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How to create a YouTube channel to upload videos to the platform? Step by step guide

YouTube allows create a channel personal so you can upload videos to the platform. This task can be done in very simple and quick steps, But you should keep in mind some secrets to avoid making mistakes.

If you don't know what these tips are about, don't worry because You will find all the information related to this topic in the following paragraphs of the post.

We will also show you the benefits it has create a channel on the most used streaming platform. Finally, we will show you different options to Youtube to upload videos. Don't miss out on anything and become an expert.

What are the benefits of uploading videos to YouTube?

Among the most important benefits you get when you upload videos to Youtube is that you will be including content in the largest streaming platform that exists today. In addition, your videos can be found through the second most used search engine. This is due to the trend that has existed for some years in the users' preference to opt for audiovisual content instead of text articles.

By this we mean that every time you upload a video you will have a greater chance of being seen than if you did it through a text on your site. Another benefit that you will find every time you upload video is that close to 400 million people, they can access it on a daily basis.

In addition, the platform has a setup method that allows you to select the language and other parameters to better adapt it to a specific audience. But this is not all, too you can increase the traffic of your website and position your channel faster through SEO techniques.

Learn step by step how to create a YouTube channel to share videos

Learn step by step how to create a YouTube channel to share videos

To create a YouTube channel to share videos you will have to do this step by step:

  • Login to YouTube with your account Google.
  • You will see the Home of Youtube, in which you will find in the upper right the option Create. If you don't have a channel assigned, the platform will show you a pop-up message for you to create one.
  • Tap on To accept and add the name you want to your channel.

In case you decide to create another channel you will have to enter Youtube and then head over to your channel list. Next, you must select Create a new channel, enter the name of the channel and then press Ready.

List of the best alternative platforms to YouTube to upload videos

If you want to upload videos on a platform other than YouTube, you can choose one of the ones mentioned below:


This platform is owned by Amazon and has the possibility of accessing it through its website or by downloading the mobile application Android and iOS. To create a channel you will have to register with an email and you can do it for free. It is characterized by having a large number of video game channels, but there are also communities related to music and other topics.

Vimeo is another platform that competes directly with YouTube and it is characterized by having different types of plans, one free and the others paid. In this way you can choose the storage capacity that you will get.

Count with one unlimited bandwidth, being very important for the platform the user privacy. Also, you will not have advertising in the videos you will be able to grow your channel in an easier way in Youtube. It is available for mobiles with operating systems Android and iOS, but you can also access it through a computer.

This is another streaming platform that allows you to upload videos for free and in quality 4K. You can download the app for Android and iPhone or iPad mobiles and enjoy streaming anywhere. It is characterized by having a simple interface that allows you to quickly find different categories of content.