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How to create a WordPress blog to enhance your personal or commercial brand? Step by step guide

A few years ago, companies were dedicated to reaching their target market through advertisements they carried out in newspapers, on television and on public roads. This has changed considerably due to the advent of the Internet.

Currently, both large companies and entrepreneurs and SMEs, they seek to approach the group of clients that make up their target through blogs that they create with marketing strategies increasingly special.

If you want to know how can you create a website like a true professional and get the best economic results, continue reading this post until the end.

Why you should use a blog for your content marketing strategy

When you use a blog to carry out a content marketing strategy you will be able to improve the visibility of the website much more easily than if you would take another tool. This is due to the variety of functions that exist and improve the blog design allowing it to be much more attractive and, therefore, benefit the user experience.

By making the visitor have a good experience, it is possible to create more traffic, since it positions the page faster in the search engines and in this way generates more confidence, managing to establish dialogues between the different groups. Also, When you use a blog and upload quality content, it is very likely that you will become a benchmark for the topic you are dealing with. So you will attract attention and generate positive feelings in the reader.

Finally, a blog allows upload content chronologically. This allows visitors to quickly find new topics by making frequent readers of the site easily recognize what they haven't read yet. In this way bounce rate decreases.

Are blogs still profitable or is video better?

The great advantage that blogs is that they can position faster than any other tool. But for some time ago, users have preferred to consume videos instead of reading articles.. This is due, in principle, to the ease of the brain in understanding new concepts faster through images and audio. If we consider profitability, creating a blog with good original content is much cheaper than making quality video.

This is because to create a blog you can find more free tools to obtain professional results. Instead, when you make a video you will need people, if you don't have knowledge, prior to editing and even filming. So at the moment it is more expensive to make the video than a blog. But you should bear in mind that users by consuming more video are likely to become more profitable in a short time.

What to consider before creating the perfect blog for your brand?

What to consider before creating the perfect blog for your brand?

To create a perfect blog for your brand you will need to take into account different aspects. You should start by knowing all the characteristics and advantages it offers your product as well as what are the solutions it provides to users. Once you consider what you are going to sell, you will need to establish who you will sell to, or rather, who will be the people who will be interested in buying your product.

For this it is necessary that carry out a market analysis to know their tastes, concerns and other issues that will make it easier for you to reach your target. When you have established these two parameters you can start working on your blog. First you will have to design a brand containing a perfect design in terms of colors, geometry and format of the font used. This is necessary for consumers are reflected in this logo and know what your product is about.

Then, you will have to carry out an analysis of the competition. For this you will have to determine which are the competitors and what are the activities that they do frequently and because they are leaders in the market. Your objective will be that you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors. To achieve this, it will be necessary for you to create unique content on your blog that reflects all the characteristics that your products have, which must be complemented by the needs of the users.

Remember that these two concepts were the first thing you studied. To generate content that can reach the market you will need to position the blog. To do this you will have to use keywords about what users search in search engines. This is what is generally known as Keywords research or keyword research.

You should not forget about social networks. A good blog is perfect for your brand when it is supported by social networks. For this, you will have to analyze a social media plan that will help you to have a better positioning in the network, more knowledge of the users and therefore generate higher sales.

Learn step by step how to create a WordPress blog in the easiest way

WordPress is a platform that helps you create different types of blogs, It has different functions that will allow you to work on the programming of the site in a simple way. It is considered that more than a third of the websites that exist on the Internet are made using this tool.

If you want to know how you can create a blog on WordPress, pay attention to the following steps:

Go to the WordPress site

The first thing you will have to do is open your trusted browser and enter the WordPress site, writing in the address bar "Https://". Next, you will have to click on the option "Start creating your website".

Create a username and password

Create a username and password

Once you have clicked on the option that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will have to register by creating a username and password, or access with a Google or Apple account.

Enter the domain of your website

Enter the domain of your website

What you should do right now is write the subdomain that you have created for your page, for this you will have to enter it in the bar located at the top. The platform will give you the possibility to choose to register your domain, if you decide to opt for a WordPress payment plan.

