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How to create a free Whatsapp Messenger account? Step by step guide

How to create a free Whatsapp Messenger account? Step by step guide

The evolution of communication is something that is happening with a speed of vertigo. The technological leap that we have suffered in the last fifteen years has made us go from calling by mobile phone to connecting to the internet to speak via text or audio without any problem.

Whatsapp Messenger has been one of the big culprits of this change . This popular instant messaging service already has millions of users spread across the globe. People who can talk via chat or audios, send photos, videos, songs, documents and a long list of contents with just a couple of keystrokes on their cell phone.

Have you not started using it yet? Then we will explain one of the issues that most interest people who have not come to use it: how to create an account in Whatsapp Messenger free easily and step by step . In addition, in this guide, we will also help you use your computer side, Whatsapp Web , and find out how to link more than one account from the same smartphone.

How to register a new WhatsApp account for Android and iOS?

Primeros pasos para crear una cuenta en Whatsapp Messenger

Thus, you will be able to fully exploit the possibilities of one of the most important applications of recent times. If you really want to get the most out of this software designed for mobile devices that has sneaked so much in our lives, we recommend that you do not miss a single bit of all the information that we bring you below.

If you have decided to download and install Whatsapp on your mobile , congratulations, I explain step by step how to open a new user in this mobile application leader in downloads both in the store Google Play Store for Android , as in the Apple APP Store . Follow the tutorial to not lose any details.

1 – Download the WhatsApp app

To start using it, the first thing is to download it . If you have a mobile with Android operating system, enter the application store, Google Play Store , enter the name « WhatsApp » in the search bar and click on the first result: WhatsApp Messenger .

Once you have it on the screen, click on the install button to download it to your smartphone and install it automatically. We advise you to do this process when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will not consume data and also the installation will be faster.

If your mobile is iOS , then the difference is only that you have to enter the App Store . From there, re-enter the application name, “ WhatsApp “, and click on the first result you get. Download and install normally.

The application is already installed on your terminal . Now is the time to start registering your user account.

2 – Start the WhatsApp app

The easiest step of the entire user registration procedure. Once the app has been downloaded and installed on your mobile phone, find it in your apps list and open it . It will be in the area where the rest of the applications are located, so it will not be difficult to find it. In many cases, a shortcut is automatically created on your home screen of your cell phone.

3 – Accept the terms of use

The procedure, as of now, is virtually identical regardless of the type of terminal you use. Therefore, we will not distinguish between one or the other to continue quickly and easily.

Once you have opened the application for the first time, a welcome window will appear in which you will have to click on the button with the text “Accept and continue” to ensure that you agree with the terms of service and the privacy policy of WhatsApp. It is recommended that you stop reading them and accept only if you are satisfied, although in case of not doing so you will not be able to follow and open your account.

4 – Allow WhatsApp access to your content

WhatsApp will now ask you if you can have direct access to “ photos, multimedia content and files on your device ”. You have two options to choose from: “ Not now ” or “ Continue “. Regardless of what you decide, you can move forward in the registration process.

We recommend clicking on “Continue” because, when you want to send files through a chat, the application will repeat the question again and will not stop until you accept, that is why more sooner or later you will have to accept these accesses.

5 – Number verification

Pasos verificar numero celular telefono whatsapp

WhatsApp needs to confirm that you are the owner of the phone number to link to the user account. Therefore, you must now enter your phone number in the field enabled for it . If there is a problem with the established country, you can change it so that the prefix also changes.

Write it down and click on “ Next. ” to continue. You will be asked if the number is correct . Make sure that it corresponds to the mobile number of the terminal where you are creating your account and click on “ Ok ” or, if you were wrong, click on “ Edit ” to change it.

6 – Enter the verification code

Once you receive the SMS on your mobile, open it by accessing your text message inbox. Copy the code sent to you from Whatsapp. Go back to the app and paste the key you just copied to move on.

In some cases it is not necessary to write anything , since the application itself detects the reception of the SMS in the terminal where it is being installed, automating the step once the message is received. If nothing happens, you can ask to be sent the message again with the SMS forwarding option or even request a call with the option just below.


7 – Configure your profile

Now, it’s time to set your username and profile picture . Choose those you want. Click on the circular icon on the left to choose profile picture from among those in your terminal. As for the username, tap on the field next to the icon and enter a name.

Ready! We already have our WhatsApp account created, to enjoy!

How to install and create an account in Whatsapp Web on my computer?

On a computer or computer it is impossible to create a traditional WhatsApp account officially . However, it is possible to use WhatsApp Web , a tool that allows us to take advantage of this messaging service from the comfort of our computer.

1 – Enter the WhatsApp website

Descargar Whatsapp web en tu ordenador Windows o Mac

Open your favorite internet browser and, in the address bar, type the following URL :

2 – Download WhatsApp Web

Descargar instalar Whatsapp Web en computadora

Now, in the top bar, click on the “Download” option to access the download menu enabled on the portal. Once inside, in the right section you have the option to download Whatsapp for Mac or Windows . The usual option is to click on “Download for Windows” . Although, if you have a Mac, just below is the alternative “ Download for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher “. Click on the one that interests you and the download will begin.

Download Whatsapp for Windows

Download Whatsapp for Mac

3 – Install WhatsApp on your desktop

Open the program you just downloaded by double clicking on it . A short and small, fully automatic installation process will begin that will make the WhatsApp icon appear on your desktop.

4 – Open WhatsApp Web and link your account

Verifica Codigo QR para sincronizar Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp Web does not allow you to create new user accounts . Open the application you just installed and a window will appear with a few steps to follow and a QR code.

Take your mobile phone and open WhatsApp . Click on the options icon in the upper right and now go to the option “ WhatsApp Web “.

A message will appear indicating that you must scan your computer screen with the mobile phone’s camera to identify the QR , press “ Ok, understood ”; allows access to the camera and center the QR of your computer screen in the box of your smartphone screen.

Ready! You have already linked the accounts and can use WhatsApp on your device.

Is it possible to create an account in Whatsapp without phone number?

No. WhatsApp requires that you use a phone number to link the account . This way contacts are synchronized to be able to talk with them, in addition to granting an identity to your user account. There are ways in which it is possible, but they are not officially enabled and, therefore, lack the confidence and security guarantees of this service.

However, if you like risk and want to try the “unofficial” method, we leave you the steps to follow:

It may be complicated for some users, but it is the only way to have an account in this application without having a real mobile number.

Can I register 2 or more WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?

By default, no; however, there are terminals that have the possibility of using several SIM cards . There are third-party applications that do allow you to use multi-accounts; but its reliability is doubtful, since it can take away sensitive privacy data among others. That is why it is best to stick to the terminals with several SIMs.

In these, there is usually an option to enable the use of different numbers on the same phone. In the case of Samsung , for example, the option “Dual Messaging” within the settings is oriented to the same. Whatever your terminal, if it is compatible with two SIM cards, look in the preferences and select the WhatsApp app .

A second version will be installed that you can link to the other phone number you have thanks to the second SIM. The account creation procedure will be exactly the same as we have previously detailed.

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