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How to create a free Netflix account? Step by step guide

How to create a free Netflix account? Step by step guide

Our way of watching television has changed a lot in the last decade . We have gone from watching the programs, movies, series and documentaries on the small screen through the different chains to connect to the internet to have almost instant access to what we want to see. Without advertising of any kind , therefore, without waiting, this proposal has become the most demanded by those accustomed to the use of the network of networks.

And this is why video on demand or streaming platforms have emerged . The market has been filled with companies that want to provide their consumers with all the content they want through a minimal monthly fee that allows them to have access, although the most striking and most outstanding offer for comfort and catalog is Netflix . This company has positioned itself as the great reference today, with millions of people subscribed and enjoying everything they offer throughout the world.

It is not for less. Both popular series and own productions, movies and even documentaries make up that audiovisual catalog that you can access through any device that can be connected ( computers, video consoles, tablets, mobiles and even Smart TV ). Therefore, it is more than likely that right now you are wondering how to create a free Netflix account , so you do not have to pay anything and enjoy everything that this popular system offers you.

How to register a new account on Netflix?

In this guide we will explain everything it takes to create a new user on Netflix and enjoy its contents without paying anything, but for a limited time. When you register, you are given the opportunity to enjoy a free time frame to know first hand what makes Netflix so good, but it forces you to pay if you want to continue longer.

We will explain the process to create your profile and, later, to save you paying or at least pay less than usual without giving up this myriad of content offered to you .

Before you can enjoy all the series, movies and even documentaries that make up the ever-growing catalog of contents of this online streaming platform , you have to know how to register a new account at Netflix . Without it, there is no way to access the system and be able to use it. In this section, we will help you explaining step by step what you have to do to have a user profile on Netflix ready.

1 – Enter the Netflix home page

In order to register a new user on Netflix, it is essential to enter your online portal to start the process . Open the web browser you most use and enter the following URL in the page or search section: .

2 – Registration begins

Once on the Netflix homepage , you have to start the process to open an account. Inside the cover, you just have to look for the button with the text “ Enjoy a month for free ” and click on it. Although it is a promotion to test this video system on demand, it also serves to create your profile and be able to use it whenever, whenever and wherever you want.

Disfruta gratis de un mes en tu cuenta de Netflix

3 – Choose your plan

Now there are three steps that you have to carry out . First, you must choose the plan you want to watch Netflix. Click on the “ See the plans ” button and you will be taken to a screen where the three main ones that exist appear:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Each of them has a different price (€ 7.99, € 10.99 and € 13.99 per month respectively); but it also serves to enjoy different offers. You have the possibility of choosing an Ultra HD video quality if you wish, having up to 4 different devices entering the account at the same time and, of course, entering the complete catalog It is updated every month. Take a look at each of the plans, choose the one that convinces you the most by clicking on its name and then click on “Continue”.

Todos los planes para abrir cuenta en Netflix

4 – Enter your data

After pressing “ Continue ” again, you will now have to start entering data to create your Netflix user . Fill in the two fields that now appear on the screen with the email you want to register and an access code so that only you or those people to whom you reveal the password can enter.

You have the option of receiving or not receiving special offers from this platform by mail. To do this, just check or uncheck the box below explaining it. Then, just click on “Continue” to continue.

Formulario registro cuenta Netflix

5 – Choose payment method

After the above, you must now choose what will be your method to pay for your profile subscription on Netflix . You can choose between credit or debit card, PayPal or a gift code that you have for the platform. Choose the one you want by clicking on the appropriate option.

Now, you will have to enter all the necessary data . Fill out the form below with information about the type of payment you have chosen and, when you finish, press the “ Start subscription button. Pay after one month for free ”to start using Netflix.

Configurar metodos de pago cuenta Alta Netflix

Success! . With this you will be for a month without having to drop a euro for watching movies, documentaries or series; but remember that, when this time period ends, you will have to checkout every 30 days.

Is it possible to open a free Netflix account forever?

