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How to create a Sky TV account for free, easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to create a Sky TV account for free

Sky is a pan-European company of services of streaming television transmission via internet, antenna, broadband and telephony. It is based in London but currently works in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom and Ireland . Apart from this, Sky also produces its own content from its channels such as Sky News .

It also offers us a new way to enjoy television, a current, fast and simple way, very consistent with the younger audience. With this service you will enjoy your favorite shows and series, all this content that you will not be able to watch on your open TV , will be available in streaming time. With a subscription of only € 10 per month * and without any permanence. And best of all, right now, there is an offer that you will get for the first month of free trial * .

The advantages that streaming television services offer you are that they allow you to enjoy the best and most innovative content at any time and any place through the multi-access app that Sky has available, for both Android devices and IOS or from any computer.

How to hire an account on Sky to watch TV on Streaming?

In addition to this, for € 10 * more you can get the Sky TV Box , which will turn your television into a Smart TV . It is easily installed and the shipping is also FREE . With just connect your Sky Box you can enjoy high quality content instantly. After all this, surely you want to start checking everything I’m telling you by signing up and opening an account on Sky How? I’ll tell you in this little step-by-step tutorial. Come on !

If you are already a partner of other similar pay-TV platforms such as Netflix or HBO surely this process will be familiar, but Do not worry because hiring a Sky TV account is as simple and fast as you will see next, without any steps and without waiting. You will only have to provide your personal information, contact information, an access code and a credit card number. This way, your Sky account would already be created .

1 – Enter the Sky website

Unete y registra cuenta en Sky tv

To create a Sky account for us , we will only have to access the Sky homepage and click where it says “ Join now ”found in the upper right, next to« Login «. It will take us to the registration page, where we can see that to complete the registration we will have to follow four steps.

2 – Enter your email and password

Datos personales formulario registro Sky

In the second step , we will be required to insert our personal email and password , which will be where we will receive the monthly invoices and the latest news from the platform. It asks us to verify the email and password, so we will have to rewrite them without errors. You must be over 18 years old to access .

If you do not want to receive promotions and special offers, check the box just above the « Create account « button, press the button and we will automatically accept the conditions of use and privacy policy of Sky.

3 – Personal data

Paso 4 creacion cuenta Sky

In the third step , we will have to provide our real personal data . First we will have to insert the name, then the last names and finally our province. Once we have filled in everything correctly, we continue to the next step by clicking on the button that reads “ Payment data “.

4 – Choose the payment method

Metodo de pago para contratar Servicio Sky television

In the fourth step , you will ask to choose the payment method that we prefer between PayPal or credit card . If we choose the first one , we will only have to enter our PayPal account and log in to synchronize Sky’s subscription with the Paypal account. On the other hand, if we choose the second one , we will have to provide all our credit card information in order to complete the payments. First, we will have to put:

  • Name and surname of the cardholder
  • The complete card number
  • The validity date
  • A 3-digit number (CVC) that we will find on the back of the card

And we click on the button « Confirm «.

Once all these steps have been done, we will have finished the process of creating our Sky account from any device we have within our reach whenever you are connected to the internet. Whether from a smartphone, cell phone or tablet or from TV using the Sky TV Box .

Download the official apps for Android devices and iOS

Contrata gratis Sky television desde smartphone

You can perform this same process with your smartphone or cell phone, for this download and install directly the official applications from the following links on your tablet or mobile.

What content can I enjoy when hiring a new account on Sky TV ?

If you still have doubts and you have not decided if Sky really is for you, we tell you everything that this service of series, movies and exclusive content can offer you. In this great platform we can enjoy series and movies on demand and up to 12 live pay TV channels . It has a mode called Catch-up to access live content until 30 days later .

The channels available so far are:

  • Fox
  • Fox Life
  • History
  • National Geographic
  • TCM
  • Syfy < / li>
  • TNT
  • Comedy Central
  • 13th Street
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon

As for the series, it offers a total of more than 62 series, such as:

  • The 100
  • The Walking Dead
  • Arrow
  • The Big Ban Theory
  • American Horror History

Content is always on the rise as they are continuously incorporating new series and premiere movies. On the other hand, the company itself, has made the promise little by little to incorporate own production series as they do other similar services such as Netflix or Movistar . For now, they still don’t have 4K content, something that their competitors like Netflix or Movistar do have.