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How to create a Skype account for free, easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to login to Skype in Spanish

Skype is one of the greatest references of communication tools that we have at our disposal today. Created by Microsoft and merged with Outlook and Hotmail for several years, its ease to chat with other people, in addition to making voice calls and video calls, are the strengths that have made it the favorite choice of many users.

There are those who still do not know how this application works and do not even have access to it. For them, we will explain how to create a free Skype account step by step through this guide that we bring fully updated.

With it, the user creation process will be fully detailed and, in addition, how to use Skype for Business for the professional field will be explained, in addition to learning how to act to close an account.

How to register a new Skype account for PC and smartphone?

Pasos a seguir para crear una nueva cuenta en Skype

Have a computer, computer, cell phone or an Apple or Android smartphone, with this information that we bring you you will not have any complications to start using a software that already has millions of users to his credit. We will see the most important points to consider when registering and start using Skype. Don’t lose detail, it’s worth it !.

In order to receive and make voice calls both nationally and internationally , without doubt the best application so far is called Skype , millions of users worldwide use Every day this software to exchange information, whether by chat, sending photos and images, videos or its most famous and known of its utilities, video calls from anywhere on the planet. If you are interested in using this service, do not hesitate, open a new free Skype account and start enjoying. Let’s see the steps to follow

1 – Download and install Skype

For computers and PCs

  • If you want to start using Skype, you have to download it in order to install it . If you are using a PC, either Mac or Windows, you have to access the Skype website by entering the URL in your browser.
  • Once inside her, click on “Get Skype” . The Windows store, Microsoft Store , will open for you to continue downloading and installing the program.
  • In this new window, just click on “ Get ”to start the download and proceed with the installation automatically .

Download Skype Software for Windows

For Android and iOS phones

If you are using a mobile phone , what you should do is access the store ( App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android ), enter the name of « Skype » in the search bar and choose the first result that appears, once inside, we click on « Install » so that the app is automatically installed on our cell phone.

2 – Run the application to start

We have already downloaded the official program, so we continue with the following. Once installed on your computer or mobile device, start the Skype application . When it is open, click on the “ Create account ” option to start registering the user to use it from now on. The steps to follow are very similar for both cell phones and computer use.

3 – Enter your phone or your e- mail

The first step of the registration process involves entering your mobile phone number . You can do it and click on “ Next ” to continue or, otherwise, choose the option “ Use your email address instead ”.

If you choose the latter, you will be asked for the introduction of an email account in addition to a password to connect to whenever you want. If you don’t have an e-mail, you can request it by clicking on “Get a new email address” , just below.

4 – Add details

After entering any of the two options previously suggested , you have to add a couple more details to finish specifying your identity. First, write your name and, secondly, your last name . Once this is done, click on the “ Next ” button.

Now, you will be asked to enter both the country where you live and your date of birth . Fill in again with the available options and press repeatedNextly.

5 – Validate your account

After the above steps, the Skype team will send an email to your email inbox , in case you choose to continue with the registration using it, or a message with a code to your mobile phone , if you decided to use their number to register.

  • In the first case, enter your email, open the one you just received and copy the code in it to enter it in the Skype window. Once this is done, click on “Next”. If you do not see the mail, look in the spam tray, sometimes this type of mail arrives there.
  • In the second case, take the code sent to you and enter it in the field enabled in Skype for it. Once written click on “ Next

6 – Ending the process

Now, will appear an image with a series of letters and numbers that you will have to write in the area enabled for it . It is important to respect the use of upper and lower case letters . Do it and click on “ Next ” to continue to the next step.

7 – Registered account!

You have completed the Skype account creation process . Now, the application will ask you to choose the type of theme you prefer, set a profile picture, test the sound settings to check that both your microphone and your speakers are fine and, finally, the camera for video calls. A basic configuration while essential to verify that everything works correctly.

Complete all these steps and, in addition to having your account enabled, you will be fully prepared to start to add acquaintances, friends and contacts to be able to have talks with them through this powerful and comfortable messaging tool.

Skype Web Version

In addition to being able to use Skype both by downloading its official program on our computer, as well as using the app for Android and iOS mobile devices or tablets, this gives us another option to enjoy all its features From we can access the web version of Skype and chat or make calls directly from our favorite internet browser without downloading any software or application Remember that the access data on all devices will always be the same .

How to register a Skype business account?

Crear abrir cuenta de Skype para empresas paso a paso

In addition to the home user, Skype has a professional-oriented facet , designed for workers to use it and take advantage of a series of special functions and prepared for a more demanding environment.

These include the possibility of taxing business meetings of up to a maximum of 250 users , together use applications from the Office package such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote >. In addition, it is compatible with any device and everything is done in real time. His name is Skype for Business, and to use it you must have Office 365.

The starting point is buy Office 365 in case you don’t have it. Through the Microsoft website you can access this multi-solution product, as well as many other ones that the company makes available to consumers.

  • If you have already purchased it, you must sign in to Office 365 through the web portal (we must have created a account from Microsoft ) and, within it, access the “ Settings ” menu available at the top of the page. Now, go to “ Office 365 Settings Software Skype for Business “.
  • Once there, choose the language that suits you, in this case Spanish and the edition compatible with your system (32 or 64 bits) and click on “Install”.
  • The download of the installation software will start immediately and, once it has been done, proceed to install Skype for Business by running this download on your computer.
  • The installation process is quick and automatic . So, once it is completed, the user only has to run the application and, within it, enter both his user account and his Office 365 password, which has been linked. Once this is done, you can start using Skype’s “business” version.

We already know all the platforms on which we can use this fantastic application, but now we have to see how we can configure it to work correctly and without failures, in addition to some points to highlight that are often recurring for new users who take their first steps on Skype .

How to make a video call?

To make a video call with any user you have added in your contacts, the first thing to do is to enter Skype and choose the person you want to talk to by clicking on their name in your list of contacts.

Now, in the window that opens with the chat log, click on the camera-shaped icon in the upper right . Skype will contact the other user to indicate that they are trying to make a video call and, when they accept, the conversation will begin and you can see them live.

If in the first instance you don’t hear anything, make sure to have the volume of the application activated , or failing that, the sound of your computer activated. To end the call , click the « End call » to hang up and terminate your videoconference.

How to recover the password in Skype?

  • If you have forgotten your Skype password, the first thing to do is enter the application and enter the user account you want to access . Write it in the indicated section and click on “ Next ”.
  • Now, in the section where the password is requested, click on “I forgot my password”.
  • Microsoft will now ask you why you can’t log in . Choose the option that suits your situation and click on “ Next ”.
  • You will be asked to enter an alphanumeric series that appears in an image . Do it.
  • Now, they will propose the sending a security code to the email account you had linked or to the assigned phone number. Choose what you prefer and, once accepted, enter the password that will have been sent to the chosen place.
  • Reset the password by typing the new one you go to use . Remember that you should not reveal it to anyone and that it is also not advisable to forget it. With this, the process will be over.

How to close my Skype account?

To close your Skype account you must close your Microsoft account . To achieve this, the first thing you have to do is enter it through a web browser, accessing the URL . Once there, enter both your e-mail and your password to enter the main menu.

  • The account closure option is somewhat hidden. You must first enter the “Security” section and then click on “ more security options ”.
  • In the long list that appears , you should download as much as possible until you find the “Close my account” option. Click on it.
  • Click once on “ Next “. In the next window, check all the boxes to express your agreement and understanding and choose a reason from the drop-down menu that appears. Tap “Mark account to close.”
  • The date your account will be closed will appear. Until then, you have time to change your mind and register again by accessing and filling out a form.