Otherwise, you must choose another option. You will see that they will appear to you a list with different extensions, of which you can take one according to your needs. When you have everything ready, you will have to click on the option "To choose".

Choose the plan you need

Then you must choose some payment plan, if you don't want to use the free subscription. When you have chosen the one that best suits your needs, you must enter the payment information. If you want to use the tool for free, you will have to choose the extension "(Exampleblogname)".

Set up the blog

Will appear a control panel located on the left of the screen with which you can choose the format you want to use. For this you will have to click on the option "Design" and then in "Themes" or "Personalize", if you want to give it a different look. Now, you must configure hosting and domain type. To end this stage you can include different tools that will help you with the operation of the Blogfor example a plugin.

Start writing

To start including content on your blog you will have to go to the option "Tickets" and then click on "Add entry". WordPress You can configure an automatic save, so you don't have to worry about recording updates. But if you prefer, you can click "Save draft".

When you have the writing of your text ready, you can include images. For this, you will have to select the option "Insert element". Follow the steps that will help you upload the image or video from your computer's file explorer.

Publish your content

For what you can upload your content to the site, you will need to click on the option "To post", which is located on the right side of the screen.

List of the best blog themes that you can use in WordPress

List of the best blog themes that you can use in WordPress

As we told you in the previous paragraphs, WordPress allows you to choose a design style that you can use on your blog.

We will show you the most outstanding Themes below and you can use according to the theme you have on your website:


This design it has earthy colors that reinforce blogs that are dedicated to agriculture and livestock issues. It is ideal for those who are just starting out, since this is a free format that you can configure in a very easy way. Lets you add a Logo, connect with social networks and find a service 24/7 assistance.


If your blog is oriented to fashion, photography or styling, this theme is ideal for you. You can find a design minimalist which will help you highlight images in a very simple way due to the font style it uses, since it leaves the limelight to the photos.


In case you have thought about a blog intended for business-related topics and corporate measurement tools, you must use this design that will help you stand out from the competition. It has colours that generate a unique professional style. Its installation is very simple, just press the button Activate this design for free.


This is a payment issueSo you can access more complete tools and customize the design you want with different fonts. It is designed for those entrepreneurs who start their way by virtual means, since its use is very fast and simple.


If you plan to use the blog to inspire others on humanitarian issues or activities to save the environment we recommend you download this wordpress payment theme. It has several functions that will help you configure up to 5 templates on each page.

The best alternative platforms to WordPress to create a Blog

In case you don't want to use WordPress, you will have the possibility to choose other platforms that will help you design your blog.

We recommend below the best tools to create a blog:

It is a platform that is developed with open source and allows create projects online to reach the target market in a very simple way. This is because it allows you to build blogs adapted to the needs of the ecommerce store. Its use is free, as long as it is used by entrepreneurs and small companies. It has a 24/7 technical service which helps the user to manage all the inconveniences that appear immediately.

With this platform you can create an online store in a few steps. This is because you will have the possibility to use a large number of templates They are available for free. It has different tools that allow improving the graphical interface of the e-commerce store to attract the audience. It is considered by many to be one of the best platforms to create blogs Because it is made with open source and can be used by any type of user.

Is online tool will allow you to create content quickly and safely, being able to adapt to your needs thanks to the configurable functions that this platform has. Its use is free and you can publish videos, images and files. You will also have the possibility to carry out surveys, voting and debates in forums.

For create a web pages with professional style you will have the possibility to use this online tool, which It will allow you to have a site that adapts to computers and mobiles. To achieve this goal, you can count on functions that offer advanced configurations to make the visual interface more attractive. You will also have for choose different free templates that will help you not waste time and get incredible results.


This is a free website builder, with which you can work with a large number of tools that will help you improve the marketing of your website and thus obtain greater advantages in electronic commerce and positioning SERP. To use it, you must register by means of a email address and create an account. If you prefer, you can choose payment plans that will give you greater benefits.