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How to create a Spotify account for free, easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to create a Spotify account for free

Listen to music where, when and how you want. That is the proposal that Spotify offers to anyone who is encouraged to try its services and with which it is dazzling users from all over the planet. The figures support its extension. In June 2017, the company that owns this music streaming platform revealed that it had broken the barrier of the 140 million active users .

Its growth had been 40% higher compared to the previous year, and its intentions were only to continue growing more and more until it became the favorite platform of all music lovers . Easy to use and with a very large list of songs available, with many registered authors, if you are one of those who still do not have access to this platform, you will ask how to create a free Spotify account step by step , and that is precisely what we are going to explain here.

With this guide , anyone can learn to sign up for this popular music streaming platform on both PCs and iOS and Android devices . In addition, we also explain what needs to be done to subscribe to the premium service , which has a number of additional advantages in exchange for a monthly fee, and how to cancel the subscription in case of regret. All detailed step by step so you don’t have any complications. Then we leave it to you, read on! .

Open a new Spotify account for free

Pasos a seguir para abrir registrar nueva cuenta en Spotify

The standard Spotify account is completely free . Therefore, you should not worry about having to make any payment to create a user. Now, we explain how to proceed to create a new account on both Android or iOS devices and on computers and PCs .

Spotify for Android

If you want to open a new Spotify account on an Android device, the first thing you should do is enter the official Google Play Store app store . Once you have entered, enter “ Spotify Music ” in the search bar and choose the first result.

Now, just click on the “ Install ” button to start downloading the application and its installation on your mobile phone or tablet . It is important to emphasize that this step is completely free , you do not have to make any purchase. With the software installed , you can open it directly from the Google store or by pressing the icon that will appear from now on the application screen of your device. Enter it.

Spotify for iOS

The procedure on iOS devices is very similar to that of Android . IPhone or iPad users must first enter the Apple store, the App Store and search for the application « Spotify Music » by entering their name in the search bar. Then, just select it and download it to be installed in the terminal.

Spotify on PC or computers

If you want to create a new Spotify account on PC , the first and indispensable step is to enter the platform website . Open your browser and, in the address bar at the top, enter the URL: .

Conseguir Spotify gratis PC

Once inside, click “Get Spotify for free” . When doing so, a form will appear that you must fill in with:

Download Spotify PC software

  • E-mail and your confirmation
  • Password
  • Nick or nickname >
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Accept the terms of use
  • A little captcha check

Now, the application download on your PC will begin. Let it be done and, once completed, open the installer to proceed with the installation of the Spotify software. Once you have the application, open it and click on “Register” to proceed as in the previous cases.

Register an account on Spotify with Facebook

Registering an account on Spotify with Facebook is much simpler than any other . Both with your cell phone and with your tablet or your desktop or laptop computer, it is essential that you have the application installed as we have previously indicated. However, when registering, the thing changes .

How to create a Premium account in Spotify?

Crear pasarte cuenta premium Spotify Android iPhone

The premium system of this platform has several plans designed for different types of users. Although the standard is the individual at 9.99 euros per month , there are others designed to share accounts with family members or even for students with less economic possibilities.

To create a premium account on Spotify , you must first have registered a free one through any of the steps we have previously indicated. Now, once inside the app or on the website, access your profile by entering your user data.

When you have done so, enter your profile data by pressing the icon that is usually at the top right and look for the option “ Improve your account ” if you are on the web or to smartphones, click on < Your library »then on this icon which is located just above the right and then click on« Go to Premium «.

Now, if you are in the online portal you will have to find the option “ Get Premium ” and click on it. If you are in the app, your goal is “Get Premium”. On many occasions, Spotify gives you the opportunity to try its Premium service for 7 or 30 days , then its rate is € 9.99 / month, although you can cancel it at any time.

Upon entering, a form will appear with the necessary data to make the payment . You can choose how to pay (credit card, PayPal or PaySafeCard) and proceed by filling in the necessary data. Once this is done, you will already have all the advantages of the Spotify Premium Account . No advertising between songs, possibility to listen to all your music without an internet connection and a long etcetera, really if you are a music lover it will be worth it.

How to close or unsubscribe Spotify in PayPal?

If you have chosen PayPal as a payment method for your premium Spotify account and want to cancel the subscription, the first thing you have to do is enter the web and login with the account you have registered.