Netflix gives you, so you can test its benefits and see if you are completely convinced that you are interested, a one month trial period in which you have access to all its content without paying a penny < / strong>. Three days before it ends, it warns you that it will charge you if you do not unsubscribe before the end of the month.

Given this situation, many wonder if it is possible to open a free Netflix account forever, and there is no way to do so by using the systems and possibilities offered by both the web and the apps of this video platform on demand .

There are proposals that work to a greater or lesser extent, but through Netflix’s own system it is impossible . One of the most common resources to reduce the cost, however, is to share user accounts .

Since there are plans that allow you to have several screens emitting at the same time, you can divide the total monthly price so that, for example, instead of paying a single person € 13.99 (with the most complete plan), < strong> can be divided into 4 people who pay about € 3.50 per month approximately . The difference is exaggerated and works to save without sacrificing maximum emission quality.

You probably wonder if there is an alternative way to get this Netflix for free . In the next section we will talk about it to get you out of doubt about it.

Alternative methods to have a free Netflix account

Es posible tener una cuenta para ver Netflix gratis

Although through the means provided by Netflix there is no way to have a free account forever, yes there are several alternative methods to have a free account on Netflix , although the company has in charge of canceling several that were working quite well until recently.

One of the most common strategies is to create new accounts every month . If you can choose different payment methods every 30 days, either with different profiles in PayPal or using credit cards from trusted people , you have the possibility of, every time the end of the month of try, cancel your subscription to start a new one.

The problem with this system is that it is finite, since sooner or later you will run out of sufficient payment methods to continue extending this free period manually.

There are methods that consist of modifying Netflix cookies to prevent payment being requested , also requiring the installation of an extension in the case of using Google Chrome ; However, its effectiveness has been diminished lately since the company has taken steps to prevent it from working.

The only really effective way to have a free Netflix account is to have someone give it to you without asking you for money to do it . All alternative mechanisms end up failing sooner or later or even require too much effort to be able to enjoy watching series or movies on this platform, so they really are not worth it for much savings they may entail.

If you know someone close and who has an account, the best thing you can do is consult him . The worst answer you can take is that you pay your share, and even then, the expense will be much lower than what it means to register yourself and have to pay the fees imposed each month.

Here are some streaming video platforms that can be a great alternative to Netflix, even to combine several:

Plataformas para ver peliculas en Streaming


This is a free service that allows you to enjoy all the content on Netflix without the nasty ads and with an equally good quality as the official platform. In addition, according to their creators, this is not a plagiarism but a completely legal alternative that, in turn, makes the content available to the user for free, without the need for subscriptions.


The success of HBO is such that it has different versions for various regions of the world. There are users from Mexico who want to know how to create a free HBO GO account (the program for their region), just as there are Spaniards who want to know how to create their user on HBO Spain For the latter it is for those who bring an answer. For those who, like you, want to start enjoying what this Spanish side can offer them.


Sky offers us a new way to enjoy television, a current, fast and simple way, very much in line with the younger audience. With this service you will enjoy your favorite shows and series, all this content that you will not be able to watch on your open TV , will be available in streaming time. With a subscription of only € 10 per month * and without any permanence. And best of all, right now, there is an offer that you will get for the first month of free trial * .

Amazon Prime Video

The shares of this platform of the giant Amazon , are noticeably lower than that of Netflix, and offers a great variety of films and series, both acquired through agreements and homegrown. Some of these are: The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Goliath, Red Oaks.


This alternative stands out for its extensive catalog of content, which is divided depending on the categories. Among the content it offers we can find original versions with subtitles, or, for those who prefer it, also dubbed movies. If we had to mention any inconvenience about Filmin we would say that it does not give a free trial month option and can only be used in Mexico and Spain.

Surely you’ve heard about this Spanish platform. Here you can enjoy original subtitled movies or also those that have been translated into Spanish. In addition, payment can be made through PayPal if you do not trust to give your card information online.