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How to create a Tails Live-USB from any Operating System? Step by step guide

Internet privacy and security it is becoming more and more important for most users, especially nowadays when they are more and more frequent cyber attacks. This is how a way of trying to reduce all kinds of risk is by using Tails in any computer operating system.

In the case of Tails is a Linux operating system which has been designed primarily to help improve both security and privacy when using an OS on a computer. That is how Tails is a Live operating system, which means that you can run on any computer without requiring an installation, just have a external storage medium where you can have it copied and ready to run.

That is how USB memories and DVDs have become the best ally for this, since make use of this SO will undoubtedly provide you with greater security when browsing the net. That is why here we are going to teach you how to create a Tais Live-USB for any operating systemTo do this, simply follow everything that we will explain below in the post.

What are the system requirements to be able to use Tails?

Tails or also known as The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a free software through which users can obtain a greater privacy and anonymity when browsing the Internet, so that your security is much more protected. It is based on Debian GNU / Linux, with a direct connection to Tor, but luckily for users the same does not requires installation but it can be booted from a CD or USB.

However, to be able to use this Linux privacy and security tool, it is necessary to have some system requirements for it to work correctly and which we will show you below:

  • It will be necessary to make use of a pen drive where you can store the program. The capacity of the pendrive must be larger than the size of the file to be copied.
  • It is also necessary to have a system installation disk bootable operating system or an ISO file contained in USB memory. In the case of the ISO image it should contain the files to be saved.
  • If for some reason you do not have the installation disc, then it will be necessary use a drive virtualizer to burn the ISO image.
  • It must have a Windows or Mac computer.

What are the benefits of using Tails on my computer? How do you improve my privacy?

Remember that all this system was launched a short time ago, at the time it was not considered so important for what it was the computer world, But currently the opposite happens, since it is considered as a vital tool to help improve user privacy.

This is how making use of this Linux OS will give you certain advantages while browsing the Internet and which we are going to show you below:

  • The main advantage of all this is that it can be booted in Live CD or USB mode, so it will not require a installation on the computer’s hard drive.
  • It is currently regarded as the single operating system able to maintain user information away from espionage.
  • When using a Live USB at the time of turn off the computer, the same will not leave any trace of activities that you have done in it.
  • Tails is currently the best alternative to surf from anonymity on the Internet and keep a complete Privacy & Security at all times.

Learn step by step how to create a Live-USB to install Tails quickly and easily

Currently you can find different programs available to create a bootable USB stick, in this case we are going to teach you how to perform this procedure through the Live USB Install program.

For this, it will be necessary to perform each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • The first thing you should do is download this Live USB program from its official website or from this post.

Download Live USB Windows

Learn step by step how to create a Live-USB to install Tails quickly and easily

  • The next thing will be to download the latest version of the Tails operating system.

Download Tails Operating System

Learn step by step how to create a Live-USB to install Tails quickly and easily

  • When you already have so much the program as the ISO of the installed operating system, the following will be run Live USB Install and after updating all repositories to the latest version A window like the following will appear:

Learn step by step how to create a Live-USB to install Tails quickly and easily

  • Once you have reached this point, you must click on the section “ISO image” and then you must find the operating system image previously downloaded from your official site, in this way it can be indicated that this is the you want to copy to the USB.
  • Now you must select Linux distribution located at the bottom of the window. In this case Live Usb Install count with one configuration support for a wide distribution list, so that Tails will appear in it. This means that you should look for said distaxation and select it, you must choose the latest version that appears in the list, on the screen you will see something similar to the following:

Learn step by step how to create a Live-USB to install Tails quickly and easily

  • There you must click on the option “OKAY” to finish the process and what start the copy procedure.

Learn step by step how to create a Live-USB to install Tails quickly and easily

  • Keep in mind that this procedure can lead to take several minutes, this will depend mainly on the capacity of your computer and that of the USB memory that you have entered in the computer.

After about how many minutes will the copy process have finished, after this you can remove the USB memory from the device, it already contains the Tails operating system installed, so you should only insert that storage unit into the desired computer Y run said OS to start browsing safely through it.

Discover how to install Tails from a removable disk on any operating system

Another way to install this Linux operating system on your Windows or Mac computer is via removable disk, these are considered to be much more safe and reliable than USB sticks, that is why here we are going to teach you how to install Tails in both ways.

Therefore, follow the steps that we are going to indicate below to carry out the installation from a removable disk.

  • To start with this procedure you must download the last Tails version.
  • From there you can download the image in ISO format through a direct download O well either by torrent but, be either of these two cases, you will be offered a encrypted digital signature via OpenPGP So you can verify file integrity that has been downloaded, thus checking that it has not suffered any manipulation by third parties.
  • After carrying out what is ISO download, the next thing will be to record it in a removable disc, so that the recording will be done in a DVD taking into account that it is much safer since it does not allow subsequent modifications and the process is very simple.
  • It’s important to put attention on Tails is a Live Distro, so it can be executed either through a DVD or from a USB memory, without the need for power install it on your computer’s hard drive. Keep in mind that the purpose of this Linux operating system It is not its installation on the hard disk but on a disk or external memory, so it can be used in any equipment easily.
  • When it is already recorded on DVD, then the next step is boot the computer from these external supports and in that way I can run the Live Distro.
  • One of the most critical points for this is the boot from USB drive or removable disk, so this startup procedure requires a access to computer BIOS in order to modify what the boot sequence, since by default boots from hard drive.
  • It should also be mentioned that some computers allow modifying what the boot sequence is without the need to directly access the BIOS options, so it is very important to be attentive to the indications that the system during equipment startup, since the configurations will also depend on the motherboard of the computer.
  • For access BIOS will be through a keyboard concrete key that also it will depend on the motherboard. This key is shown on the screen during the first moments of startup, so you must be very careful, in some cases it is used F2, F1 or the “Del” key these being the most common for these cases.
  • After start tails, a message warning about two aspects, one of them will request an administrator password so you can perform system administration tasks, since by default this option it is disabled for user safety. The other aspect it offers you Tails is camouflage mode, which is will be responsible for modifying the appearance of the graphical environment user for him to take a appearance similar to Windows so that it can go unnoticed if someone else is watching you.

In this way you can carry out what is the installation of Tails from a removable disk on your computer, this will allow you to have a much more private operating system that will allow you to browse from anonymity, thus offering greater security at all times.