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How to create a Telegram backup of all your chats and conversations to back up your data? Step by step guide

This app of instant messaging It has become one of the best alternatives for most users when they want to communicate with their friends, family or clients.

It has a mobile version, desktop and web, so its users have different possibilities of use, thus making it a very powerful tool.

One of its most outstanding functions is the possibility of create a backup of all settings and conversations that you have there. That is why here we are going to show you how Create a backup of all your chats easily.

What are the benefits of backing up to Telegram Messenger?

Without a doubt to be able to perform Backups of each of your conversations in Telegram Messenger It is a very important factor, especially since many of these conversations can be really important, especially if you use the application for work purposes.

This is how here we show you some of the main benefits that this function offers you:

  • It allows you to have greater accessibility to all your data and conversations, this ends up being something very useful for those cases where your PC or mobile is damaged and you don’t have your data saved in the cloud, so you can easily lose everything you have there, such as many important data.
  • Be able to store all the data in the cloud will allow you to have greater peace of mind and access them whenever you want. All of this is quite useful considering that Telegram It is a multiplatform application so you can access it from different devices, without having to do it only from one of them.
  • Backups in the cloud They are usually done automatically, so the user simply has to specify how often he wants them to be carried out.
  • When saving your backups of cloud data you will have a fairly large storage space, something that is not achieved or that is difficult to achieve with physical storage devices.
  • Offers you a increased security and protection at all times. The backup copies have been created basically to offer you a backup to users and companies, allowing you to regain access to your data and conversations in case your team is has been damaged or lost. All this will allow users to retrieve all those important conversations.

Learn step by step how to make backup copies of your Telegram chat

If what you want is to start save backup copies of all Telegram, then it will be necessary for this procedure to be carried out from the application of desktop on your computer. This is because this action cannot be performed from the mobile versions for now. The desktop version can be downloaded for both your operating system from Linux, Mac and Windows completely free.

With this in mind, to start making backup copies of your Telegram chats it will be necessary to follow each of these steps:

  • Once you have installed the desktop app on your computer, the following will be to log into it with your respective telephone number and enter the code that will reach your other devices where you have your Telegram session.
  • When you are already in Telegram Desktop, you must select the menu that is located in the upper left corner of your screen, it is represented by an icon with three horizontal lines.
  • There the side panel will open where you must select the option of “Settings” in the list of options.

  • When you are in the menu “Settings” you must select the option “Advanced” which you will find at the bottom of the screen.

Learn step by step how to make backup copies of your Telegram chat

  • Here a new submenu will open where you will have to select the option of “Export data from Telegram.”

Learn step by step how to make backup copies of your Telegram chat

  • It is important that before starting the export you stop for a moment and review each of the available options that you have there, since depending on the one you choose the backup it will be more or less complete. Among the options that are there, you will have to save account information, only that of private chats, multimedia content and maximum file size. When finished you should make sure to select the option “Human-readable HTML” so that the chats can be readable.

Learn step by step how to make backup copies of your Telegram chat

  • Keep in mind that the duration time for the creation of the backup takes time depending on the number of chats that exist and the size of the files that are in them. Once it has finished and if you have not modified the download path, then you will have the folder of “Telegram Desktop” in your download folder. When you access the folder “Telegram Desktop” you will find the folders you see in the following image:

Learn step by step how to make backup copies of your Telegram chat

  • In this case the conversations will be stored with a HTML format and can be obtained within the folder “Chats”, Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this is that the chats will not have the name of the contact, but will simply appear numbered. In this way, if you are looking for a specific conversation, then you will have to access one by one.
  • One of the most comfortable options of all this is that you will have the opportunity to consult the content of the backup from “Export_Results” In this way you will be able to access all the content you have there without having to open each one of the folders, this acts as an index so the search will be very simple.

Learn step by step how to make backup copies of your Telegram chat

  • In the case of chats, it is important that you bear in mind that you will only be able to see the text, if you want to see also multimedia files, then it will be necessary to access them from the folders that are included in the root directory of the conversation.
  • Therefore, as you investigate each of the folders that appear there, you will locate the content you have in your Telegram account. Best of all, despite deleting your conversations or even your entire account, all this chat log will not be deleted, so you can keep it as a kind of backup unless you delete it directly from the computer.