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How to create a table in a Microsoft Access database fast and easy? Step by step guide

For create a table in a Microsoft Access database You will easily have to know the guide that we will indicate in this article so that you do not make mistakes and can carry it out quickly.

In this way you will be able to create a database and enter the information being able to change the field name. But this is not all you will find in this post.

We will also help you discover how to set a default format so that every time you create your tables in Access they have the layout you have chosen previously.

Learn step by step how to create a table in Microsoft Access for your database

The steps you must do to create a new table in Access are the following:

  • You most likely want to start with a table in a new database. So once you open Microsoft Access go to tab Archive.
  • Then click on the option New.
  • Now press in Blank desktop database.
  • You must write a title for the database in the field file name and decide its location on your computer.
  • When you're done, click the eyelash Create and then in the option Table. By way of A new table will automatically open, which you can later rename (by default it is called Table 1).
  • You will see a blank table with two fields one is called ID and the other is for adding more fields.
  • Under ID can start entering data or change the name of the field. For this, right click on the ID box and then in the drop-down menu choose the function Change field name.
  • Too you can determine the properties of the table in the tab Start, then you will have to press the option Views.
  • Choose Design view.
  • Once there in the tab Design go to Show or hide.
  • Check the box Property sheet in where you will have access to the properties of the particular table. For example, you will be able to define its orientation, sheet height, filter and more.
  • Once you have created it, modify its properties and fill in the fields, remember to save the changes in CTRL + G. You can also do it in the tab Archive and then click on save.

On the other hand, you can create a new table in an already generated database with these steps:

  • If you haven't opened the existing database yet go to Archive and then to Open.
  • Select the database file and click again Open.
  • You can also do it in the column Recent, in the case that you have used the database recently.
  • With the database you need open, click on the eyelash Create.
  • Go to option Table to generate a new table on the database already formulated.
  • Remember to open it by the view Data sheet.

Discover how to set a default format for your tables in Access

Within Access you can search for information to have the same default format in all tables by pressing the key F1. This will open the help section in which you should see in the section Table content. After this, you will have to choose Choices and then the tool Access Options.

Once there you can scroll to Comments sheet where you can make the modifications. This applies to tables that are generated from scratch. For example, to change the grid lines, cell effects or simply set a default font you can use these steps. Remember that, so that the modifications that you have generated are saved you will need to close and open the reference sheet.