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How to create a shortcut to my Outlook mail on any device for faster access? Step by step guide

The email It has become such an important tool that today it is necessary to have access to it quickly, without having to be in the office or in your living room.

For this reason, Outlook offers you options in which you can enter your account, regardless of where you are, creating shortcut mode so you can view your information by a simple path and without the need to enable folders, configuration settings on the equipment you use, or enabling extensions in the browser.

In the following article, you will learn how to create a shortcut to the Outlook inbox from any deviceYou will also learn about other settings that you can use to improve productivity with your email.

Learn how to create an Outlook inbox shortcut

Outlook inbox

If one of your main tasks, either work or personal, is to check Outlook mail constantly or periodically from the equipment you use, it is necessary that you have direct access to the service, a method that will save you a lot of time and it will allow you to check your tray easily. Doing this procedure is quite simple and You will not need to download extra applications to achieve it, regardless of the device you have.

To do this you must follow these steps:

From the phone

Outlook has its particular application both for Android as for iOS, in which just by installing it on your mobile device they will appear automatically on the main screen of your computer. However, if you don’t want to install the app on your smartphone, You can have direct access via the web through the browser of the mobile you are using.

To create this access you must do the following:

  • Enter the official Outlook website from your mobile browser.

Access Outlook from your mobile browser

  • Press the button three vertical stripes, in the upper right.
  • A menu will be displayed and locate the tab “Add to main screen”, Click on this.

Add Outlook to home screen on Android

  • You will see the ad where you must enter the name and then press “Add”.

Description when adding Outlook to Android home screen

  • Then you will see the icon on your screen, and from there you will access Outlook whenever you want from your mobile device.

From the computer

In most cases, email is handled from the computer, since many people use it to send their work documents, confidential information, quotes, invoices to clients, among others, which is why it is necessary to access it quickly.

Now, there are two ways to create the shortcut on the PC, everything will depend on the way you use your Outlook mail, these two options are the following:

From Outlook office

  • Go to the start bar and insert the word “Outlook”In the search engine, you can also locate it in the list of programs using the office package.

Open file location to find applications

  • Then when the program icon appears, right-click on it, there will be displayed a series of options in which you must select “Open file location”.
  • This operation will open a new window, there select the icon Outlook and you click with the right button, where you must press the option “Create Shortcut”.

Create Outlook shortcut in Windows 10

  • Then you will see a warning asking if you want to place the shortcut icon, pressing the key “Yes”.
  • Finally the shortcut to Outlook will appear on your desktop, and you just have to double click to enjoy all its functions.

From the Outlook web

  • Access the official Outlook page from your browser.

Outlook inbox

  • Already on the web, go to the top right of the browser and press the button “Three vertical dots”.
  • The configuration menu will be displayed, locate “More tools”And you click, then you will see several options, now press“Create Shortcut”.

Create shortcuts in Chrome

  • Later, you will see an ad at the top, there you must change the name of the icon, and then press “To create”.
  • Automatically the shortcut is created on your desktop from the web, and with just a double click you will be able to enter Outlook In a direct way.

Other settings to improve your productivity in Outlook

The platform Outlook offers several elements that, without a doubt, enhance the use of email, that is why apart from sending and receiving messages, there are other options that will make your work easier inside your tray. It is very important that you know these elements, since when handling them you will realize that they will be of great help and offer you many solutions that will bring important benefits.

The settings to improve your Outlook experience are as follows:

Create folders

Create new folders in Outlook

The folders provide the option to organize the emails that arrive in the tray, that is to say, through a folder we can store the information according to its origin, recipient, or type of messages. We can create a folder and there we can only archive messages from a provider or a family group.

To create we must perform the following steps:

  • On the left side of the tray Outlook press the option “Folders”.
  • There a series of options will be displayed, locate “Create a new folder”And click there.
  • Put the name with which you want identify this item.
  • Ready, so you will have a new folder, ready to use in your email inbox.

Create contact groups

Name new contact group in Outlook

The contact group It is an essential tool especially if you want to send information to a certain personThese are very common in work accounts or in departments assigned to a certain task.

To create a group of contacts, do the following:

  • Go to the left side of your Outlook tray.
  • Press the option “Groups”.
  • Then you must press the eyelash “New group”.
  • A pop-up window will appear, where first you insert the name of the group, and then the description of the same, indicating the purpose of this, then press “To create”.
  • Then select the contacts you want to belong to the group, by clicking on each one of them.
  • Finally and once all the contacts have been selected, press “Add”.
  • Thus you will have created your contact group in Outlook.

Filter messages

List of options for filtering in Outlook

This is the most useful tool to organize your inbox according to him source or reception time of the mails.

It is an option that allows you to refine the information, and thus have access to the emails that interest you without the need to search for many minutes between emails that you do not want to see:

  • Open your email with the password and respective user.
  • Already in the inbox, go to the upper right corner, in the option “Filter”And you click.
  • There a menu will be displayed, where you must choose how you want the messages to be filtered in the tray, among the possibilities offered are unread, mentions, featured, by date, size, importance, and attachment, among others.
  • Select the line of your preference, and voila, you already have your messages from Outlook filtered according to your needs.