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How to create a welcome and farewell message on Telegram to improve the user experience? Step by step guide

There is no doubt that Telegram is currently one of the best messaging apps that you can find available for both computers and mobile devices.

This is how this app is constantly updated to add new features and utilities that allow to improve the user experience at all times, this is how the bots have arrived.

That is why here we will teach you how to create bots in Telegram so you can give welcome and farewell messages in your groups to all the people who arrive or who leave it in an easy and fast way.

What are the benefits of setting up welcome and farewell messages on Telegram Messenger?

When they are handled groups on Telegram or any other instant messaging application it is very important to be able to give them a very good attention to all members of the group, for this, what better way than to be able to offer Welcome message to all those who are coming to the chat as one farewell to everyone who abandons it for any reason.

In this way by creating both a welcome and farewell message users can feel much more comfortable, especially all those who are logging in for the first time. In addition, this type of action will allow you to look very More professional, since you can not only give a welcome message, but you can also add any other information that you want users to know as soon as they access the chat.

It is also important to mention that at the time of configure these bots that will be sent automatically will avoid having to be aware of the group to give them yourself welcome new participants, since this will allow everything to be worked in a much more automated way. Therefore, start applying this in each of your Telegram groups it will undoubtedly help you improve your image in the eyes of other users.

Learn step by step how to configure a welcome and farewell message for the users of your Telegram group

Considering that being able to start using these bots in your Telegram groups They will be of great help, here we are going to explain step by step how you can set up a welcome and farewell message for users of the app’s chat.

To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below:

  • Keep in mind that it is a fairly simple process, in this case you just have to add the bot “Welcome Bot” as a group administrator. To do this you just have to copy this alias @ jh0ker_welcomebot and add it as if it were another user in your group.

  • After this you must go to the group members option and there you will press and hold on “Welcome Bot” and you are going to add it as an administrator of it.

Learn step by step how to configure a welcome and farewell message for the users of your Telegram group

  • After having done this, the next thing will be to grant you the administration permissions to delete messages and invite with a link. You should know that these two permissions will already be in the bot ready to start executing its work.

Learn step by step how to configure a welcome and farewell message for the users of your Telegram group

  • Therefore, when you are already within the group and with the bot Welcome Bot already configured as its administrator, the next thing you should do is configure the welcome message and goodbye message, for this you must use the commands /Welcome and /goodbye.
  • For everything to work correctly it is important that the command syntax is always respected as it will be indicated when you start the bot for the first time. Welcome Bot.
  • With the command of / Welcome plus the message you want to add and adding $ username, you can start welcoming the new members of your group in a personalized way by calling each of them by name. The same will happen if applied to the command /Goodbye plus the farewell message and the $ username at the end.
  • In the image that we will show you below you will be able to see a list of different bot commands, It should be noted that this is one of the simplest bot to use and that it works in a very good way so it will help you to see yourself as a professional and that it will also not generate complications when giving the welcome or farewell message.

Learn step by step how to configure a welcome and farewell message for the users of your Telegram group

The best Bots to manage and administer your Telegram groups with auto responses and ban control

The best Bots to manage and administer your Telegram groups with autoresponders and ban control

If there is something that clap from Telegram are all its functions, this is how this application allows you to send what they are encrypted messages, preview of links, mentions and responses to specific messages in groups, stickers, among many others, but if there is one to highlight, it is the interaction it offers with bots.

This is how in this messaging app users will have the opportunity to find a large number of available bots, which can be a bit difficult to know which ones are more useful or practical and that the maximum profit. That is why below we are going to show you a list of the best bots that you can use to manage and manage your Telegram groups like a professional.

BanHammer Bot

There is no doubt that BanHammer Bot has become a true classic for what the Hispanic communities of this application are, which is used to control trolls. But despite the authoritarian name of its name, it not only aims to expel users, which allows you to have a greater control in groups and prevent them from getting out of your hand, but also offers many other functions to streamline a large group in the messaging app.

To further facilitate its use, it has a built-in manual for its use and may even offer some official forums to help you with all this. Thus, if you want to have control over your shared chats, then this bots it is a very good alternative for you.

Controller Bot

It is currently one of the most used bots in Telegram and which is destined 100% to channel administrators. In this way you will be able to create scheduled publications to appear from time to time, it offers a greater wealth of formats and the possibility of insert reaction buttons, among many other things that will allow you to have a channel that is much more attractive and interactive with the entire community.


It can be said that today IFTTT is one of the most used tools in different social networks, this is how IFTTT It is a very good option so that you can start using it in your Telegram app. This will allow you to connect the app with the IFTTT automation service and that way you will be able to do almost anything that you imagine and as long as they coincide with the automation terms.

Among some of the activities that you can handle there are that of “When I take a picture, send me by Telegram” “Notify you when the forecast of the weather is rain ”, among many others.

It is also a very good alternative for when you receive a large number of notifications from different platforms, so you can have all these news be notified directly by Telegram. This is how you can use this bot in a thousand ways in this app, which is why it is considered one of the best of the messaging app.

Group Butler

This is another of the bots that you can find available for this instant messaging application. Group Butler is considered a fairly complete tool that will allow you manage a Telegram group or a chat with many participants in a very simple way.

For this, it will help you to moderate the group in different aspects, in this case it helps you to facilitate and establish chat rules, post a welcome message for all the people who join the chat, give notices, ban, moderate and establish many other actions that are automated. All these functions have led him to become another of the best bots for administer and manage groups in Telegram.


To finish this list we present you VidBot, You will be able to use it from any chat or group you want, it will help you to search and share videos directly in the chat from where you request their services. In this way, this bot is ideal to use in those conversations where you have to show a large amount of multimedia files and above all because it will offer you a higher speed of use, something that is more favorable than using and looking for them on platforms like Youtube.