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How to create a Xiaomi Mi account quickly and easily? Step by step guide

How to create a Xiaomi Mi account quickly and easily? Step by step guide

There are many ways to unify device information from the same company. Business giants like Apple have implemented systems like iCloud , which allow the sending and transfer of information between terminals of the same user without complications, in addition to the data synchronization > and other quite interesting aspects that tend to greatly facilitate the preparation and use of a new device.

We all know what it is to have a new smartphone and have to carry contacts, apps, calendars and that very long and tedious etc. Xiaomi, the Asian mobile phone and technology company , is another company that offers this account unification system . To do this, it has shaped the Xiaomi Mi service, one that offers brand customers a user profile in which to connect each and every one of the devices they own and belong to the company.

With Xiaomi terminals gaining so much ground in the market, the Xiaomi Band, smart watches and everything that makes up its catalog, it is quite frequent to have one or two devices of this firm, firing the usefulness of this proposal with which to have all the information gathered and concentrated in one place. And, how to create a Xiaomi Mi account? The process is simple, since it only requires the user to have an email account or a mobile phone number > and fill in some very basic forms.

How to register a new Xiaomi Mi account?

The advantages offered by this system are interesting enough to want to use it, especially if you are a customer of the company. Because of this, here we will explain all the steps that must be followed, with extreme attention to every detail, so that you have no problem and you can count on your profile on this interesting platform in a matter of minutes .

A priori, and as you think, it may seem that having a Xiaomi Mi account is an unnecessary process when you buy a terminal or any other product of this Chinese company; However, the truth is that, if you have several devices of the brand, is a very interesting step to follow if you want to enjoy them even more comfortably.

Registering a new Xiaomi Mi account allows you to unify the information of all the devices you use from this company. Photographs, call history, funds or even the layout of the icons on the main screen of your terminals are stored as information in this user profile that you create, allowing a better interconnection between all devices and the transfer of this information. Imagine, for example, that your old Xiaomi stops working or breaks down and has no repair.

You have to buy a new one . In this case, when synchronizing the account, all the information would go to this new terminal just by logging in and requesting synchronization. Therefore, and for many more reasons, we will explain the steps to follow to create a new Xiaomi Mi account both from your PC and from your smartphone . They are a series of fairly simple steps that, as you can see, hardly require a few minutes of your time and that, in return, offer something quite practical in the times that run.

From the computer or PC

To create the Xiaomi Mi account from the computer , the process is different from that of the app. It should also be noted that this is what should be done if you do not have the Xiaomi account application, so also interests smartphone users, especially iOS users.

In this case, the first thing to do is enter the official Xiaomi website . To do this, you just have to open the web browser and, in the address bar at the top, enter the URL we leave below: . Thus, the Spanish version of the portal is accessed.

Once inside, we must go to the upper right and click on the “Register” button that is between “ Connect ” and “ Cart ”.

Acceso al registro de cuenta de Xiaomi MI

Once this is done, the Xiaomi Mi account creation process will begin . In the screen that appears now, you have to enter the country of residence (in our case, Spain, marked as “ Spain ” here) and an email address to link at the service of the Asian company.

You must write that account that you want to link, obligatorily truthful, to be able to verify the identity without problems. Below are marked acceptance of privacy policy , mandatory to create the account, and another “tick” that we can uncheck if we do not want to receive offers and news. Once this is done, the following is to click on “ Create My Account ”.

Formulario registro cuenta Xiaomi Mi

Next, the platform requests the introduction of a user password. It must be written twice, a first to enter and a second to confirm. After this, the code that appears in the image is written in the third enabled field. The access password must have a limit of between 8 and 16 characters and it is recommended that you combine both letters and numbers.

Once the three fields have been filled in (watch out for the third one, you must respect the uppercase and lowercase letters), click on “Send” in order to proceed with the procedure.

Introducir contraseña y codigo verificacion cuenta Xiaomi

Now, a email will be sent to the email address used during registration. It is necessary to go to the inbox of this email and look for the message that comes from Xiaomi Corporation. Once found, you enter it and click on the “ Activate account ” button to proceed. If this does not work, you can copy the URL that appears in the message and paste it into the address bar; It is an option that also works.

If you have not received any mail, it is recommended to wait. If, even so, you still do not reach the tray, you have to check spam (spam) to check if there have been no problems. After this, clicking on “Resend activation email” on the Xiaomi website will be enough.

By doing this, will return to the Xiaomi page . Now, the My Account ID, a unique code per user and the linked email appear on the screen. Just click on the orange button with the text “ Login ” to conclude.

Having done all this, the Xiaomi Mi account will have already been created . From it you can access the online store of the company to buy any of its devices or even link those that already have.

From the Android and iOS smartphone

To create a user profile in Xiaomi Mi , the process to follow is identical to that of PC, so we recommend taking a look at the previous section to know the necessary steps. However, in case of being before an Android terminal of the Chinese company, it is highly likely that you have an Xiaomi application from which to perform the whole process.

If so, these are the steps that should be followed using the application:

  • First, look for the “My Account” app, within the mobile phone software list. When you find it, simply click on its icon to start it.
  • Now, you have to click on the “create an account” option, available on the main screen.
  • When doing this, the app will ask if you want to create using an existing email account or using the mobile phone number (if this last option is used, the connection with the terminal is automatic if you enter the number you are using). In this case, we will opt for the email address.
  • Enter the email address you want to link and also a password access to restrict access to the Xiaomi Mi account . Once they are written in the indicated fields, we move forward.
  • Now, a small code will appear to enter to verify your identity . It is a normal process, as it is done to avoid the use of bots. Sometimes, it will simply be necessary to click on the “ I am not a robot ” box, which can lead to answering certain questions.
  • After this, the next step to perform it’s check email . The Xiaomi team, to verify the identity of the user, sends a verification email that must be accessed. To do this, you just have to go to the e-mail, to your inbox, and look for the one from Xiaomi . If you do not receive it, on the registration screen, you must press to request the message to be forwarded. Sometimes, it does not work until you click there.
  • When you follow the instructions indicated in the email received, it is usually just press a button, we are redirected to the Xiaomi website again and, in it, just click on “Verified account” and then on “ Finish “.

Once this is done, the desired user profile will be created . You can now access all the functions that this system includes, ranging from storing data on the internet to locating your terminal in case of not finding it or having lost it.

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