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How to create a Wolfteam account quickly and easily? Step by step guide

How to create a Wolfteam account quickly and easily? Step by step guide

We all talk very often about the facilities provided by the internet . Thanks to the network of networks and the evolution of technology we have been able to make things much easier like shopping, hiring a plumber or even talking to a family member who is thousands of kilometers away from us. However, in all the amalgam of advances that the digital platform brings us, a quite interesting factor has also emerged, especially for those who simply want to have fun: online games .

Enjoy online multiplayer video games thanks to the internet is something that more and more people practice. There are a lot of free and available titles that have some really attractive mechanics and concepts. Softnyx, for example, is one of the companies that has most opted for this mix between playing and not paying , and with Wolfteam has wanted to take its proposal one step further, mixing the action, the concept of the “ Shooter ” and a figure as popular and legendary as werewolves.

In each game of this video game, two sides of players face each other: one is made up of soldiers armed to the teeth and the other by werewolves whose weapons are their nails and, look where, also, their teeth. If you are interested in this addictive formula, we will explain how to create a Wolfteam account .

Register a new Softnyx Wolfteam account

In this step-by-step guide we give you all the details and several different ways to create your user profile in this free Softnyx game so you can start enjoying it as soon as possible and join a community that only grows. We anticipate that, once you cast a couple of games, will have many ballots to become one of your favorites .

If you want to start playing Wolfteam , you must first register a user account in order to have full access to its functions and enjoy the fun of its games. In this section, we will explain what you should do to register a new Softtex Wolfteam account quickly and easily.

Next, we review all the steps necessary to create your profile, and we will do it in three different ways: from your computer, without using email and using our Facebook profile .

From my computer

To register as a Wolfteam user from the PC , the first thing you should do is enter the game’s website from your usual web browser. Open it and, in the address bar at the top, type the following URL: .

Crear nueva cuenta para jugar al Wolfteam

By doing so, the browser will automatically send you to the main page of this video game. In it you have tons of information about events, player ratings or even videos with great plays; but what interests us is the section to register a new user. Therefore, go to the upper right and click on “Register!”.

Formulario registro cuenta Wolfteam de Softnyx

Now, you’ll be in the Wolfteam user creation section of Softnyx . A form will appear in front of you with several fields that you must fill in to be able to shape your profile. Start with a login id, which will be the name that appears both in the games and on the website itself. It must be unique and have between 4 and 16 characters in which you can use both letters and numbers.

Completed this field, touch advances and pass to the password . Here, you must type the same password twice (to confirm that it is well written). Fill in both sections with a key that has between 4 and 16 characters and, this time, we recommend that you mix the use of numbers and letters both upper and lower case. It is the best way to strengthen security to prevent unwanted people from entering.

Now, you have to type the email address that you want to link to your user profile in the game. Enter a real one and write it twice to confirm its correct introduction. After this, indicate the gender to which you belong by checking the appropriate box, also mark the acceptance of conditions of use and privacy policy and, finally, click on the button with the word “ Ok ”.

Confirmar email de tu cuenta de Wolfteam

The last step before you can play is to validate your mail . Go to the inbox of the email account you just indicated and look for the email sent by “ Softnyx Team ” (if it is not in sight, look in Spam or request the forwarding of the message). Open it and click on the verification link it contains. Now , you have finished creating your user profile in Softnyx and you can play Wolfteam !.

Without email

If you don’t have an email address, it might seem impossible to register as a user in Wolfteam, but the truth is that there is a system that allows you to do it by an alternative way: use a temporary email.

These temporary emails are very popular on the internet, which have been used for some time so that users can try services or register in certain portals without receiving bombings of unwanted advertising and emails that They go directly to the trash. Here, Softnyx offers the possibility of using them , although it warns that certain functions are likely to be restricted for a while.

In order to carry out this user creation procedure without email, you have to enter the Softnyx Wolfteam homepage through your browser. Open it and, as we have indicated previously, enter the URL: , you will automatically enter its home page.

Now, go to the top right and click on “ Register! ”, you will be redirected to the user registration portal. What you must do now is enter your login ID and password to limit access. Remember that the first one must be unique, in order to identify you from the rest, and that the password must have between 4 and 16 alphanumeric characters in which it is recommended to include the use of upper and lower case letters

Now, when filling in the field requesting the e-mail, you must step on the brake pedal . Open a new tab in your browser and look for a website that offers you a temporary email account. You have proposals such as mailtemporal or even Yopmail that can do so with the press of a button. Enter any of them, or in which you consider appropriate, click on the button to generate mail and copy the address that appears.

Go back to the Softnyx registration form and paste in the two email fields the temporary you have copied. Indicate the gender to which you belong and accept the conditions of use. The process is over, although your profile will have certain restrictions on use such as voice chat, newsletters , etc.

With Facebook

The most comfortable option of all and the simplest completely dispenses with the use of an email and advocates for direct connection to social networks. You can create a user in Softtex Wolfteam using Facebook , and the procedure is so easy that it will surely become the favorite option of anyone reading this.

crear un usuario en Wolfteam de Softnyx usando Facebook

Start as usual, entering the main Wolfteam website through your browser with the URL: and then go to the top right for, this time click on “Connect” (with the Facebook icon next to it).

After pressing, you will be redirected to a portal similar to the registration forms, only this time the “Connect my account” button appears in blue. Click on it to continue.

Iniciar sesion para jugar a Wolfteam con perfil de Facebook

When doing so, a pop-up menu will appear requesting the entry of both the email (or phone number) of your Facebook account and your password to access. Type both and press “ Enter ” to perform the linkage. If the session is open, the browser, instead of redirecting you, will ask you if you want to grant permissions, accept and you can move forward.

Permitir ventanas emergentes Facebook

After this, and after also accepting that all the information be synchronized, you will return again to the Softnyx Wolfteam portal . Both your e-mail and your name, your gender and your date of birth will appear. Check both boxes to accept the link between the profile and the social network and also accept the conditions of use of the platform. After this, click on the “ Ok ” button. You are done.

As you can see, there are several methods to access Softnyx and play with Wolfteam . The popular action game is beginning to penetrate more and more among internet users for its game mechanics and for the fun that all its games offer. If you follow any of the procedures that we have just indicated, you can start to team up with friends to kill the werewolves, or to defend them.