para iniciar sesión o crear nueva cuenta de Google

Now, when you have in front of you the field to enter an email or telephone, you just have to click on “Create account” , which is at the bottom.

Paso 1 para crear nueva cuenta de Google

2 – Enter your user data

Google needs to identify you in order to create your new user profile . Therefore, you have to start by entering data such as your name, your last name, a username for your Google account (which will be assigned to a Gmail account) and a password .

Formulario de registro para generar nueva cuenta Google

Fill in all these fields, remembering that the password must be personal and non-transferable and, if possible, alphanumeric to reinforce your security with a minimum of 8 characters. When you’re done, press the « Next » button to advance.

Then, you will have to enter some optional data, that is, not mandatory but recommended to enter, as is:

  • A phone number (choose your country of residence)
  • A secondary email address for cases where there are problems with access and to recover your account
  • Your date of birth (mandatory)
  • Your sex (man, woman, I prefer not to say it or personalized)

Introducir datos personales cuenta Google

This data is used to finish shaping your profile , as well as to detect if you are in the appropriate age range to use these services (minimum 13 years forward).

3 – Accept the terms of use

Aceptar terminos y condiciones cuenta Google

At the end of the previous point, the platform will show you the privacy policies and terms of use . If you don’t accept them, you can’t move on. Therefore, descend until you reach the end of the text, check the corresponding boxes, the first one must be checked if you want to have your account, the second box is optional, then click on the button « Create Account »To accept.

4 – Confirm your identity

If you entered an optional email or a contact number, you will have to confirm either. Follow the steps indicated on the screen (key to the phone via SMS to enter in the form on PC or mail with code to do the same) and you will have your profile verified.

Verificar cuenta Google Vía SMS

5 – Google account created!

Your new Google account registration has been completed . From now on, you can start using this profile to access all the services offered by this company through the internet, which are hundreds!

How to open a Google account for my minor child? < / span>

In order to register an account with Google, you must have a minimum age . The company does not allow users under 13 years to open a profile freely, so it is necessary that they have the permission of a legal guardian, father or mother, to do so.


So, if you have to grant permission to a minor for your account, you are probably wondering how to open a Google account for your minor child. We will explain what you have to do through Family Link , the service created by the platform for it:

1 – Download the Family Link app

The only way to open an account for minors in Google is to download this application. Go to the digital app store of your mobile phone (Play Store if you are Android, App Store if you are iOS) and enter “Google Family Link” in the search bar, or follow the links that you we provide here:

Choose the first result that appears on the screen and, when you are inside its information sheet, click on “Install” so that your phone downloads everything and installs it on your terminal.

2 – Enter the app and configure it

Once the download and installation is finished, you just have to open the Google Family Link app to start setting up everything in order to open the account for your minor child. Enter and press the button until the “Start” option appears. Press it.

Crear grupo familiar para cuenta Google menores

First, you have to make sure that your child’s terminal has Android 7.0 or higher, as it is the only way to control its use through this function. In addition, you must have previously created a Family Group , where this new user will be introduced.

Accept all the steps until the Family Link app invites you to create your child’s account . From this moment, you have to start entering the child’s data to establish your new profile on Google . Start by typing your first and last name in the fields that appear and move on.

Pasos para registrar cuenta Google para menores de edad

Then, you have to enter your date of birth and your sex . In this way, the company can establish a user with the most accurate data possible.

3 – Account and password

Now is the time to enter the username your child will have and the password to their Google registration . Remember that the former must be unique and the latter secure enough to avoid possible phishing.

Introducir datos personales de acceso Google Family Link

When you do it and progress, you will be explained the conditions and restrictions of this account, in addition to requesting that you accept the conditions of use granting your parental consent. Check the relevant boxes and accept to move forward.

By doing this last step, your child’s account will already be created . The only thing left to do to finish configuring it is connect your device with yours through Family Link , a process that is also explained in the app and that implies that both terminals are close to the one of the other.

Sincronizar conectar dispositivo padre hijo Google Family Link

Gmail email account and Google account Is it the same? < / span>

A Gmail email account and a Google account are not exactly the same , but they are linked, let’s see what the differences between them are. You can use a Outlook email or Yahoo to create your user profile on Google, having access to all the functions that this allows its users; but you can also take the opportunity to create a new Gmail mail .

Most people who open a new user in this system, take the opportunity to also open a new e-mail in Gmail, thus being able to have it all centralized on the same platform for a much more comfortable use and fast.

What can be stated flatly is that any user who has a Gmail email also has a Google account . It is an indispensable requirement for those who use this mail service of the company, so they are connected more than mandatory. If you want to use it, you know that before you will have to go through that registration form that we have broken down in the previous sections.